One cannot possibly speak of the Vampire Fantasy Genre without paying due respect to Laurell K Hamilton, for he is the creator of the Vampire Hunter Series which comprised of not 5 or 6, but a total of 25 novels, 6 short story collections as well as 3 different Marvel Comic Series. That kind of focused dedication and the ability to create so much voluminous and diverse content in a single genre that is wrought with its own restrictions and clichés is really worth applauding.


The lead protagonist in the complete Vampire Hunter Series is Anita Blake, who is a professional vampire hunter and necromancer. Of course, the entire plot is set in an alternate universe where vampires, werewolves, witches and wizards run the show, as opposed to normal human beings. Not only does this series of 25 novels explore the vampire hunting expeditions of Anita, but also depicts her friendships, loyalties, love life, sexual escapades, action sequences, betrayals, duels, learning and so on and so forth.

Most popular books in the series

When you have a smart and sassy teen heroine who can kick ass, and is also a lethal vampire slayer, the series is bound to be a hit especially amongst teenagers. Such was the case with the works of Laurell K Hamilton, and each and every novel of his was a big hit and received tremendous response from the audiences. But the ones that created maximum impact on readers and sold the maximum copies included:-

  • Blue Moon
  • The Laughing Corpse
  • The Killing Dance
  • Narcissus in Chains
  • Kiss the Dead
  • Blood Noir
  • Incubus Dreams
  • Crimson Death
  • The Harlequin
  • Micah
  • Burnt Offerings
  • The Lunatic Café
  • Guilty Pleasures (this was also the debut novel of the author)

A Trendsetter of Sorts

Prior to this series, it was mostly male characters that took the lead of vampire hunting in vampire fantasy stories and novels. So not only is this author celebrated for writing the best stories, but he is also the first one to have created the first ever evergreen female character- Anita Blake who is a vampire slayer (a first for her female counterparts) and the character is remembered fondly till date.

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