Watch True Blood Episodes Online!


A lot of people visit this site searching for terms like “watch True Blood free” or “watch True Blood online.” So I’ve put up some links so you can watch the episodes from the comfort of your computer.

You can now watch all episodes of True Blood (all the way back to the very first episode) at Amazon Instant Video. It’s got the best quality of all of the video sites and the price is cheap. I’m also working on the links to direct you to watch the videos at other paid sites like Netflix and Hulu so stay tuned for more updates!

By the way: if you click on a book or DVD and make a purchase at Amazon, I eventually receive a small commission and you help support the work I do here to keep the site current (website fees, etc.). Thanks!

Let’s start with True Blood Season 1!

Watch True Blood Season 1 Online

Season 1 Episode 1: Strange Love
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 2: The First Taste
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 3: Mine
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 4: Escape From Dragon House
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 6: Cold Ground
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 7: Burning House of Love
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 8: The Fourth Man in the Fire
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 9: Plaisir D’Amour
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 10: I Don’t Wanna Know
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 11: To Love is to Bury
Amazon Instant Video

Season 1 Episode 12: You’ll be the Death of Me
Amazon Instant Video

Watch True Blood Season 2 Online

Season 2 Episode 1: Nothing but the Blood
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 2: Keep This Party Going
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 3: Scratches
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 4: Shake and Fingerpop
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 5: Never Let Me Go
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 6: Hard-Hearted Hannah
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 7: Release Me
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 8: Timebomb
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 9: I Will Rise Up
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 10: New World in My View
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 11: Frenzy
Amazon Instant Video

Season 2 Episode 12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
Amazon Instant Video

Watch True Blood Season 3 Online

Season 3 Episode 1: Bad Blood
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 2: Beautifully Broken
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 3: It Hurts Me Too
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 4: 9 Crimes
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 5: Trouble
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 6: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 7: Hitting the Ground
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 8: Night on the Sun
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 9: Everything is Broken
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 10: I Smell a Rat
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 11: Fresh Blood
Amazon Instant Video

Season 3 Episode 12: Evil is Going On
Amazon Instant Video

Watch True Blood Season 4 Online


True Blood Books

True Blood BooksGet the True Blood books in a box set (Books 1-8).

Get the True Blood Books

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True Blood Episode Summaries and Video Trailers

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126 comments on “Watch True Blood Episodes Online!

  1. You should add to the list, I use it each week to watch new episodes.

    • Sally: is the site free? It’s a great site but I’m wondering if you have to pay to watch the videos.

      If you do, that’s cool, I’ll just make note of it. Let me know how much it costs.

      • Video links redirect you to spam sites ( ) doesn’t work

        • Renata on said:

          It just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s not available. But I want to watch the vids. Please, can someone help me? I’m not in the US, and there are some sites that won’t do. I’d like to download from the first ep. of the first season. Would you help me?

    • Vanessa on said:

      I just want to say that I love this site and I appreciate the hard work that was put into it! Thank You!

  2. Its free, they have the episodes in each post.

  3. all the videos work now on

  4. Thanks for the sites. I’m going to check them out.

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  10. Chrissie Rogers on said:

    The Videos at doesn’t work how come??? I got to watch episode 10 then tried watching episode 11 it didn’t work and now can’t watch episode 12, weird!!! Oh, well I’ll keep trying the other links but the buffer is so damn slow it’s ridiculous!! I have DSL and I think that’s the problem??? Bye for now. Thanks.
    Smiles, Chrissie

  11. You can watch full episodes of True Blood in (link removed by owner) in high definition online. You can also find all your favorites TV shows online on demand anytime directly from the producers… and it is free!

    • Edward:

      Your site states:

      “True Blood is not available online yet. True Blood will be available soon to all our online watcher viewers.”

      Is this site really showing True Blood episodes? Doesn’t look like it. If it’s legit I’ll gladly add a link to my article which will give your site much more visibility and link juice. Otherwise I feel compelled to remove the link you included in your comments.

  12. Judy Burriss on said:

    I love true blood so much and if I had the book I think I could really get into it and im not a big book fan!!!!!

