We’ve heard and read so much about Witch Hunts. Millions of women were burnt and exterminated on the grounds of practicing witchcraft in Medieval Europe. This was a practice that did not just originate from a patriarchal mindset, but also involved the sanction of the Roman Catholic Church which yielded massive influence of all spheres of public life back then. The practice of vampire hunting, and whether it was for real or not, has not been completely supported or testified by direct historical documents, but there are several indirect sources that claim of such killings in the past, and once again this was spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church as the quest for evil of course.

The Plot of Vampire$

Written by John Steakly, Vampire$ was a very bold vampire fantasy novel that was published in 1990, and frankly speaking, it seemed way ahead of its time. The reason being that in many ways, it was way more exciting than the vampire stories and teen fantasy novels  centered on the world of vampires in the present day, as far as realistic portrayal was concerned. The name of the novel comes from its prime setting- a dark story of a company that is names Vampire$ Inc that virtually runs a business of eliminating vampires. Mostly created out of fear of vampires widely prevalent in society from those who feel the most vulnerable, to the religious lot who believed that locating and eliminating them is akin to killing evil, this novel told a really dark and intriguing story.

About the Author

John Steakly hailed from Texas, being born in 1951 and he breathed his last in 2010. Apart from writing the bestselling Vampire$, he also wrote another novel by the name of ‘Armor’ in the past. The only difference is that the latter was more popular because of its controversial theme and went on to inspire many vampire-slayer genre of movies and television series.

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