True Blood Maryann Forrester Mystery – What The Heck is a Maenad?

Pan and Maenad

Pan and Maenad

In one of the trailers for True Blood Season 2 you see Sookie being chased at night through the woods. Several people have asked what’s chasing her so I thought I’d address it before the first episode.

If you’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse books you know that the creature chasing her is a maenad.

So What Is A Maenad?

If True Blood follows the book a maenad is a creature that requires offerings (or tributes) from other supernatural creatures who serve alcohol. If they’re not properly honored they tend to get angry and cause madness in people (supernatural and human) or even kill them. In the book the maenad attacks Sookie as a way of sending a message to Eric, the owner of Fangtasia (a bar that serves alcohol). This is the maenad’s way of telling Eric that he has to pay her a tribute. Eric knows all too well how vicious a maenad can be – several years earlier he’d experienced a maenad who caused madness in a vampire. The vampire went on a crazed rampage and eventually had to be staked.

Here’s how the maenad is described to Sookie in the book Living Dead in Dallas:

Bacchus was the god of the grape, of course, so bars are very interesting to maenads. In fact, so interesting that they don’t like other creatures of darkness becoming involved. Maenads believe that the violence sparked by the consumption of alcohol belongs to them; that’s what they feed off, now that no one formally worships their god. And they are attracted to pride.”

Here’s more:

“What’s she gonna do if you don’t pay her tribute?” Sookie asked.
“Send her madness.” Bill sounded worried.
“Into the bar? Merlotte’s?”
The vampires eyed one another.
“Or into one of us. It has happened. The Halloween massacre of 1876, in St. Petersburg.”
They all nodded solemnly.
“I was there,” Eric said. “It took twenty of us to clean up. And we had to stake Gregory, it took all of us to do that. The maenad, Phryne, received tribute after that, you can be sure.”

In the books, the maenad travels with a large hog. Sound familiar? Yes, we’ve seen Maryann Forrester with a hog more than once in True Blood Season 1.

That’s why Sam (a bar owner) is so spooked when he sees Maryann Forrester. Remember the scene where he takes money from his safe, as if he’s planning to leave? In all likelihood, he’s planning to give the money to Maryann (the maenad) as a tribute.

And that’s your Maenad 101 lesson for the day!

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    • In season 2 was daphney the hog? She was a shift shaper, and she did manipulate and and kidnap sam. So im guessing it was her. And eversince she was killed by “eggs” she hasnt been on the show…

      • The root of a Maenad in Greek mythology is that it’s an evil ‘thing’ which enjoys causing trouble. True Blood’s Mary Ann was something you’d expect to see coming out of the south in this context of mythology — an old, unstable, misery-loves-company, alcoholic-looking, borderline personality by today’s context. This Mary Ann was a freeloader who could only have homes if she lived with someone else in a better situation. Mary Ann characters are never the most attractive of any bunch in literature, movies, and shows and True Blood was true to this nature. Mary Ann’s are ALWAYS surrounded by younger, more attractive women — it’s the nature of the beast. This Mary Ann had nasty legs and always struggled to seem fashionable, yet was always more tacky. She definitely isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, either. As maenads/borderlines do, she turned individuals against one another and broke down healthy boundaries in others to exercise her selfishness. The most positive thing some of my colleagues and I can say about HBO’s Borderline Personality Mary Ann is that the smartest of the town united to get rid of her. Oh, and at least she doesn’t have any annoying accent like the Mary Ann who was thought to inspire this character and name. As for Jason who worked with Sam, Bill, and the others to help rid the town of pieces of garbage like Mary Ann, he has earned some new found respect!

        • Mike, great analysis! Wow, thanks for putting a name with Mary Ann the evil teacher’s condition on True Blood. She was definitely a selfish monster, always trying to make herself look normal, trendy, and pretty when she was really just an old, unstable, nasty, alcoholic, back-biting, unintelligent, jealous, deceptive, ..old whore. No wonder she didn’t have a man, or at least one who was 100 percent committed to her.

          I look forward to watching the rest of HBO’s True Blood season on the new large screen t.v. I am buying this week;) Cheers, bud’

          • Alyssa on said:

            I disagree. I love Mary Ann she isn’t that old, Sookies’s Gran was much older. She isn’t unintelligent, she is really very smart, to know exactly what to say to Tara that would bring her courage and win her over. No one else really stood up against her mother toe to toe and really told her what she has done to Tara. Mary Ann is very beautiful and sexy.
            I will agree, however, that she is unstable, jealous, and deceptive. What we should be asking is what’s up with all the fruit? And how about the ending, huh, what a way to finish her off.

            Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

            • Nirah on said:

              She IS old, she just doesn’t look it because she’s immortal. The fruit was just one part of her indulgence. Maenad’s worshipped Dionycus, who was basically the god of partying. They’re all about ndulging yourself, or as Mary Ann puts “be good to yourself” or “love yourself”.
              The point is, Mary Ann’s only concern is making sure that the activities that honour Dionycus are carried out whether that helps or hurts people. She stands up to Tara’s mother because it gets Tara to trust and follow her–one more sheep in the flock. Remember how she slapped her servant for ruining a moment between Tara and Eggs?
              She’s smart, yes, but only when it comes to manipulating people. When it comes down to it she’s only there, doing what she’s doing, to make people carry out her ritual

  2. Kathleen in Sunrise on said:

    The money Sam is taking from the safe is not a tribute, it’s him trying to repay Maryann for the money he stole in the past when he met her.

  3. julien on said:

    oh god it all makes sense now! that will be a great plot twist, and is that the reason why people can see the hog only when they r drunk?

  4. julien on said:

    kathleen, sam doesnt know what he is suppose to give maryann, that’s why she tells him “why do u always thing everything is about you?”

  5. Cristina on said:

    Two questions…. (1) How do you kill a Maenad? (2) What is Maryann doing when she raises her arms up…?? Is she trying to make Sam a maenad? What is her power??

    • July on said:

      i think she’s feeding of the lust between them. Maenads are said to feed off of sex and violence.

    • Okay to the Question about maryann and how to kill her. Im not sure if you watched season 2 but she has to be in the presence of her god in order to kill her. To actully do so, you would have to rip her heart out, but only in the presence of her god or what she thinks is her god. The other thing she does with her arms. Thats not to make sam a maenad it is to cast her spell or take people over (the thing when there eys go black) she cant take sam over because he isnt human hes a shapeshifter and she can only take over humans:]

  6. BeaniePie on said:

    I don’t think people have to be drunk in order to see the hog. In last night’s episode Detective Belfleur saw the hog before he had anything to drink. Maryann offered him champaign after he asked her about the hog.

    This is infinitely interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I really like the way new characters are introduced, keeps the story very interesting… compelling!

  7. Dena on said:

    To Christina —
    Only women can be maenads. It’s one of the curses Dionysus set on women.

  8. Tammie on said:

    So, was that maenad who attacked Sookie, actually Maryann? And do Maenads only attack those (both humans with special powers like Sookie & Sam & vampires; how about plain humans?)who own bars/restaurants or are servers in them who do not pay tribute. Is said tribute always money? Was the $ Sam got out of the safe for Maryann payback or a tribute? Sorry I have SO many questions; books on order!

    • In Book #2, Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie is attacked by a maenad but I don’t believe the maenad has an actual first name.
      According to Book #2 maenads expect supernatural creatures who work around alcohol to pay her tribute.
      Tribute doesn’t have to be money, in fact, in Book #2, the maenad creature is so wild and feral it probably wouldn’t know what to do with money.
      As for Sam, I thought it was tribute money but someone else suggested he was going to use it to get out of town.

  9. Jodi on said:

    I think Maenads can attack humans too, because that new waitress doesn’t have any special powers?? But thanks for writing about Maenads I had no idea what was going on.

    • it is weird. but focus on daphne’s scratches. similar to sookies. she knows sam is a shapeshifter. plus when maryann is digging in the ground in the end of ep. 4 u can see her maenad hands. i thought it was a menatar at first, but now i know. also, she never wanted sam’s money, she wanted a tribute. that’s why she took over the bar. but here’s a question? is eggs simply human, or a minion? maybe the pig is in designated places whenever she uses her power. i read other posts on how maenad’s control and adore alchaol, so why do they constantly promote filth? just a lil’ addition to her character?. but back to daphne, somenone said she has no powers, that was disproven in episode 4 when she whispers in sam’s hear ‘i know what you are’.i honestly thought daphne was or is now a maenad. just pay attention to every detail, and you’ll find answers

  10. Jonna on said:

    why is mary-ann interested in tara ??

    • I would assume Tara is someone that (because of her home life) can be easily swayed to do Maryann’s bidding. If you’ll notice, Eggs has a checkered past as well and see Maryann as someone who’s saved him. I think Maryann specifically targets vulnerable people.

  11. ali g on said:

    Daphnie( the new waitress at merlotte’s ) definately has to have some kind of ability or Maryanne (the Maenad) wouldnt attack her. She also tells Sam ” I know what you are ” thats telling me that she is something.

    • I agree. Maenads attack other supernatural creatures. I thought there was something weird about Daphne when she first appeared on the scene.

      • Cristina on said:

        Could Daphne be a shape-shifter?? She appeared out of no where…at first I thought she was the dog…but then I watched the episode over again and you see the dog leaving and Daphne walking up in the same screen….so i have no idea what she is. One thing is for sure…she’s been attached by whatever attacked Sookie.

        • Yes, I think she might be a shape shifter since she clearly knows what Sam is(according to the next episode’s preview).

          Don’t you love the show? It keeps us guessing all the time!

          • shauntrice on said:

            i LOVE true blood. i am gonna buy the books on my next bonus…i didnt realize there was more than 1 book. the writer is amazing and i fiend for the show each week (so upset that ive been waiting 2 wks for the new episode!!!!)