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  14. I love True Blood! Finally, some REAL vampires. I’d love to read the books also because the story is so great.

  15. Jurnee on said:

    OMG!!! There are only like four good vampire shows/movies and this is soooo one of them. I have only found two vampire series that i like so far and i think this could be #3! I really want to read this series if it is even half as good as the show then i know that i will really love it!
    Vampire kisses!!!
    – Jay

    • Jurnee:

      True Blood is great, isn’t it? I just published a new article on other great vampire (as well as werewolf) books. Check it out:

      If You Like Sookie Stackhouse Books You’ll Love These

  16. Thank you for the information; I’ve been looking for free videos but only found the paid ones. I love vampire stories and woul like to have the books. How can I get them? I live in Brazil.

  17. RizohKavay on said:

    True Blood is great TV Show I just Find Out great Site. Check it out:True-Blood (dot) sequd (dot) com.

  18. I love True Blood and everything in the vampire genre. I found a great site to watch Twilight the movie streaming online for free. The picture is crystal clear. It’s at Twilight Immortals dot com.

  19. I just wanted to let all the True Blood fans that are saying they might like the Sookie Stackhouse books if they are half as good as the show… GET THE BOOKS!!! OMG they are great! There are some differences with the characters (a few and minor) but in my opinion the books are better than the show–even though the show is AMAZING! Dead Until Dark took me 4 or 5 days to read, it was a little slow and draggy and I wasn’t sure about moving on to the next book, but my mom urged me to keep going and since it didn’t take me a month to get through the first 3 chapters I figured why not? I read through the rest of the series at an alarming rate — at 3am I was forcing myself to put the books down and go to sleep. It has been about a month since I first started the series and I had to go and buy myself a copy of book 7 — All Together Dead — because my father was reading the series (for the 3rd time) and he was in the middle of book 7. We have books 8 & 9 on order and can’t wait to devour them!

    As my mom tells the dogs when they are too rambunctious… “Go read a book!”
    PS I am a busy person with a house full of dogs and a full time job that takes up way too much time. I do not read anymore on a regular basis (except the Sookie books) even though I was an avid reader when I was younger. These books do not disappoint!

  20. The True Blood series is amazing! I also love Twilight. I just watched it online in great quality.

    [site removed]

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  22. Grace on said:

    I tried all the websites but its all not working. I got hooked in Trueblood when i wathced it from HBO from then on i watched every episode & never missed until this coming week that’s why im looking for a site which i can watch it without missing an episode. Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer has a good chemistry, they’re a nice pair. :-)

  23. You should add this site, No spammy ads, great design. lots of sources. and I was on it today and it was updated right away with the new season 2 episode 😉

  24. I also watch true blood on this blog too. If you want add it to the list just in case any of these sites go down. I would hate to go without my true blood..

  25. Lucy on said: no longer works :(
    I watched all of season 1 on it but it says that the video is blocked in your region which is the U.S.
    Thanks for the other links.

  26. Hey, I see all these websites to watch True Blood online for free. Which one is the best? I don’t want to download anything and I would like to have clear sound and picture, if possible. Help please? Please email me and let me know. Thank you! :)

  27. justice on said:

    none of these sites are working for me

  28. Jordan on said:

    Go to: [site removed]
    All episodes are working!

  29. GeorgeT on said:

    Thanks! [site removed] is not bad at all, too.

  30. Barbie on said:

    Just one survey every 6 days. It is great new video website. Season two Episode six spoilers are out as well. I know about the spam so i use different email on surveys. hehe. [site removed]

  31. Jordan on said:

    [site removed] is the new damn good website to watch all the episodes. I love this vamp show. F*&k HBO who is going to pay them when we get HD quality video on websites.

