Vampire Love Poems

Okay, time for a bit of light humor. I thought I’d write a couple of vampire love poems. They’re written in the style of limericks, remember them? If not, let me refresh your memory. Limericks always follow this pattern:


Let’s see if you can guess which urban fantasy book series I’m referring to:

Vampire Love Poem #1

Although raised as a child in the vampire court,
I crave independence and shun your support.
With my newfound power,
I can “shift” to a new hour,
It’s my very own public transport.

Which female character from a popular urban fantasy series am I referring to? Which male vampire (in the series) would she be compelled to say this to?

Vampire Love Poem #2

I’m a vampire, yes dear I confess,
I’m newly made and my life is a mess.
I hope you can understand,
You’re still my DEA man,
But I don’t know if our relationship can progress.

Which female vampire would probably say this to her boyfriend?

Hope you like my vampire love poems! Post your answers in the comments.

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11 comments on “Vampire Love Poems

  1. Javier Millán~ on said:


    I am new to the fantasy literature. I really liked the Poem#2 and will be reeeaaaaally hard for me to find who says that in which book to whoknows.

    I wonder if you could please give me a bigger clue or an anti-stupidity hint 😛

    • Javier: I’ve written another poem just for you that has lots more clues. I’ll publish it here this Friday so be sure to check back in! I’m sure you’ll be able to guess it!

      In the meantime, here’s a hint: I’ve written 2 book reviews at this site about the female vampire in question!

      Good luck!

  2. Javier Millán~ on said:

    Thank you very much for your response, i don’t really like the idea of reading Vampire books, but that fragment has inspired. And I will take the time to read them just because you took the time to reply. So, in your honor :)

    And thanks again n.n

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  4. erin on said:

    that was AWESOME!!!!
    I really love the way these poems flow with the wording. I hope that you put up more!!!

    Good Luck!!!

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  6. A fang filled with you
    your warmth feeling me up, like after the prom
    you struggle yet…..
    there is a subtle shimmer in you eye
    a gloss that says dismantle me
    and rebuild me
    let darkness be my name
    forever be my game
    a fang be my eclipse
    let life’s truest berry color my lips
    angels and demons take pause
    for she is being born
    the greatest of gods thorns

  7. Brilliant stuff but wanted to let you know that I’mhaving difficulty with the formatting in my browser (K-Melon

  8. Restrictions reside only in our thoughts. However if we utilize our creativeness, our choices become endless

  9. Johnny Baird on said:

    this place is kool

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