        • minako_rain89 on said:

          Daphne is a shifter… we find out when she goes out with Sam. then Eggs kills her.

    • double00danno on said:

      I think daphne is a shapeshifter also because of the skinny dipping session her n Sam had. So she definitely has some kinda power.

  12. Maenad on said:

    Has anyone noticed that ‘Daphne’ is the Greek name of a Water Nymph from Greek Mythology. Maryann was definitely the one who attacked Sookie in the show. After all, Daphne was busy working.

    • Onlytrueblood on said:

      I think Daphne is the Maenad since she seems to know who Sam really is and he is the Owner of the bar. Im not sure what Maryann role is yet either

      • Well, maenads like to be around sex ad drunkeness. Thus far Maryann fits that bill. However, you can never tell with True Blood. It tends to stray away from the books.

        Daphne could actually be a different supernatural creature altogether. She could be a shape shifter herself . . . .

      • Daphne is likely to be a supernatural creature however not the same thing as mary ann. After all you does not seem to like to be served she gives. Also she has been scratched its funny how she survived if it was healed by a vampire it would have likely disappeared like sookie’s. With true blood always trailing a little away from the book you never know

    • Cristina on said:

      Didn’t they also show Mary Ann at her party while the attack on Sookie happened? How can she be in 2 places at the same time??

      • It was difficult to tell. Since the show jumps from scene to scene it’s difficult to know if Maryann’s party was happening the same time Sookie was being attacked. For some reason I seem to think Sookie’s attack happened BEFORE the party but I’m not sure. I’ll have to watch the episode again!

      • Shelly-Bean on said:

        in a previous episode, Maryann was able to control Sam’s shifting, so is it possible that she was controling the monster that attacked Sookie?? This could explain the hog, and how she is different.

  13. Amrashay on said:

    I think when sookie got scratched that the venom from the claws of this animal or thing was a poison that changes the person into the same creature…Obviously Daphney had the scratches and u see shes fine…but look was happenin to sookie when she was clawed she looked horrible…so its a like a bite that changes them into that animal i think….

  14. Ares on said:

    Ok, I didn’t read the books, but I read online about them and about other things. For the people with mythology questions about a maenad, go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maenad.
    That should help ya, it says there, that maenads will attack humans, or anything really, they are also known for tearing animals apart. Only thing is, that thing that attacked sookie, looked like a minotaur, didn’t it? It doesn’t say anything on there about maenads looking like that, or shapeshifting. Another thing that confuses me, is in an interview on hbo alan ball says, that Maryann is “something new” he said she wasn’t in the books. If a maenad is in the books then why would he say that? But from what I read bout them, she probably is one. Course it says on there, the symbol of dionysus is a bull. Btw daphne could be some kind of were, weretiger or something. If she was attacked by one, the scar most likely wouldn’t heal, and she would be able to sniff the dog on sam.

    • Shelly-Bean on said:

      in mythology, vamps are poisonious to weres. this would explain why Sookie’s body rejected Bill’s blood, and why his touch pained her (did anyone else catch that??)
      also this would play along with the changes that are being made from the books to the series.

  15. Mirth on said:

    Daphane the barmaid might be something else the claw marks on her back were similar to what sookie had but werewolves can surely make similar claw marks and i wouldnt be suprised if they pop up in the story eventually somewhere!

    Could the creature that attacked Sookie be attached to Maryann if shes not a maenad she could be some kind of other supernatural greek monster.

    • Mirth, i think that the werewolf thing might happen eventually. I remember that someone said they existed, i just can’t place who said it. Maybe Eric? I’m not sure, but maybe this is a foreshadowing for what might happen.

      • Burrsie76 on said:

        Chris –

        Bill tells Sookie about werewolves at one point during season 1. So I agree that werewolves will eventually show up in the series.

        • Marlboro Man on said:

          It was Sam who told Sookie that werewolves existed after she found out about him being a shape shifter.

  16. Decon on said:

    Considering that the creature looked sort of like a bull but could also be a Goat with longer horns. MaryAnn does mention Pan. Pan of course is half Goat half man. Going from the books, MaryAnn should be a Maenad. Generally speaking Maenads don’t really have horns persay or furry legs..like the creature that attacked Sookie. Furthermore she does not carry a staff (like Maenads.) Pan is a God of shepherds and flocks. Which the Pig could be part of the flock along with the people in the house. Now Daphne according to Greek Mythology, is seduced by Pan. There’s statues all over Italy that show this. MaryAnn does seduce Sam as we see when he was younger.

    In the bar, MaryAnn does talk to Daphne. Daphne later turns out to have those scratches on her back. However i think that’s a decoy.
    Pan has a human (Daphne) whom he seems to love/pursue. Sam in this case would be the “Daphne” while MaryAnn could serve as the female “Pan”.

    Either way, can’t wait to see what goes down. It’s a very interesting storyline and series

  17. Earthy on said:

    Has anyone found it interesting how close Sookie’s name is to the call used for hogs? Soo Wee…which seems to perfectly reflect on how Bill feeds off of her. Soo Wee, Soo Wee! Get that girl more B12 supplements.

  18. Charlie on said:

    Seems pretty obvious that the pig is maryann’s bald servant guy. She has some sort of power over him and probably wants the same kind of power over tara. Maybe tara is also “special” and she doesn’t know it yet? Whatever her plan it, it depends on eggs and tara getting together. That’s why she beat down the pig man when he interrupted their tender moment with some fresh towels. In conclusion Maryann is a succubusssss

    • Jonas on said:

      She can’t be a succubus. A succubus is a demon in female form(the male ones is called incubuses) which feeds on males by having sex with them.. Maryann is causing everyone to be crazy.

  19. Charlie on said:

    Also, Maryann is probably the beast that attacked Sookie simply because she was trying to get tara to move in with her. That would be the obvious answer but there’s probably something less obvious going down.

  20. Shelly-Bean on said:

    My family and I belive that the creature that attacked Sookie is Daphne for Merlotte’s. Although it would make sense that MaryAnn would have a grudge against Sookie for her friendship with Tara. We do however agree with Chalie that the sevant is the pig, or has something to do with the pig.

  21. Shelly-Bean on said:

    Also it couldn’t have been MaryAnn, unless she CAN be in two places at once??…
    If you watch the preivous episode, it shows a clock when Jessica’s dad returns home, it’s late (either way, it’s dark). And MaryAnn’s party started before 4, since Tara was at the party when she realized that she was late for work before 5. But where was Daphne?? At work, OR IN THE WOODS?? The scratch marks on her back proves that she was also attacked, but was she turned into a Maenad??????

  22. Robin on said:

    ok, I am so glad I found this site! Now I am among my kind of people and can get some great feedback and answers!….First off, I haven’t read the books and I don’t think I will until the series is ended. Simply because I have been reading here and there of this debate over the books vs. the show. I want to just focus on the show for now. I think that Maryann could be this Maenad I keep reading about…if she chills with a hog in the books then it would make sence. Alan Ball actually said that what Maryann is he has never seen befoe, he didn’t say she wasnt in the books, at least not from anything I have read or seen. And come on, who ever heard of a Maenad before? Also, I heard there are ware cats and wolves and I know in the first season Sam told Sookie there is more out there than she can imagine. Daphne i think could be a shifter, that explains why she knows what SDam is….As far as Tara goes…I was thinking the same as some of ya’ll, that the voodoo woman Ms. Jenett was killed by Maryann for trying to “cure” people of their demons, which is aparently what a Maenad feeds off of…chaos. Also, she probably attacked Sookie for attempting to lure Tara away from Maryann. BUT, my question is…Why has Eric never heard of vamp blood being rejected the way Sookie did? Why did Pam and Cho not recognize the sent of the beast? If in the book, Eric and Bill know exactly what a Maenad is due to dealn with them in the past? Is the show that far off the books? And someone please tell me there is a happy ending here for Sookie and Bill. If she dies or something that will blow.

    • Elocin on said:

      First off, read the books. The reason we can’t answer the question about Sookie and Bill is because the book series is not finished. The ninth book in the series ‘Dead and Gone’ came out in June and her tenth installment ‘A Touch of Dead’ comes out in October. My advice, read the books. I love the extras from the HBO Series, but the books are wonderful, but do differ from the show.

      • Robin on said:

        Super glad to hear about the 10th book……since i heard that sook marries eric in the ninth…..that’s b.s……There might still be a chance for a happy ending after all!……Sookie did promise Bill he would never lose her….at least in the show she does. I am wondering tho….how in the world did Eric ever get Sookie away from Bill to begin with, it seems in the show, that if Bill ever lost Sookie that he would go absolutely insane with anger and jealousy……AHH!! This show makes me crazy, I just LOVE IT!

  23. Robin on said:

    Oh, also does Sam ever shift into anything other than a dog, i know he can but does he?

  24. Suzaku on said:

    Okay..this show is getting so interesting. I can’t wait to see more different kinds of supernatural creatures to show up. Maenad,Pan, Dephne. But I do recall at one point Bill mention to Sookie why er name was different. I think, orI maybe wrong. But Can’t wait for the next showing.!!
    And yes! I think Carl is the Hog!

  25. William on said:

    Hey guys,

    i just ran into this website.

    im agreeing with everyone else that this lady is a Maenad, otherwise there wouldn’t we a pig.

    im sorta reading the books, well im listening in audiobooks but im on book 1 still.

    anyone want a copy?

  26. adam on said:

    Ohh myy goshhh!!!! I cant wait to see the next episode!!!! Also I cant wait to see Werewolvs! I remember Bill talking about them and he got mad at Sookie for comparing them to Vampires sooo…..yeah cant wait!

    • Mekari on said:

      It was Sam who told Sookie about werewolves and it was Sam who got mad at Sookie for comparing shape-shifters to werewolves.