  32. how can i get to watch true blood without dealing with downloading stuff or beyond slow uploading (and i mean incredibly freaking slow)and ive tried all the links at the top (i have a new laptop i dont want viruses)

  33. hey iv been looking for good link for ageas on comp it takes ages 2 fine one that dosnt make u do surves or that but only thing is it takes ages for them 2 load up anyone got a website where they load up quicker ?xxxx

  34. I watch the true blood episodes on watchtrueblood dot surveys either,just click on the episode you want to watch.

  35. Paxton on said:

    OMG I have read almost all the books… up to like, 7… All Together Dead. It took me like 2 or 3 days to read each! Yeah, when I read I just kind of… don’t do anything else really… I also forgot to eat once! The books are amazing! But in the books in Living Dead in Dallas when Godric finds her her blouse and its ripped and her bra is too, straight down the middle. Too bad, it the book he gets to see some boobies but he doesn’t get to in the show! Poor Godric! :\'(

  36. not one of these links work for the first episode
    i tried all of them and every one redirects to spam about paying

    • cassandra on said:

      i watched the first episode at it has worked for all of the episdoes except episode 2 season 3, it won’t let me watch it, it says it has been removed due to infringement!

  37. for the first one- video has been removed for terms of use violations
    second one- cannot find site- error
    third one- will not load and flash link goes to pay site
    fourth one- this clip has been removed in your region error
    your links are garbage and none of them work so find some better ones

  38. all download and paying free. hey, try press the tiny arrows on the bottom left hand corner of the video player, and it should take you through the episodes all the way to season 1 episode 1, if for some reason that one doesn’t work, you can also try these… now for this one, scroll down to click on “click here to start watching ____” then press cancel on the zango thing, and click “press start (then click here to watch)” scroll down again and there should be a free version you can watch.
    now, this last one is kind of an iffy site, which is why you should use it only as a last resort… no explanation needed on this one.

  39. hope those help the recently added fans, and sorry if there megavideo…i try to stay away from that video type, but somehow it’s slowly been trying to take over the sites. my only support on it is, when the watch it now if you sign up thing comes up after the 50 minutes, click on it, then delete the second tab that comes up from clicking on it, then refresh your video page and it usually shortens your 72 minutes of waiting period. weirdly though, the more you use that trick, the less time it takes off every time. :/
    hope i helped out those lucky enough not to sift through the garbage

  40. Nicole on said:

    I love you. I just spent the past 2 hours trying to find SOMEWHERE that I could watch True Blood without paying or getting spammed, and I was getting desperate. Thank you so much for this website, I will be coming here weekly!

  41. bullet on said:

    Wow… I cant find where to watch this show ANYWHERE for free/without downloading.

  42. I’ve seen all my episodes on
    the only thing I find annoying is the little chat they have on the side the makes noise anytime someone sends something. It has an option to turn off the sound and the chat itself but it doesn’t work for me, might for others though.

  43. Well Angie, as far as I can tell your will play episodes TrueBlood episodes 6 or later as of this date (8/18/09). The earlier episodes have been removed due to infringement or direct you to the awful download spam sites.

  44. Dear Fantasy Girl,
    You are SO nice! It takes such a long time to find true blood episodes and they almost always are poor quality and come with surveys..then i came across your website and you’ve taken the time and had the consideration to do this service! Thanks!

  45. BBBFanatic on said:

    What about season one? Is there any place to watch those episodes online w/out either downloading them or having a special viewer?

  46. kelsey on said:

    that has season one, (and some of season two) another page comes up but just close it and click the green (sometimes red) arrow in the middle of the video and it’ll play

    does anyone know where to find episode ten for season two?
    that website doesn’t work

  47. Episode 10 is out!

  48. True Blood Episode 11 is online (finally!)

    • skycastle on said:

      The link for episode 11 says that the video is no longer available. ??
      Can anyone tell me where you can watch episode 11, Frenzy? The castTV website has episode 10 play when you click on episode 11. Any ideas?

  49. TY TY TY TY TY TY OMG TY kelsey for the website it has no flaws or nothing and TY FantasyGirl for making this website i mean it has helped me allot cause i heard about true blood from a friend and well my search lead me here and then my search took me to TRUE BLOOD FOREVER

    p.s. if you didnt notice i think true blood is awesome

    • this is what it says for me:

      You know, we looked and looked but we just couldn’t find it.The page you are looking for has been removed or doesn’t exist. Try searching for the video using the search bar above or explore CastTV through the links below.

