True Blood S6 Ep3: You’re No Good

True Blood S6 Ep3 You're No Good

Could Andy and Holly be seeing more of each other soon?

Tara and Pam team up to play the terror twins at every opportunity this week. Bill continues to think he is god, or at least goddess-infused, and Eric may have a new human female in his thrall in the person of Willa.

The episode begins with Eric taking Willa prisoner. At first it sounds like he intends to kill her as a way to get even with the governor. But then he takes her with him when he Pam and Tara flee Fangtasia. As Eric reminds Pam when she hesitates to leave the place, it is only a bar. But who can blame Pam for feeling anger at its impending doom.

Is Willa The New Sookie For Eric?

As Eric and the other vampires prepare to hide out for the day, Willa’s attraction to Eric becomes obvious. The story she tells to Eric of her mother running away with a vampire explains why the governor hates vampires. Of course, it also explains why Willa is not afraid of Eric. But she should be. However there is far more going on than simply the governor hates vampires. The experiments on vampires that Willa describes to Eric sound chillingly like the visions that Bill has had.

Bill Discovers His Limitations

Speaking of Bill, the visions that Bill has had leads him to believe that he not only has inherited Lilith’s ability to see the future, but also to walk in the day. To watch him standing waiting to greet the sun, you understand how much he has missed being human and the kiss of sunlight on his skin. Unfortunately, it is only in his dreams with Lilith that he can stand in the sun. It is horrifying to watch him burn, and especially to watch Jessica see him burn. Fortunately, vampires heal quickly.

One of the saddest scenes this week was Bill telling Sookie that she was dead to him when she was not willing to give him her blood to synthesize. I can’t quite believe the connection between Bill and Sookie is severed forever. But then, we do have a new love interest for Sookie on the horizon. For when Grandpa Nal returns he brings Ben with him.

The King Of The Fairies

Speaking of Sookie and changes in her life, it begins to look like Grandpa Nal is the real thing. I think he may be one of the more interesting characters we are introduced to the season. His taking on Ben to take the place of the fairies that were killed means Ben and Sookie will be spending more time together. There is just one thing that Grandpa Nal tells Sookie that doesn’t make sense to me. He tells her that the reason Warlow is after her is because she has royal blood. But it seems to me the person who has the true royal blood is Grandpa Nal. But then again, the only reason everyone thinks he is the King of the fairies is because he tells them so. He can so easily still be Warlow.

Andy continues to provide humor as his fairy children persist in growing up quickly. His earnest confrontation with Holly when he asks her to consider him her safe place is sweet. Poor Andy, he wants so much to do the right thing. Whether it is offering to be there for Holly or letting Bill go when he finds him walking through the cemetery after curfew. Andy always makes decisions with the best of all possible intentions that almost always betray him. Let’s hope his interaction with Bill doesn’t end up in another blood bath.

The Battle for Luna Continues

It looks like Sam and Alcide will be at loggerheads for the rest of the season when it comes to Luna. Lafayette may be right when he says to Sam, that girl is just trouble about the liberation group. They prove Lafayette right when they stupidly go out and confront Alcide and the werewolf pack. That they could walk into this group of very dangerous individuals and offer help proves how little they know about werewolves. To have even one of them get away from that confrontation with her life is astounding. But the one that got away is the very girl Lafayette warned Sam about. It may just mean Sam is in for some romance. And we all know what that means! Sam getting naked!

It looks like the next few episodes are going to really ratchet up the battle between the governor and Erik, between Sam and Alcide, and most of all between Team Sookie and Warlow. Things are going to get hot and heavy in more ways than one.

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