  27. Erin on said:

    After watching episode 4 I don’t think that Mary-Ann is not a Maenad but instead the god Pan(mentioned in earlier this season as the statue by Mary-Ann’s pool). Pan is famous for his sexual powers and is known as the lover of nymph’s and Maenads(followers of Dionysos/Bacchus the god of wine). Pan later lives on in medieval depictions of Satan something else that fits into the whole good-evil dichotomy on the show.

    At first I thought she might be a Minotaur(half human half bull) because of the claws and horns but that didn’t make any sense. Mary-Ann as a Maenad was also a bit puzzling, Maenads were people, specifically women not creatures. Pan however is part goat and is often conected with fertility, spring and eroticism. In addition to being able to charm shepards Pan is also sucessful in controling Maenads whose name translates to “raving ones”. On the wikipedia page they describe Maenads as:

    “inspired by him[Dionysos] into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In this state, they would lose all self control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear animals (and sometimes men and children) to pieces, devouring the raw flesh.”

    This discription is spot on for the party goers and townsfolk when Mary-Ann is around.

    On a totally different note I also predict that Godric is Eric’s maker which is why he speaks of him so highly and is so personally invested in finding him.

    • Erin on said:

      Opps accidentally hit sumbit please ignore the gramatical/spelling errors!

    • Mythbuster on said:

      I think the new creature is a Satyr–it may be Eggs; look it up.

      • Amy-ot-so-creative on said:

        Oh wow, that is a great theory. Eggs, didnt even think about a Satyr and Eggs being the creature. That would be a great explanation!!

    • ZeldaTheLegend on said:

      I really enjoyed your write up and total agree with everything. Do you think MaryAnn was marrying Tara and Eggs in the last show? They gave her a wedding cake in stead of a birthday cake. Tara and Eggs had sex while MaryAnn’s performed her ritual.

      • omigoz on said:

        Just a theory but I think that Eggs is Dionysus and Maryann is the manaed.
        Dionysus was a bull horned God and his followers were maenads. Dionysus was a fertility God also which would explain the statue. Just a wild theory but that is what a good show does to you…keeps you guessing!

  28. TB lover on said:

    Michelle Foster confirmed today that she is indeed a Maenad – here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/True-Blood-Forbes-1007953.aspx

  29. B-Positive on said:

    THANKS TB LOVER….Now that we have officially confirmed Maryann is a Maenad, WHAT DOES SHE WANT WITH TARA?!?!?!?!?! Does Tara have powers????? Remember the first two episodes of Season 1 where Tara seems to have a lot of knowledge about a random assortment of topics (i.e. law to get Jason out of the precinct, medicine to get Jason to the hospital with he o.d.’d on V)….What is really going on with Tara and Eggs?!?!? Who is Eggs, reaaaaallly????

    • Teresa on said:

      I think it’s rather interesting that in one episode, we learned that Eggs is Miss Jeanette’s son. I forget which episode, but I remember catching that. Does anyone else remember more details? Perhaps there’s even more reason for the connection between Tara and Eggs…

    • kittykat on said:

      Do you recall the episode of Ms. Jeanette being Egg’s son? I totally missed that, too. I think you are onto something.

  30. Joann on said:

    I’m wondering if Eggs is really the pig. Or if there are more than one. Also I think that Sarah will turn out to be Amy’s sister. Vegetarian, hooked on V, changed her name from Amber to Amy…

    • Wow! I never put that one together. Might explain why Jason is so insanely attracted to her.

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      YES! I was totally thinking the same thing! Her husband mentioned something about that she used to be a vegetarian, then she mentioned something to Jason about her sister, and I got the same thought. Also, I think there is a lot more to her background that will come out.

  31. “In the Dionysus cult, male followers are known as satyrs and female followers as maenads or bacchants.”

    Interesting. A satyr would definitely match up with the creature from what we’ve sort of seen. Does Maryann have the ability to shift from maenad to satyr?

    Oh, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  32. melissa on said:

    i am dying to know what Eggs is, and do you think “Barry”, the kid that sookie chased at the end, what do you guys think about this? I’m stoked to see what happens next.

  33. Jilly on said:

    I know one thing, his name isn’t “Egg” for nothing. I bet any amount of money Tara gets pregnant from their night of passion, caused by Maryann! That is how Maryann will keep Tara in her grip.
    I also love the idea that Sara could be Amy’s sister. I was very sad when Amy was killed off- I felt the show never fully developed her character before offing her.

  34. dxtwo on said:

    I think Daphne is a wendigo. Their scratches turn people into one and they eat peoples’ hearts while they are still alive just like miss Jeanette.

  35. Ah I haven’t read any of the books because I dont want to ruin the show for myself but I havent noticed half the things everyone else has. I feel obligated to go back and rewatch everything. I have the first season on DVD. Im still confused on a Maenad and Im not too sure about Daphne. She is obviously something that can heal itself because of the scratches. Its all so confusing!!! I just wish I knew… =)

    I also find it curious about how Eric cares for Sookie so much… yet he criticizes Bill for caring about her. Sooo wierd.

    • Robin on said:

      i am with ya Kt……………i have not read the books either for the same reason….not that they would help since the show deviates from the books then back again and so forth…..i hate the debate and arguements over the books vs the show…the way i see it….it’s almost like we get two stories…the books and the show….so what if they are different….would it be enjoyable to watch if it followed the books exactly and the people that already read them would never be surprised…..i love the show and always watch each episode twice!

      • Robin on said:

        oh! And did anyone else see the look on Bills face when Sookie told him to place his hand on the driver’s shoulder?! He looked shocked….What is Sookie? She is obviously very special. I also think Eric is just jealous of Sook and Bill and that is why he is always making fun of Bill for loving her…..Eric to some degree realizes Sookie isn’t just your average ‘Breather”

  36. Timi on said:

    Great thread and love the discussion! Maryanne appears to be more than just a maenad as she seems to have the power of Pan to make others merry and erotic. I believe the writer]s took the concept of maenad and then embellished it which is what makes true blood such a great show. Not having read the books I don’t know how much the characters stick to the writers concept or embellishment and how much the screen writers and developer of true blood puts into the characters. One thing is definitely true Maryann is one of a kind supernatural.
    Oh hey what if it is Egg that gets pregnant not Tara after all he is
    the Egg.

    • Jilly on said:

      Haha! That would be a great twist – Egg for an Egg.

      And dxtwo – interesting input about Daphne- she is obviously something strange and your explanation would solve the mystery of Miss Jeanette’s murder.

      Great discussion board, everyone has interesting input – I read it daily :)

  37. kittykat on said:

    I didn’t catch it if someone answered the question about Sam, but yes, he can be any animal he has been in the presence of. I think I remember him turning into a lion in one of the books. Mary Ann is totally a maenad. Has to be. Isn’t that where the word maniac comes from. And the god she worships, Baccus, as in debachery?

    • kittykat on said:

      Sorry for the spelling. Should have been Bacchus and debauchery. Back to business, when the heck are we going to get to see Eric “the Viking” partaking in some debauchery? He’s way overdue for naked. The bath tub thing doesn’t count. I know it’s not until book four, but if we’re not sticking strictly to the book, come on already…Any naughty Paris Hiltonish tapes out on that man?

  38. Keith on said:

    I think the Pig that Maryann travels with is Carl her servant. I think he is a shapeshifter like Sam and Maryann has control over him for a non-payment. That is why the pig vanished when Andy saw it. My question is what is up with Daphne? This is an interesting twist and since i have not read the books all I hae to go by is the show.

    • kittykat on said:

      I read all the books and do not recall a Daphne character. The basic storyline from the books seems to be the same, (Dallas in book 2 with clash with Fellowship) but some characters and storylines have been greatly expanded upon. LaFayette should be dead, no Daphne, and the maenad didn’t have a big part.

      The pig is surely the servant of Maryanne. She, like the mythical manaeds derive their powers from the debauchery of humans. In the book, she was after a piece of Fangtasia, not Merlottes. But in the book maenads are attracted to bars, as they worship the god of wine.

  39. SUUUkie on said:

    daphnea is the pig, she is a shape shifter like same, and mary anne controlls her, and is using her to get back at sam.

    Mary anne is deffinantly the manaed, and she attacked sookie due to terra moving out….

    she killed the black demon removing lady for ripping off tera, and threw away her mom’s gift. There is a good chance Tera’s mom might be dead next……

    • dxtwo on said:

      Not to be mean but I don’t think daphne can be the pig because she was with sam when andy saw it at mary-anne’s party.

  40. brneyez88 on said:

    I so love all this feed and the conversation…I am still wondering what Maryann’s intentions are. I did however think that the attack on Sookie was WAY before she asked Tara to move in with her. I could be wrong. I am VERY interested in finding out what Daphne is and her connection to all of it…Sad to find out that Bill and Sookie don’t end up together. What happens to Jason, and what are their supernatural powers that one person mentioned earlier in a post. “wait till you find out what Sookie really is.” I so can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  41. I have read everyones comments. I am a huge fan of this show. It is one of the most addictive shows I have ever watched. All of you have got me wanting to go out and by all the books that have come thus far, but I am going to wait until the show ends. Glad I found this site because Maryanne had me confused as to what in the hell she is. I am usually pretty good about figuring things out when I watch most movies or shows like this. But this one has been my match. I can not wait until the next show…

  42. Jamaica on said:

    First off, I am glad I found this site. The origin of Maryann had me guessing for a minute. She is a Maenad. I agree with the posting earlier that Eggs is actually Dionysus. That would definently be a spin if this were true. As far as Daphne, I think she is a shape shifter like Sam but under control of Maryann.The pig is Carl, Maryann’s man servant. I kinda of like the idea of a love triangle between Eric, Sookie and Bill. I think it is going to be interesting. Watching the show has definently made me want to buy the books.

    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Jamaica, I agree with all you about all characters except Eggs. I don’t think he could be Dionysis because that’s the god maenad’s serve. He obviously serves her. In the book, he’s really minor, so no clues there. I think he is just an hustler looking to work a good thing.

