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As a reader, I love Amazon.com. In particular, I like the fact that I can read about upcoming fantasy books and add them to the “Save for Later” shopping cart. This way I’m able to keep on top of fantasy books that haven’t been published yet. It also lets you pre-order books so they’re shipped the very day they’re published.

If you’re a lover of urban science fiction and contemporary fantasy take a moment to browse this list of upcoming books. If a summary of the book is available I’ve included it below:

The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison. Release date February 26, 2008. This is Book 6 from the Rachel Morgan series.

Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong. Release date March 25, 2008. This is Book 8 from the Women of the Otherworld Series.

Small Favor by Jim Butcher. Release date April 1, 2008. This is Book 10 from the Dresden Files series. In this book we’re introduced to tabloid reporter Hope Adams, a “journalist” with a penchant for chaos. No surprise there – she’s half human, half chaos demon. When a group of spoiled supernaturals in Miami start getting into trouble the Cortez Cabal, an organized crime group that makes the Sopranos look like the Salvation Army, calls her in to put things right.

Embrace the Night by Karen Chance. Release date April 1, 2008. This is Book 3 from the Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer series. In this book Cassie continues to fight the “geis”, the magical spell that bounds her to Mircea, a suave male vampire. While seeking ways to break the spell she comes upon a book called the Codex Merlini. The good news is that this book contains the counter-spell that will break the geis. The bad news is that the book has the power to unleash evil onto the world. Choices, choices. To get started, read a review of Karen Chance’s first book in the series, Touch the Dark and the second book Claimed by Shadow. If you’re already caught up with the books, you can read the first chapter of the new Embrace the Night book at Karen Chance’s website. Then read a great review of Embrace the Night written by Scooper who authors the Scooper Speaks site.

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews. Release date April 1, 2008. This is Book 2 from the Kate Daniels series. In this book Kate Daniels, a renegade “cleaner” who puts things right after magic as gone wrong, is on a mission: find and return a set of stolen maps for the Pack, Atlanta’s largest shape shifter organization. Turns out the Pack isn’t just interested in the maps for navigational purposes though. No, the maps are part of a bigger problem that’s brewing: a supernatural war between two gods. If Kate can’t settle this battle more than just the werewolves will be destroyed; the entire city might be annihilated.

A more complete list of new and upcoming urban fantasy books can be found here at Best Selling Urban Fantasy Books (April 2008).

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3 comments on “Upcoming Fantasy Books Worth Waiting For

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  2. I’m new to the urban fantasy genre. My introduction was the Jack Fletcher books by P.N. Elrod, and then late last year a blog friend turned me on to Butcher’s Harry Dresden Files.

    I must say I’ve enjoyed those books. You seem to have a finger on the pulse, so I may have to check back from time to time to see what’s cooking.

  3. TRAVIS: Yes, I really like the Jim Butcher books. Please do check back soon because I’m working on a review of his White Knight book!

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