Great news for all those, who have just been initiated into the exploring, the hugely popular vampire-fantasy genre. Well, the consensus is that you should not just stop at reading and watching the Twilight Series, but you should also definitely read all six stories of the Vampire Academy. When we speak of Urban Fantasy Novels, Vampire Novels have always upped the ante with their fascinating storylines, sub-plots and the vivid imagination.

A Closer Look

Of course, Twilight played a huge role in popularizing this genre, but that was for the mass appeal. For avid readers of romantic fantasies and urban fantasies, the vampire stories and the likes were always very popular. Of course one very essential point to remember is that this theme or sub-genre is mostly popular amongst the young readers- children, pre-teens, teens and young adults in their early 20s. Any age above that and the fantasy likeability factor, especially with vampires goes down drastically.

The Series in Total

Well, as we have already spoken about the Vampire Series by Richelle Mead being a collection of 6 novels in total, it would be worthwhile to discuss each one in detail. So here’s a gist for the avid readers to go ahead and take their pick from the vampire fantasy story which sounds the most enticing to them:-

  • Vampire Academy- While this is mainly the story of Rose who is undergoing the ‘protector’ training in order to be a well-suited and capable guardian to her friend Lissa, the sub-plots involving her defeating the antagonist, the evil Strigoi and romancing her handsome vampire instructor, make this story all the more juicy!
  • Frostbite- The story of Rose and her beloved instructor Dmitri continues, as they continue to explore unknown frontiers in the quest of a mysterious secret.
  • Shadow Kiss- The complexities of Rose’s relationship with her peers who are appearing for the Guardian exam as well, are thoroughly explored here.
  • Blood Promise- There is a certain delicious plot twist explored in this part, as the journey of Rose towards being a certified Guardian is about to happen, but there are questions over whether this journey will eventually end up in the evil route.
  • Spirit Bound- Here Rose and Dmitri are pitted against each other most dramatically.
  • Last Sacrifice- In a tragic turn of events, Rose is imprisoned under false charges and it is up to her sibling to save her.

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