  43. Asuhlee on said:

    Awesome! This thread is great! I was DYING to know what Maryann was, now that I know what does she wants with Tara and Eggs? I think people are right in the whole they are special and they don’t know it. Maybe Tara and Eggs aren’t the special ones but, their baby is!

    • Robin on said:

      I’m not sure if Eggs is some supernatural thing like everyone else believes he is,….I think he is just some poor person that Maryann has convinced to love her as a family member….and Maryann is using Eggs to keep Tara close……for what reason, I don’t know….yet!

      • kittykat on said:

        I’m with you on Eggs. I think she’s just using him and he’s in on the hustle. I don’t think it’s a supe thing.

  44. Chantall on said:

    Could it possible that werewolves took godrick?

    Just a thought

    • Robin on said:

      I still think it was the L.O.D.I. that took him…..last night in Ep5, Sara and Steve were arguing over Steve “going too far with all this”, I think Sara knows they kidnapped a vampire, and she doesn’t like it. I think they have Godrick to experiment with all those weapons in the basement!

  45. brneyez88 on said:

    Wow…Why does Eric have Bill’s maker back and why is Eric setting Sookie up??? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm…This is getting good…I just may have to buy the books, just to find out what the hell is going on now… lol

    • kittykat on said:

      Goddrick is Eric’s maker, and there is an obedience that is compelling for vamps and their makers. Eric has a thing for Sookie. If you get the books, you’ll see why in a late book. Don’t want to spoil it. Although he likes Sookie, he likes himself more, and his compelled to help his maker. Just as Bill’s maker (Vamp in the hall at the end of the show) is about to cause trouble for him. He has to obey.

      • Robin on said:

        Hey Kat….want to be my new best friend?! So awesome that you spilled about Sookie and Jason…..I was going nuts! I am going to buy the first 7 books asap! I might be ruining the story for myself by asking you so many questions, but I dont care….because i am addicted to the story and super impatient! Maybe i will like Eric and Sook together if I read the books, but right now, i just want her to be with Bill!

        • kittykat on said:

          Hey Robin. I really hope I didn’t spoil it. I read all the books when the first season ended so abrubtly and I had just gotten addicted. Knowing what’s in the books didn’t ruin anything for me because the show does a really good job on expanding on characters and storylines. The backbone of the story is basically the same, but there is much more elaboration. I have a major thing for the Viking. Not sure why. Never was into blonds but I love a smart ass with a sweet side.

  46. i thought could it be possible that godrick was never kidnapped n it was just apart of eric’s plan lol ? Like 88 said y would Eric bring bill’s maker…is he trying to tear him n sookie apart

    • Robin on said:

      That was my first impression last night too, that Eric is bringing in Lorna or Loraine or whatever her name is….Bill’s maker…..to break up Sookie and Bill. I mean, the preview shows her overpowering Bill in bed….some oooo la la is going to happen and Sookie is going to find out and be pissed….she wont understand that Bill couldnt over power his maker. Thus setting Sookie up for Eric to swoop in and comfort her…..That is my guess. I am dying to know what Sookie really is! Its quite clear she is special….i didn’t know about Jason tho…as someone mentioned above, he and Sookie are both supernatural but just don’t know it. Anyone have a guess to my question above?…..which was….in Episode four last week….did anyone catch how Bill reacted when Sook told him to place his hand on Leon’s shoulder? WHAT IS SOOKIE?

      • I think Jason might have the power of sweeping women off they feet a charmer maybe…but yes I believe that Eric is doing just that

      • kittykat on said:

        Sookie does have a little strain of “supe” blood in her, but I won’t spoil as to what. The show may not go there anyway, but it is in the books.

  47. Robin on said:

    Also….glad to here there is a tenth book coming out…..never read them but heard that Eric and Sookie get married in book 9……she could get a divorce and marry Bill in 10!……..some wishful thinking!

    • kittykat on said:

      The marriage in book 9 is nothing compared to the sex in book 4. Sorry to spoil it, but that’s the best of the books.

      • kittykat on said:

        Eric and Sookie together, not Bill. The source of the trouble with Bill and Sookie began when his maker came back. Don’t know if the show will go there. Lafayette should be dead by now according to the books. Who know’s where Alan Ball is going to take things.

        • Robin on said:

          I have been reading the first pages from book 4 on Amazon(as per my buddy Kat there saying it’s the best book), and from what I understand…..Lorena threatens to hurt Sookie if Bill does not agree to leave her….what a vampire bitch….messing with my Bill and Sookie! Does anyone think that Sookie will ever forgive Bill and get back together in the end?…….yes, i kno she marries Eric….but they could get divorced….right?……I’m sad.

      • Sook on said:

        Love the show

  48. Asuhlee on said:

    So, after watching episode 5, do you notice how Tara and Eggs are immune to Marianne’s charm? Or does she not include them? I don’t know for sure about Eggs but, Tara kept getting weirded out by everyone and she was right there in the middle of it all. Another thing is, I think the L.O.D.I has kidnapped Goddrick in hopes of finding out secrets. They must have known he was old and strong (not to mention really hot!).

  49. Tammilin on said:

    Do any of yall think that the concoction that Carl had Maryann taste contained Miss Jeanette’s heart? It was in a pot on the stove, but
    I somehow feel that the red color was actually raw uncooked blood.

  50. Fangbanger on said:

    I can’t wait to see what happens next…..how is Eric setting up Sookie do you think? He doesn’t want her to get hurt of course…or does he? Also, is the story of Jason and the Fellowship of the Sun in the books? Just curious….

    • Asuhlee on said:

      I think it’s about getting Bill away from Sookie so Eric will be able to convince her more easily to do favors for him.

      • kittykat on said:

        Am I the only person in this forum that digs the Viking? Sookie should totally pick him over Bill. Bill’s too uptight. The Viking could be way more fun. Bill’s cute, and the whole coming up out of the dirt (cemetary) and ravishing her (season one) was totally hot, but really, the Viking is hotter.

        • Robin on said:

          No, I totally dig the Viking too….he’s hot, sexy, powerful, mysterious…..but there is something about that southern charm that Bill has and his old fashioned manners…..Oooooh so sexy! Plus, it’s sweet….he was Sookie’s first, and first love. It’s the fairytale romance. I am curious…is it written in the books that he was her first?…..Anyway, without reading the books, how can any true blood fan choose Eric over Bill yet….so far Eric is mostly always a dick to everyone….but as i mentioned….super hot…much better with the short hair too!

    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Fangbanger, In the books Jason was never in the Fellowship. Interesting twist. Can’t wait to see where Alan Ball takes this storyline. Sookie did go to Dallas in the books and got into some deep pooh, (and met Barry), but Jason was not involved.

  51. OK , Da Greatest Detective here….

    upon my investigation , all evidence points to the conclusion that Daphne is the pig we see with Maryanne , wich explains the scratches on Daphne’s back, and why it does not effect her the same way it effected sookie , now on too Eggs, my investigation also concludes that Eggs is not Maryannes’s Follower, but he is her Leader, he is the god that she worships andTara is Simply a desired offering to him, notice that when tara asked Eggs what was is relationship to Maryanne, he replied by saying , ‘IM NOT HER DOG IF THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE IMPLYING. hmmm, no your not eggs , becuse Maryanne is actually Your Dog, whoa! gotta go , my great detective senses are Tingling,

    • Mike Daly on said:

      You know they mystery of Mary Anne had bothered me on True Blood. I’m more annoyed with her and merry troop on whatever they are – and sort of wish they would go away. The more time they are on, the less time we have on the Eric, Sookie, Bill and of course Jason Stackhouse (I love that character – and we all knew the Preachers wife was going to make the move).

      I do think DeGreatestDetective is on to something with Eggs. Remember, Mary Ann slapped Carl when he brought the towels – this make sense now. She is slapping Carl because the god “Eggs” doesn’t want interruption. Also, it seems the Mary Anne’s little “spells” on people don’t really effect eggs.

      Either way – it’s time for Mary Anne’s “real purpose” of the show comes out. By the way – how interesting was it that Bill’s “Maker” shows up in the end of the this weeks episode – not sure if you all recognize her in there 2009 “dressed sexy” clothes vs her “Civil War” look. Definetly an interesting development (and to be honest – I sort of wondered what happened to her).

      I have to say – I’ve been pimping this show to anyone not turned on by it but I can’t even explain it to them – I just tell them “to watch”

      • Sook on said:

        Pimpin…..that’s funny……i’m a pimp too then….i pimp the show to anyone who will listen to me!

      • greek85 on said:

        well, i for one, love the character maryann. she’s the most seductive, mysterious & intriguing character on tv like, ever. seriously, i hope she’s on the show until the end, i’d really miss her. michelle forbes is hot.

        • tosstheshoe on said:

          I agree with you and all these “more bill and erik” twilghters should go under her dark-eyed spell and fuck themselves!

  52. Remy on said:

    good theories, and the book information helped alot. only thing, we see daphne change, and her form is a doe; so her being mary anne’s pig goes out the window? i thought mary anne was the pig, from back when tara crashed her car.

    • Well one thing you have to remember Remy, Sam can change into any form he comes into contact with not just a dog, If Daphne is the same then it stands to reason she may prefer the Doe shape but not be restricted to it solely.

    • Jeroldc on said:

      I saw Daphne as a pig on the last episode so I think that she was the hog when Tara crashed

  53. Tammilin on said:

    Well, I’m with everyone who senses that Eggs is really Bacchus in human form. Tara seems to be the whole focus of Maryann’s newest
    schemes, and keeping her in the Maryann “Family” seems to have some
    hidden and devious unexplained purpose. Daphne seems to be some sort of naughty diversion for Sam– a sort of “Keep him busy.” She’s
    just too good to be true, well, except for her waitressing abilities.