  50. o and i have a question
    FantasyGirl is True Blood the only Book/Show you have on this or something?

  51. can anyone help me cause well i cant find episode 8 fourth man in the fire

  52. Hey, looking for True Blood Episode 1 – Nothing But the Blood (yes i am slow!), the recommended website no longer works… any suggestions?

    • cassandra on said:

      i was able to view it online for free without any surveys or downloads or memberships at

  53. Episode 12 is online:

  54. the site,cast TV, is no longer playing the videos. and the other sites want you to down load the hotbar, which put 57 adware viruses on my PC! so be carefull I am still trying to

  55. i love true blood bill and eric are hot so is jason bill should be with sookie and eric to

  56. your links do not work. i thought you didnt have to complete surveys with this site?? plus ur links all go to ireel where you have to enter a credit card number! even though they say they wont charge i dont think you should ever enter ur cc number. do you have any links that actually work?

    • Kim:

      I need to update the links. When I put them up the sites didn’t require a survey and were free. I hate sites like that myself. Give me a few days to scout out better links (if possible). More and more of these sites are having to take down full episodes of True Blood for copyright reasons. The rest have opted to point visitors to paid sites or sites that require surveys.


  57. My brother would really appreciate this website. We were just discussing about this. lol

  58. hey hey on said:

    there all there somewhere

  59. hey hey on said:

  60. After hrs of searching, i finally found a streaming site that DOESNT require completion of surveys, admin fees, toolbar downloads, redirection to paid sites, or downloads of any kind. Sound too good to be true? Well the quality isnt great, but I’m addicted to the show so I put up with it! It does buffer quite quickly, sometimes the odd little pause but nothing major. and you just go to the site, type in true blood and it should list all episodes of series 1 and 2. Click on your chosen episode, and it will bring up a video box, with an ad saying, “click close to play” click that, give a few seconds and it should start automatically. As with most online streaming videos, in the toolbar at the bottom of the video box there is an option to switch to full screen, although this doesnt help the quality much! Hope this helps! Regards, a true True Blood fan. xx

  61. Click Here To Watch True Blood Season 1 , Season 2 & Season 3(Upcoming – in production)

    thank you

  62. Seems to be a good site but on a serious note,where you got this matter from!! I am making a Online TV site for me hoping to get RSS from your site!! So plz update your site regularly!!Thanks much..

  63. Thank you for this extremely entertaining post. This is one of the highest quality blogs I have seen in Quite a while.

  64. I am sure you have been told this just before, but damn you’ve a extremely nice blog site! I am jealous and wish I can produce one thing as great while you. I am positive you might have been informed that before, but seriously lol. Nice work and I am going to undoubtedly be back again once more.

  65. Renata on said:

    Hey, I’d like to know if only people in the US can watch the vids.
    Unfortunately, I’ve tried a lot of sites and every time I find something I think will do, it doesn’t.
    Could you help me, please?

  66. aliw on said:

    Has anyone ever tried: says it’ll have the new episode on the 13th at 9EST…any experience on if it just plays the video without all the other stuff?

  67. Appreciative Fan on said:

    This site is awesome! I couldn’t even get a good version on btjunkie. Really appreciate it!

  68. Oi hai ther, I am from Soviet Russia – where the blog post writes you! So, pleez excuse my terrible English. I can’t believe the post I have just read, it was very informative. Back here in Russia, people can barely write so reading your article was like a breath of fresh air. I’d like to personally thank you for writing this post today and I hope everyone else that is reading this today got as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did. I can’t wait to check back and see what other things you write. – Warm reguards from Russia to you all in the USA! We keep in touch.

  69. so frustrated! i want to get this saved to my iphone so i can show my friend, but i cant figure out how.. will anyone tell me how please??

  70. Brian on said:

    so far, the best site I can find is a certain “green cord”, but after the first five eps in a row, 1.6 and now 1.9 are taking forever, but I’ve already DL’d a couple more eps AFTER that. considering the 1.5 cliffhanger, I don’t want to skip ahead, so I guess I’ll have to putter around and watch 1.6 tomorrow?

