Werewolf Book Worth Reading – Kitty Raises Hell

Kitty Raises HellI just read Kitty Raises Hell and the name says it all. I picked it up because the title caught my eye – not knowing that it was the sixth in a series by Carrie Vaughn featuring “Kitty”. My usual policy is to never buy a book midway through a series but I am so glad I did this time, now I know that I have five books left to read and enjoy.

The story is about werewolves in a world where supernatural creatures have “come out”. Sound familiar? Not to worry, Kitty is the most famous werewolf around and as a supernatural radio host and alpha of the Denver pack, her story keeps a well used theme interesting. In this installment, a popular ghost hunting radio show wants to use Kitty in their latest production. But Kitty has brought back trouble from her recent trip to Las Vegas and the ghost hunters find out how dangerous the supernatural can really be. In Vegas, she was happily married to Ben, her lawyer boyfriend, but while in Vegas she also made an enemy of a strange cult and they want her dead. Their leader was killed and, of course, Kitty was involved.

The cult’s revenge has followed Kitty back to Denver in the form of a genie or Djinn that is destroying people she cares about. Ben, her new husband and fellow werewolf, is at a loss how to help her and she turns to Rick, the head of the vampires in Denver, to find some answers. To her chagrin, it seems no one has the answer to her problem with the genie until a mysterious ancient vampire shows up; offering his services with just one little string attached – her loyalty. Kitty is at an impasse and, as pack leader, everyone is looking for her to guidance. Terrible things are starting to happen and she is going to have to come up with the solution or possibly lose everyone she loves, not to mention her own life.

This was a very entertaining story and I am really looking forward to reading Carrie Vaughn’s other books. I especially liked the author’s original telling of a werewolf tale; her ideas are fresh and I was able to understand what was going on in the book even though I had not read the first five books in the series. Have you ever stopped at a restaurant you’ve never heard of – you were just too tired to keep driving – and then you ended up having a great meal? And, now, every time you see that restaurant, you want to stop and repeat that experience? Well, I compare that to finding this series of books. I happened upon it, it was a very good surprise, and I plan to read them all, and leave very satisfied.

Now, repeat after me: I will get Kitty Raises Hell, I will get Kitty Raises Hell, I will get . . .

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2 comments on “Werewolf Book Worth Reading – Kitty Raises Hell

  1. Hi,

    I agree with you that this is a good series. The first book (Kitty and the midnight hour) is my favourite by far, but they are all of a consistent quality.

    Best regards,
    Ingunn from Norway

  2. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this, particularly as you hadn’t read the others in the series before this one. This is one of my favorite series, and I think you’ll be surprised to see how far Kitty’s come since the first book.

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