    • jaywalker0617 on said:

      If you noticed at the end of episode six of season 2 when there is that huge orgy Eggs’ eyes are just as black as everyone else which leads me to believe that he is just as effected by maryanne’s magic then everyone else is so i find it hard to believe that he is barachus in human form, i might be wrong but i cant see how a “gog” will be effected the same way as everyone else if mayanne was his subject.

      • kittykat on said:

        HeyDGD has created something for us. Can’t post it here. Go to kat.kitty.tb@gmail.com and I’ll share. jaywalker,

  54. Stackhouse on said:

    Anyone else think the Newlin’s might be setting Jason up?…………although if you know what Jason really is, then you know why women can’t resist him.

    • Trueblood fanatic on said:

      What is Jason..I have to know! I havnt read the books. He is my favorite!

      • Stackhouse on said:

        He and Sookie are both supernatural….they just don’t know it yet. Who knows if Alan Ball will take True Blood in the same direction as the books, I have not read them all yet myself….but i hear that Jason and Sookie are both 1/8 fairy. I guess vamps are really attracted to fairies, as are humans. Explains a lot.

        • Stacy on said:

          I am on the seventh book in the series, and Jason also becomes a shifter after being bitten, he is now a panther. I am curious as to how the show will follow the books, because there are many differences between the two and alot of stuff was changed from the books. I fell in love with this series but the books are so much better, a must read.

  55. kittykat on said:

    Hey Robin, (or anyone else), I don’t want to spoil anything for other chatters, so if you want to get in touch out of chat room go to kat.kitty.tb@gmail.com. I don’t do facebook, sorry. Too public. Lots of friends with not so great stories.

  56. Breaking news … Hey Kat,
    I went back to investigate the footage from TBS2EPISODE1 and i watched again the scene with maryann, Eggs and Tara at the pool, and i found something very interesting, Maryanne say’s “stunning isnt it, {speaking of a painting across the other side of the pool} “it’s the god pan and his Human Lover, Tar replied “does she have a name?[speaking about the woman his human lover}
    Maryanne replied “no, it doesnt matter She could be any one of us” could’nt she?
    Eggs is the god pan and tara is his huma lover.

    • kittykat on said:

      Now that is a good theory!!! You may be on to something!!! I’m soo ready for Sunday. I hope Daphne is a “good guy”, I like her with Sam. I hope she is only a victim of Maryanne and not part of her evil plot.

  57. my investigation lead me to find that there was another actress who originally played tara, check it out


    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Detecttive:
      That was awesome about the “old” Tara. I like the current one. She has a stronger personality. Wonder what happened to the old girl?

      I’m sticking with my original opinion that Eggs is just a hustler. My second choice is that he is Pan and Tara is a “human lover” as you suggested. I still think Carl is the pig. I think he’s a little sick of doing Maryanne’s bidding. Thus the interuption with the towels. I don’t have a read on the Daphne chic. Hoping for the best. She’s cute. Hope she’s not just setting up Sam for Maryanne.

      • Stackhouse on said:

        Im sticking with Kat on this one too. I may be wrong, but I just don’t see anything in Eggs that shouts GOD. I think he is just some young hot guy kept around to tempt Tara into stayn close to Maryanne. She (the meanad) is getting some sort of power from Tara, or pleasure in her suffering or something…..explains why she wants to alienate Tara from her mother, and her friends…………..I too love Daphne and hope she stays….but the actor that plays Sam said that the writer’s were real hard on his character this season….I smell more heartbreak for our four legged friend……but he and Daphne are so cute together, and it’s cool he has someone around like him. I also really enjoy the Jessica and Hoyt story….ooooh mama is in for a surprise!

        • kittykat on said:

          You’re funny, Stackhouse. Let’s just hope that if Sam is going to have something to regret, it’s good. For all of us if you catch my drift. He’s a cutey.

  58. kittykat on said:

    I may be the only Eric fan in this group, but if I’m not, I found this tastey little youtube nugget on the guy who plays Eric. It’s an old shower scene in a movie he was in. Not in English, but who cares! http://www.youtube.com/wathch?v=QeD4WaA8E_s Enjoy!

    • kittykat on said:

      If you watched the youtube link I suggested, you’ll love it edited and set to the rubber ducky song from Seseme Street. Very funny. Just go to youtube and type in Rubber Ducky, Alexander Scarsgard. Hope you get a big of a kick out of it as I do.

    • TeamEric on said:

      I LOVE “ERIC” too, so you’re not the only one.

  59. Robin on said:

    Naughty, naughty people……WINK!

    • kittykat on said:

      We all have to be a little on the naughty side to enjoy this show. I’m glad I have have you guys to enjoy it with. It’s not a show I can talk about in Sunday school for sure!

  60. klimperly on said:

    maybe eggs is the pig?

  61. Maryanne on said:

    wow this is what i get for not reading the books. after reading what you guys have to say, i am way off. i thought Maryanne(that’s really my name) was the Goddess of Chaos, since she always wear those long dress robes. but what you guys are saying makes sense. well of course since most of you got your information from the books. lol. from what I can observe from the series, i can definitely tell Daphne is not to be trusted. the theory of her being Maryanne’s pig is a great possibility. who i’m really curious about the most is Barry. is he ever going to come back? is he even an important character? …OMG! as i was writing that last sentence an idea just popped in my head…could Barry be one of Sookie’s “fairy cousins”?! Also, when is this whole Eric and Sookie thing going to happen? i never even TOUCHED one of the books and can definitely tell there is something going on between those two. well i’m really looking forward to the next episode (in 13 hours yay ^^), and i’m REALLY looking forward to hearing from “DaGreatestDetective”. your theories makes sense a whole bunch.

    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Maryanne,

      Barry will be back. Bookwise, he’s there, and he and Sook do some work together, but not a lot. Alan Ball is notorious for expanding the book characters, so who knows.

      Also, it is a book thing for Eric and Sook to hook up, but it’s book four, and the show is on book two. I do hope he spends plent of time on this one!

      Daphne not in books at all. Total mystery, god, bad? I’m gonna post a stream from a forum on the HBO site from a fan. Its the best description of a maenad I’ve seen yet. It mentions fawns. Daphne. Check out the post (if it will paste). Post will be separate, its a little long.

  62. kittykat on said:

    Hey all,

    I got the following on the HBO True Blood site. It is a post from a fan and the best Maenad description I’ve seen. Da Greatest detective, it mentions a fawn, maybe Daphne? See what you think:

    Gotta disagree with you about the comment you made about MA not being the maenad. She was interviewed and specifically mentioned that her character was a maenad and when they asked her what language she was speaking, she stated that it was Greek which is what a maenad would speak so I think you are wrong in your assessment of this idea. Even if you look at her body, her build and body type are exactly like MA, not Daphne. Daphne is much smaller than MA. MA is taller and more statuesque than Daphne. I do not think that Daphne could find her butt with both of her hands. MA is much more aggressive and menacing. Just the way she treats Karl shows you how aggressive she is and when she does not get her way, she takes it out on others.

    A bit of historical data for you: The word maenad literally translates to “raving ones.” They are the female followers of the god Dionysus, Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by him into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In this state, they would lose all self control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear animals (and sometimes men and children) to pieces, devouring the raw flesh. During these rites, the maenads would dress in fawn skins and carry a thyrsus, a long stick wrapped in ivy or vine leaves and tipped by a cluster of leaves, weave ivy-wreaths around their heads, and often handle or wear snakes. They strike rocks with the thyrsus, and water gushes forth. They lower the thyrsus to the earth, and a spring of wine bubbles up. If they want milk, they scratch up the ground with their fingers and draw up the milky fluid. Honey trickles down from the thyrsus made of the wood of the ivy, they gird themselves with snakes and give suck to fawns and wolf cubs as if they were infants at the breast. Fire does not burn them. No weapon of iron can wound them, and the snakes harmlessly lick up the sweat from their heated cheeks. Fierce bulls fall to the ground, victims to numberless, tearing female hands, and sturdy trees are torn up by the roots with their combined efforts. They eat dirt from the ground that they tear up. Cultic rites associated with worship of the Greek god of wine, Bacchus (or Dionysus), allegedly characterized by maniacal dancing to the sound of loud music and crashing cymbals, in which the revellers, called Bacchantes, whirled, screamed, became drunk and incited one another to greater and greater ecstasy. The goal was to achieve a state of enthusiasm in which the celebrants’ souls were temporarily freed from their earthly bodies and were able to commune with Bacchus/Dionysus and gain a glimpse of and a preparation for what they would someday experience in eternity after their resurrection. The rite climaxed in a performance of frenzied feats of strength and madness, such as uprooting trees, tearing a bull (the symbol of Dionysus) apart with their bare hands, an act called sparagmos, and eating its flesh raw, an act called omophagia. This latter rite was a sacrament akin to communion in which the participants assumed the strength and character of the god by symbolically eating the raw flesh and drinking the blood of his symbolic incarnation. Having symbolically eaten his body and drunk his blood, the celebrants believed they became possessed by Dionysus. The main shrines where these rites took place were at Delphi and Eleusis.

    We got a glimpse of Maryann’s powers at the party at her house that one evening where everyone was drinking, dancing and carrying on. Then again it happened at the party at Sookie’s house when she was in Dallas with Bill and she came over with the “intention” of celebrating Tara’s birthday but to a greater extent. You could see the celebrants in a fit of ecstasy at the party drinking everything they could find, eating everything and smearing it all over one another and then grabbing anyone they could to have sex with. Daphne grabbed Sam and told him that she knew his secret. However, we do not know what her secret is at this point.