  71. Wow, this is works for me. Thanks a lot.

  72. the site im listing has all season one two and four episodes3 of season three it took me forever but i stumbled across it one day

  73. nipsy on said:

    Unfortunately for me I lost my old website I was watching True Blood on because none of these links work for me at all. Anyone find a new place to watch?

  74. MyDarlin on said:

    This site looked promising but all the links were dead ends. =(
    the link for the first episode of season 3 only had 3 of the episodes from season 3.
    I was really hoping to see these…will keep looking but it’s doubtful i’ll find the full episodes.

    • MyDarlin:

      Yes, the links work for a while and then they’re removed because of infringement issues. However, you may be able to find some of the episodes from some of the links. In other words, you may have to watch different episodes from different sites.

  75. does anyone know where I can get these with a mid connection? I’m missing this show because I’m in afghanistan. Please help!!!

  76. trurose on said:

    I’m new to the True Blood series and just briefly scrolled down the list of comments but was surprised that I didn’t see any suggestions to Last nite I put in the google search bar “true blood season 1 episode 1 full episodes” and I think it was on the 1st page, click on the tvduck link. Then there will be a list of all the episodes. Click on the one you want, there will be a list of sites that will play that have ratings. Of course you should choose the one with the FULL GREEN BAR. Mega video is the best in my opinion.If no full green bar, choose the one that is closest to being a full green bar. I know sounds like a lot, but once you do it a few times, you’ll have it down. One little set back is that you can only watch 72 min. and have to wait 54 min. before watching anything else on Megavideo. But a little price to pay considering NO DOWNLOADS OR SURVEYS. Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

    • Trurose:

      Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    • Hi, you are right about the tvduck website it is awesome but once you get up to halfway through season three most of the links don’t work. Its the same with the site Yidio, it was excellent for watching tv shows including true blood but a couple of months ago the U.S government or something took down all the free links to videos.
      If anyway has any suggestions for FREE sites with NO SURVEYS to watch True Blood it would be appreciated.

      • Nicole on said:

        I watched all of the episodes through you click on links through that website. I have found that megavideo is the best one overall

  77. Shanna on said:

    This one is FREE and has NO bugging adds. You can watch True Blood on the site, or click one of the many links to Megavideo, Wisevid etc.

    Also you can try searching on

  78. i hate other website and youtube they have no episode that free to watch like season 3 episode 11 it friken sucks they spams and there download i dont want that i just want free access :( this makes my day worse but thank you anyone who made this website it useful and free to Watch

  79. I just found your weblog on Ask Jeeves, a actually great read.

  80. Great video , thanks admin :)

  81. Just thought I might leave a comment to state how much I liked this read. Quality blog!

  82. Do you by chance have Season 1 to watch online for free? I have read the books, and watched a few random episodes, but I want to watch them in order.

  83. Jolimere on said:

    I keep getting sent to an page that is asking me for $2.09 to watch an episode.

  84. This really is something I need to do more research into, thanks for the blog post.

  85. truebloodfan on said:

    I have searched and searched, gone through most all of the links that are in all of these old articles and can NOT find a way to watch true blood online, unless you belong to HBO GO, which I cannot get b/c of my particular cable provider. Is there something that I am missing to watch it online (new episodes)??? Please HELP me find a GOOD link to watch new episodes…

    Would really appreciate it as I have searched and can’t find anything.

    • Did you try the Amazon links? They’re always available, the quality is really good and it’s easy to watch true blood online episodes at that site.

      Also, for each of the links listed above we tell you up front what to expect when to visit a particular site.

      It took 2 days to put this list together. You can go to the sites above and perhaps have to make a few clicks before the true blood episode appears, or you can pay a couple of bucks and watch it in HD.

  86. jemini6 on said:

    This site is GREAT !!!!!

  87. jemini6 on said:


  88. steph on said:

    except that you have to complete a survey w/ real info to do it…doesn’t that just invite spamming? have you had any trouble with that?

  89. FantasyGirl on said:

    Check the article again. It’s been updated with sites that don’t require that.

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