    Maryann’s character lacks traditional elements such as the thyrsus carried by the maenads, and the intense connection between the maenads and true, uncontrolled madness, as opposed to just sex, drunkenness, and violence. Alan Ball is loosely using the term to base his character Michelle Forbes portrayal of a supernatural being (Mary Ann) as he does Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of a vampire (Bill). Just because it is written for TV, does not mean that it is an accurate depiction of a term, no matter how entertaining it may be as far as I am concerned.

    In one episode, Sookie was attacked by something that looked like a “bull.” She almost died because of some poison that entered her bloodstream from the scratches on her back that was similar to the poison from a komodo dragon. They showed MA in the last episode where she had hands that had three clubbed “fingers” with long nails. It was the episode where they had Tara’s birthday party at Sookie’s house. The party was in full swing and everyone was pretty drunk. Maryann left the party and went over to an old tree and started chanting in Greek and “vibrating.” Then she started digging up the earth/mud with three huge clubbed fingers with long fingernails exactly like the ones that hurt Sookie. The party guests started to rub the mud from the ground in their faces and eat it. Their eyes turned black as if they had no souls. I cannot recall if MA was eating the mud at this point.

    It may not be the most accurate portrayal of a maenad but it is probably the first portrayal of a maenad that we will see. It is very interesting and very entertaining. That is the job of a screenwriter. The books written by Charlaine Harris do an excellent job of portraying her characters and she puts a lot of time and effort into researching of her characters. She has a wonderful imagination and truly draws the reader into her stories. It is the same with the TV series and Alan Ball. He draws you into the plot and makes you feel as if you are there with the characters. Kudos to the writers and cast!!!!

    KTS, MD

    • Robin on said:

      I just love Alan Ball……were you a fan of “Six Feet Under”…..I watched every episode of that when it was on…..I am still haunted by the series finally…..I have never seen a show end in that way before….it was utterly amazing. I balled like a little girl…….We are all in for such a treat now that he has his hands on this story! Who cares if he changes it up……It’s sooooooo goooooooood!

      • kittykat on said:

        Hey Robin,
        I’ve seen a few episodes of Six Feet under. Maybe when TB is over, I’ll watch that series on ON DEMAND. I liked the episodes I saw

  63. Robin on said:

    Hey….reading what Kat posted about Meanad…..the part about wearing the fawn skins struck me. Daphne is the fawn…well doe…and do you think that Maryanne…meanad…was maybe out hunting one night and attempted to get a new doe skin for her collection and attacked Daphne…maybe not knowing the deer she was attacking was really a shapeshifter?Of course, Daph coulda had a run in with a dif meanad.

  64. kittykat on said:

    Hey Gang,
    I just watched the lastest trailer on youtube. Wanna see it?

  65. Robin on said:

    Also guys…you should check out True-Blood.net they post clips from upcoming shows, interviews, and always have juicy spoilers. Its everything all in one place…..check it out.

    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Robin,

      Went to the site you recommended. Very good tip. The interviews with the cast are good. I’ve read the Pam and Eric actor’s interviews. Super fun.

  66. kittykat on said:

    Ok DaGreatest Detective, no need for “I told you so”. Daphne is the pig. Drat!!! I really liked her with Sam.

    Tonight was crazy! I’m gonna have to watch it again just to absorb it all.

  67. kittykat on said:

    Hey Robin,

    How about Bill on the piano. Yowza!

  68. fairygirl on said:

    I have questions…pieces of the puzzel not mentioned. If Daphne has the claw mark on her back that Sookie had why isn’t she dead?And if she is dead (or souless) wouldn’t that take the power of some typr of demon ir devil to ressurect her?

    What is on Sams back- We have never seen it…

    Why did the Eggs and Tara thing remind me of Rosemarys baby? Kind of creeped me out in the same way…maybe it was all about getting her pregnant to mother some kind of demon child.

    Maybe MaryAnne is a demon (even a Queen) not a meanad since she has the clawed hands and the head of a goat when she is in her truest state of being,and maybe Eggs is the king of the demon creatures…it would make sense.

  69. fairygirl on said:

    sorry for all the typos…I didn’t have my glasses on!

  70. kittykat on said:

    I just hope when that big orgy is over no one (Bon Temps town folk) remembers it. Could you imagine living in a small town and having to see each other on the street after that. Yikes.

    Hey fairgirl, liked the Rosemary’s Baby recall. Haven’t thought about that in years, but you have a point. BTW, Maryanne’s head really doesn’t change. It’s a mask. Showed it in tonight’s episode and it’s in the trailer I posted. I think she’s based on a Maenad, but Alan Ball likes to do his own thing.

    • TeamEric on said:

      Me too…I think they do. Remember the party they had; when everybody was getting it on in the pool? Seemed like no one talked about it afterwards. In a town that small that party would be talked about for days. I hate what they’re doing to Sam; he’s a good guy, but the good guys always get done wrong.

  71. Da Greatest Detective on said:

    I hate to say i told you so, but….Itold you so. lol.
    Daphne is the pig, and i am telling you that eggs is a god , he just does not know yet.

  72. TeamEric on said:

    I’m also a Eric fan; he’s my favorite character on the show. I don’t like the Jason Stackhouse story this season. I’m also ready to see what’s going to happen next week. MaryAnn’s character is the most mysterious, but I think it would be neat if Egg’s was actually the God. However after him and Tara went to that spot tonight made me wonder if he was actually sacrificed there; maybe to MaryAnn? I’m also wondering in Rene is going to turn out to be something supernatural or is wanting Jessica to turn him, or doe he really like her? When Sookie returns home it should be very interesting.

    • TeamEric on said:

      Didn’t mean to say Rene…Hoyt

      • kittykat on said:

        Hey TeamEric,
        I think Hoyt is just sweet and smitten by Jessica. Hope she doesn’t eat him.

        I’m a total Eric fan, too. I think I saw some posts by you on the HBO site. Were Tshirts involved? That’s a great idea. Have you seen the Rubber Ducky youtube. If not, you must!

    • Robin on said:

      I think Hoyt does like Jess for sure. He is gaga in love with her in my opinion. Also, how could you not like the Jason thing? True, its a bit outta sorts for him, but he is lost after all the murders last season. I think it’s hilarious! Only Jason could get in trouble at a church camp!

      • kittykat on said:

        I like the Jason in the FOTS storyline just because its such a great parody of church camp and the Mega Churches in my neck of the woods. I think I may know some of the people those characters are based on. Spot on parody.

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  75. fairygirl on said:

    Wow, guess I had a few things wrong last night. That was a GREAT show.

    I like Erics character too and am looking forward to seeing more (or less :) of him).

    Having lived in the south for many years (no longer) I really enjoy the whole Jason story line. I think it’s brilliant and the preachers wife is so funny when she gets turned on.

    I love the humor in this show. Especially the one liners from Jessica like “I’d die if I wasn’t already dead” stuff. Pretty funny.

    I was a huge Six Feet Under fan. So much so that I actually rolled my window down and waved when I saw the green hearse on a street here in LA. (how embarassing…just forgot myself for a moment there :) With all the stars that I see on a daily basis and never even
    bat an eyelash, that little wave action was embarrasing to my core! :))))I hope I don’t see and true blood actors…god help them if I do!

    • Robin on said:

      Oh my goodness i know! Wasnt Six Feet Under good!? That last episode was a piece of television gold as far as I am concerned…..I’ll never forget it. That’s how I know we aint seen nuthin’ yet from Mr. Ball with TB!

  76. fairygirl on said:

    BTW another question….

    Why are Eric and Bill dead looking (kind of blue whitish) and the Dallas vampires are rosey cheeked?

    I wonder if that guy playing Sookies “husband” is a vampire spy and the woman vampire is behind everything…it seemed as if that was how the church people knew about Sookie and her powers.

    • Robin on said:

      I didnt think of that, but I am not convinced it was him yet. He is Hugo, and I havent read the books, but I have heard a lot of talk about the Hugo character……I think he is a good guy??!!! Someone who read the books could answer better……What do ya say Kat…Hugo good? Hugo bad?

      • Stacy on said:

        In the books Hugo is bad and he is a spy and is involved with the Fellowship of the Sun.

        • kittykat on said:

          Yeah, Stacie is right, In the books Hugo is the bad guy. He’s the rat. He betrays his lady vamp and gets her in big trouble.

          • Robin on said:

            Well, there ya go then…..Alan may throw us off by changing the story a bit, but for now, looks like Hugo is the rat.

  77. Bamavamp on said:

    I actually think Maryann is the god and at this time is choosing the form of a woman… that explains why he/she/it changed in a previous episode. Maybe the bull-like mask just completes the transformation. The town-folk are the maenads… funny the description of a maenad more greatly resembles the people of Bon Temp during Maryann’s parties, than it does Maryann herself. Afterall, they are the ones acting mindless, while she looks in perfect control of all of them.

  78. Bamavamp on said:

    I dunno, of course I realize that they are not going to follow legend and myth with too much accuracy.

  79. Robin on said:

    “Jason Stackhouse; celibate.”…….sounds good dont it?..”not really.” …….LMAO!

  80. Robin on said:

    I know everyone talks it up about Eric or Bill, and yes, they are hotties….but anyone ever just like something that’ll shut up and look pretty?? when it comes to Jason Stackhouse, as Lafayette puts it, “That boy is sex on a styck!”

    • kittykat on said:

      Glad you revealed your crush, Robin. He may be sex on a stick, but he is dumb as one, too. You are right. Don’t let the boy talk. He’s just what my grandma would call a “play-purty”. My heart belongs to Eric, but if I come across some video of Jason “neked” in the shower, I’ll share!

  81. Robin on said:

    ….wait one last tid – bit before I log off…..I forgot…..Does anyone have any theories abt why Pam and Eric want Lafayette slinging the V again?? Hummm, very curious.

    • kittykat on said:

      No hints from the book on the V thing, Robin. According to books, Laf should be dead, and they didn’t call vamp blood V. Who knows. Something to find Godric? Entrapment for people buying it so Vamps can exact “justice.”? Eric trying to hook-up with Pussylover@shemail.com? I dunno.

  82. Tammilin on said:

    I, too, have only started reading the books by C. Harris, and my addiction to True Blood and the books has now become a raw, ravenous
    BLOOD LUST! I really love the flashbacks revealing the history of
    the vamps. It would be so imaginative if Eric’s obsession with Sookie would also be due to the fact that in his human life there was a woman (or creature?) who reminds him of Sookie– someone he loved
    and lost… A cool “Viking/Vampire/Beowulf” lovestory flashback,
    starring Eric and Sookie and Everyone else, just for a shot of good
    ol’ “bloody” flavor.
    Just like fairygirl and others, I also “lap up” the humor in this well-written series. One moment I’m horrified by the old sadistic Vampire Bill of the twenties, and the next minute, I’m
    chuckling over a Jason or a Jessica scene. It’s BLOODY BRILLIANT!

    • Robin on said:

      oh, absolutely! I completely agree about the humor in the show! It’s great! Certainly is BLOODY BRILLIANT! I liked in this weeks episode when Terry was yelling at Andy in the kitchen at Merlotte’s, about playing cops and robbers at meemo and pappo’s house when they were little! And when Andy told Lafayett that if he really went on a gay cruise, ” you’d come back with more pizazz not less!”…..those scenes make me chuckle…………Ooooh and when Jessica asks if they can eat Bill’s guest he replies, “you may NOT!”……so funny!

      • FantasyGirl on said:

        One of the funniest lines from last night’s episode (Episode 6) was made by Sookie. When she first saw Sara Newlin she said ““You know, in person, she looks like vanilla puddin.”

        I laughed my butt off.

        Also, why do the writers keeps associating Sarah Newlin with pudding? In Episode 2 (Scratches) Steve Newlin said to Jason “Sarah doesn’t just whip out her pudding for anyone.”

        I guess they think us Southerners really love pudding!

  83. Earl Lothar Loc'Nar on said:

    IMO, screen writer’s usually do not even care if they are historically correct(or do alot of acid before they write) if it’s not a historic based movie. It really ticks me off. It’s not so bad like when they changed super boy on Smallville cuz it wasn’t myth or legend or remotely historic (I’m sure real super man fans didn’t care for it though). But c’mon, changing a meanad from a follower of a god to at least a demi-god with powers over others IS a stretch. But the Minos bull mask? wtf?
    The bull usually was a sacrifice or a revered animal (Apis)in Egypt. Why try and blend (incorrectly) all these mythologies? What’s the purpose of re-writing mythologies? Maybe just to confuse the masses who are not intelligent enough or learned of the mythologies to begin with. So why would the writer try to point to the masses of TV viewers and say “Look how dumb you are to even think or believe what I’m writing is historic”? I could see Maryann to be a avatar of Pan (Pandimonium)I could see her as an avatar of Dionysious, Kali’s avatar also a possibility. So it would be nice if the writer would somehow explain the supernatural “vibrations”, the supernatural abilities of just a meanad to induce such turmoil,or even the purpose of such things as that. What’s next? A cyclopes with a vendetta on sheep(goats) because “No-man” used them to escape their cavern? Also if Bill is so against killing of people why was he seen in the backstory as a willing and knowing accomplice to his female maker? After all he was not a willing vampire subjugate and actually told Sookie he despised her for making him and taking him from his human family. Again, no sense in story line evidenced. whew—

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      I agree with you on the changing of the mythologies, but that’s TV for you. Regarding Bill’s hypocritical actions, maybe he feels differently now than he did before. The flashback was a different time. If people can change over the span of a short life, why can’t this hundren and something year old vampire? We know that vampires are loyal to their makers and that Bill and his maker were in a relationship. I’m sure more about their past will come out and we will see why and how he started to change.

      • kittykat on said:

        Wow Earl, you are really up on your mythology. Impressive.

        As for me, I don’t mind them making shit up that is “kind of” based on mythology. I bet lots of people are learning a lot more about mythology than they would have without the show. How many in this forum knew what a maenad was before? I used to be a very smart person with degrees in Biology and Chemistry before this whole book/show thing sucked me in and turned my brain to mush. I’m cool with it. It’s a fun ride.

  84. dxtwo on said:

    Last night’s episode was great. After watching it and the scenes from next week I have a few theories. I think Steve and Sara know what Jason really is and are setting him up. Also, the scenes implied that Stan ratted out Sookie and Hugo but that seems too obvious. I also think that Carl will turn on Mary-ann and Eggs is some kind of time traveller. That’s why he felt like he’s been to that farm place before but couldn’t remember.

    • kittykat on said:

      Interesting dxtwo. Eggs a time traveler. DaGreatest and I have alternate theories about Eggs. He thinks he is a God (Dionysis), I think he is a hustler that is being used in the same manner as Tara. We’ll see who will be eating crow soon. DaGreatest predicted Daphne as a pig. I rejected his hypothesis and had to read the proverbial “I told you so”. Everyone wants to know about Eggs now.

      As for Steve and Sara, somebody is definetly ratting Sookie out to Steve. Sarahs a nimrod. She doesn’t know shit, except maybe how to give a good hand job. She works my nerves. I hope my man (I mean vamp), Eric gets thirsty and sucks that stupid slut dry. I’m growing weary of her, bigtime!

      Carl turning on Maryanne. Perhaps!

      • Bella Sophia on said:

        I have to agree with kittykat on the Eggs thing. I used to think he was a God or at least something bigger than we were seeing, but after seeing the last episode I’m now on the theory that he is just a pawn in Maryann’s game. Someone mentioned something about the possibility of Eggs being used to get Tara pregnant, and I agree with that. Possibly why Maryann pays close attention to them. I don’t know if I think Steve knows what Jason is, but he must at least know WHO he is. If he knows who Sookie is, I’m sure he is able to figure out that Jason is her brother. If they researched Sookie, then it could lead to finding out about Jason and Amy – it must have been on the news, those murders in a small town like that!

  85. kittykat on said:

    Hey gang. Some speculation based on previews and trailors. It about Jason (heads up Robin).

    As we know, Jason “did” Sarah and she tells Jason she’s gonna tell Steve. We also see a clip of Jason with a knife to his throat being told by Steve he’s gonna go to hell, “today”. He also says something about Jason chosing “them.” Jason says “whose them?” Obviously, when the FOTS find out Sookie’s last name, they are goning to think Jason is a mole. Jason will then find out that Sookie is there and help her escape. He knows where all there weapons are. *Spoiler alert* In the books the Dallas vamps totally take out the FOTS. Go big D! It’s my home town. There is also a short, hispanic, shifter that has infiltrated the FOTS in the books that helps sookie. We’ve not seen hide nor hair of her. Pardon the pun.

    BTW…are we all gonna go the way of the Trekies that have conventions and dress up like the characters and end up having a main character tell us to get a life?

  86. India on said:

    I’m new here but would like to make a couple of observations.
    The night Sookie is attacked, in the distance you see a half human half bull creature. He is tall has a muscular upper body. His shoulders wider than his hips
    ( Male ) After the attack they show his wrists and hands up close. His skin is dark brown like Egg’s. His hands are human with five fingers. His nails are very long and curled up, they look like the claws ( talons ) of an eagle.
    At Tara’s party Maryanne is standing by a tree vibrating. She bends down at the waist and she is digging. It appears she pulls something up from the earth. It was shaped kind of like a baby but when she lifts her arms she is holding nothing. Her hands are white not brown and she has 3 fingers that are fat ( clubbed ) and she has claws but they are much shorter than the beast’s who attacked Sookie.

    When Tara tells Maryanne she can’t stay at Sookie’s she goes into the living room with Eggs. Eggs tells Tara ” I’m not Maryanne’s dog if that’s what you mean.
    Than he says ” when I lay dying she lifted me up ” or something like that.

    When Eggs and Tara go for the water heater pump, they get out and walk
    because Egg’s instincts tell him he’s been there before. They come to this place where there are large stones, they find a ripped shirt and some blood.
    I think Maryanne used the sword/ large knife to injure Eggs ( the one they pull out after taking Sam there ) I think that is his shirt they find and the blood on the stone is probably his.
    I think Maryanne transformed Eggs into a beast. I think Maryanne is the power.
    I think they do want Tara to have a baby.
    Daphne is the pig.

    • Tammilin on said:

      I’ve tried to figure out the creature in the woods, also, and I think
      you are definitely on to something. Maybe there is more than one?

    • I’ve been trying forever to come up with a great theory. Your theory about the one who attacked Sookie got me really excited, for a moment. I went back and reviewed both scenes and it’s the same hands.

      from the attack on Sookie:

      from Tara’s party:

      To me, they look the exact same. I am dying to know the truth to all of this, it’s driving me crazy wondering!

  87. India on said:

    In Mythology Minotaur has a human body and bull’s head. But not the claws
    Also my son is half Greek my husband is full Greek
    What I heard Maryanne speak wasn’t Greek

    • kittykat on said:

      Thank you, India on the Greek language tip. I would certainly have never known that. I will definitely go back and take another look. I do think you are on to something about Maryanne “changing” people. **Spoiler Alert** According to True-blood.net, (thank you, Robin) the synopsi (plural for synopsis?) keep Tara deep in the grips of Maryanne. Looks like the vamps, Lafyette, and Letie Mae all team up to try to take Maryanne down.

  88. India on said:

    My husband says they may be trying to ” recite ” words from Ancient Greek
    but if they are they are not doing a good job. He is not familiar with the words or dialect
    Read my synopsis above and see if you agree

  89. Tammilin on said:

    Maybe the strange mystery place that Eggs showed Tara was the “something horrible happened here…” sacrificial site where
    Miss Jeanette met her match (MA!). Everything looked rather fresh
    and bloody, and the painted stones were’nt washed away yet from
    rain and the elements. I’m anxious to find out the mystery of
    Eggs. The MA mystery is foggy… I like everyone’s theories about
    the characters and the plots. It makes the show even more lip-smacking,lucious.
    Another one of my favorite lines is: “She has a voodoo bus in the
    woods…” (Tara’s commnent about Miss Jeanette after she’s found
    murdered) And thanks to the writers of TB for leaving the character Lafayette in the second season. He’s one of my favorite extravagant

    • Chandler on said:

      The “place” as in behind the red barn diner?
      I completely agree with you on the whole, Miss Jeanette thing and if thats where she met her match. I just don’t understand as to why she would be two hours away from Bon Temps, assuming she went there herself.
      Any who, you think Daphne might have taken part in MA’s ceremony that time as well?

      ***SPOILER ALERT***

      I’m not so happy that they left Lafayette alive. I think they should really stick to Living Dead in Dallas and start getting rid of characters that do not belong.

      • kittykat on said:

        I’m glad they kept Lafayette around in the show. He’s too much fun.

        Agree with the site behind the red barn and Ms. Jeanette. I think that’s where she met her maker.

        • Robin on said:

          I think so too, I love Lafayette. If they stuck to the books the whole time, people like Kat who already read the books, would never be surprised!

    • Robin on said:

      “any particular place in the woods? Or just, da middle of da woods, in general?”

  90. India on said:

    Read what TV guide and Michelle Forbes has to say

    Now that I saw the large dagger, I know how Miss Jeanette’s heart was cut out.

  91. pure on said:

    did anyone consider that maryanne has something to do with the greek goddess Circe as well as a Maenad?

    her sister was the mother of the first minotaur, which would explain her freaky turning into one. mask or not she has the hands and feet.

    and Circe was also well known in the Odyssey for turning all of the crew into pigs.

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      I like your idea. I’m not up on my mythology like I’d like to be, but from the very begining I have thought MA was a greek Goddess, until I read all the info on the maenad. Also, I think that Michelle Forbes confirmed that she was a maenad.

    • kittykat on said:

      Hmm. Sounds like AB is having a mythology “salad” with a little bit of everything in it. I read an interview of the lady playing MaryAnne and she said her character is a maenad. I know “Earl” is a mythology purest, but I got to thinking (as a Biologist).. things evolve. Maenads may have changed a little in the past few thousand years. Gotta change with the times, you know. If not I’d still have the big hair and “mall bangs” I sported in the 80’s. Change can be good. After all, the vamps aren’t exactly clones of the old school Dracula.

      Keep the posts coming. Love everyones thoughts.

  92. Maryanne on said:

    i think there is more than one maenad. if Maryann was the one who attacked Sookie, wouldn’t you think Maryann would have made more of a bigger deal about Sookie being alive or SOMETHING? it wouldn’t make any sense for Maryann to randomly attack Sookie since everything that happens on TB has a purpose. also i’m very curious to Eggs’ purpose to being around Maryann. somebody up there (sorry too lazy to scroll up) had a theory of Eggs being Bacchus. but then in the last episode, we see that Eggs can be under Maryann’s spell. i’m now doubting that theory. when Eggs and Tara found the “sacrafice” area behind the barn, i actually thought that could be where Eggs’ family were murdered or something and he probably witnessed it. that would explain why he was a foster child and “know” that place. but then again, what you guys are saying about Miss Jeanette is a real good answer too. i can’t wait for Sunday again. i sure hope Sam doesn’t get sacraficed, i really adore him, and i think he makes a perfect match for Sookie. and i’m VERY glad they didn’t kill Lafayette. he’s my favorite character and he makes most parts humorous. well not for the past few episodes, but he’ll get his “pizazz” back. oh and what are they trying to do with Sookie? are they feeding her to Godric?

    • kittykat on said:

      I think they are just taking her because she is working for the vamps to free Godric. They want him to “meet the sun” and they don’t want her in the way.

      ***Book spoiler alert*** In the book, Godric wanted to meet the sun. The FOTS were still holding him against his will. He had a thing for young boys and felt guilty about it and was tired of living after 2000 years.

      On more thing… The guy playing Rev. Newlin plays a D*** well, don’t ya think?

      • Robin on said:

        Wow, that is all kinds of messed up about Godric in the books….YIKE!…Totally agree about REV. Newlin…he’s a fantastic jerk!

  93. Ok everyone , wassup KittyKat?
    i have been working overtime trying to solve this case , now i do not want you guys to be fooled here, lets not forget that sam holds an important key to marryanne, but why? there is something about her shimmy shimmy shake that she does that is a vital part of her attraction to sam and other shape shifters, as for eggs, i think this sunday we are gonna see the god side of him startto develop i believe he has amnesia of some sort. and maryanne wants to take over the town now.

  94. Alan Ball says that season three is on the way, and while there hasn’t been an official network announcement yet, according to Ball we can look forward to the addition of werewolves in the cast, the Mississippi Vampires and the TV debut Debbie Pelt. (Elvis, however, will remain a player in the books only.)

    Speaking of the books, fans can look forward to three more Charlaine Harris-penned novels in the True Blood series. No further details on when to expect these, but they’re in the pipeline!

    Lastly, Alan Ball says you’ll be able to enjoy the show in the form of a tasty, blood-orange soda beverage: Tru Blood Beverage! It’ll be available to order by September 10, just in time for the season finale! Order it at TruBeverage.

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      $26.95 for 4! (http://www.trubeverage.com/) Crazy! But, probably worth it, if even just for the mental state you’ll be in drinking “True Blood” while fantasizing about being a part of that world!

      • Robin on said:

        27.00! Insane! I would love to have one of the bottles tho, just for fun….but I sure cant pay 27.00 for four soda’s! LOL!

  95. http://www.hbo.com/trueblood/video.html?maven_playerId=trueblood&maven_referralObject=7293763

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      Sookie in bed with… Eric! Did you see that!? 😉

      • kittykat on said:

        I bet he’s there, but I bet she doesn’t know it yet. Probably thinks it’s Bill and will turn around and see Eric. He’s a little pushy. Just a thought.

        But it is time for some naked Eric. We are almost to the end of a second season and no skin yet! Sookie will probably throw a big fit when she sees Eric in her bed. For the record, he can eat crackers in my bed anytime! I’ll pretend I’m pissed if that’s what he likes. Maybe that’s why he likes Sookie so much. She’s not afraid to stand up to him.

        • Robin on said:

          OOOooh, Kat has got it bad for a certain vamp sheriff! I like the theory of why he is in her bed….I was wondering from the preview how he could pull something like that off so soon….I believe he probably is pushy….

  96. new leads from my investigation reveals:
    Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse series as well as fans of the True Blood series were pleased to see both powerhouses on stage Saturday night. Charlaine Harris, writer of the Sookie Stackhouse novels joined Alan Ball, creator of the HBO hit True Blood joined forces to explain the upcoming adventures of Sookie, Bill, Eric, Tara, Sam, and Lafayette. One thing was made clear (SPOILER ALERT), the Bill, Sookie, and Eric love triangle will play out just as it is written in the novels.

    For those of you that haven’t read the novels, that shouldn’t spoil much. For those of you that have, you know what I mean. Fans were chomping at the bit to find out what would happen and that’s a pretty clear indicator.

    5:22: The cast has arrived and is walking out to thunderous applause.

    5:25: E.P. Alan Ball has a special announcement: “True Blood: The Drink” is now a reality. It will be available September 10th, just in time for all of our season finale viewing parties.

    5:27: An audience member just screamed out “Happy Birthday, Anna!” I guess it’s her birthday.

    5:30: Clip reel for the second half of the season… Looks like Jason’s going to turn his back on the fellowship of the sun cult, Tara is slapping Eggs, Bill is punching Eric and the entire town is going black-eyed crazy, courtesy of Marianne.

    5:31: The moderator is introducing each cast member by name. Deafening noise is made for Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric).

    5:32: Moderator asks Stephen Moyer (Bill) how Bill might react if something does in fact happen between Sookie and Eric. Stephen says Bill may not be as polite as we’re used to in the future.

    5:34: Moderator asks Michelle Forbes (Marianne) about why this fantasy/sci fi genre lends itself so well to strong women characters. Forbes saying she’s spoken at length about this with “Battlestar”‘s Mary McDonnell. Re: Mary McDonnell: “She’s a Goddess, by the way.” Applause so loud, I can’t hear the rest of her answer!

    5:37: Nelsan Ellis is asked how Lafayette’s recent troubles — in the basement, specifically — might change him. Nelsan says he may have to “re-think his hustle” because it’s been getting him into too much trouble. The crowd is not pleased by this. He says, “…but maybe not.”

    5:39: Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) says she tends to be a nervous person. She’s picturing all of us in our underwear right now.

    5:40: Moderator asks Alexander why he’s so drawn to Sookie. Alexander says, “Well just look at her”… And follows that up with, “Sorry, Stephen.” He says Eric has been around a long time and is just over humanity, but Sookie interests him and he of course wants to explore that.”

    5:42: Charlaine Harris, who created the “True Blood” book series, just announced that she’s signed a contract to write three more “TB” books… and the crowd goes wild!

    5:44: Someone screams “I love you, Eric!” Alexander says, “I love him too… I mean that.”

    5:46: An audience member asks what Alan Ball is looking forward to doing in season 3. He says, werewolves, the character of Debbie Pelt. Someone screams out a character from the book. Godric! Bubba? I don’t know who he’s responding to, but Alan says he doesn’t know how to include this character without it being cheesy. The audience boos. Alexander says, “The people have spoken.”

    5:47: Audience question about Eric and pink spandex. Alexander gets up, lifts his pant leg. He’s wearing pink socks. Alan says he wasn’t planning on putting Alex in spandex, but he’s now possibly changed his mind.

    5:48: Audience member with better eyes than mine asks, “Was Sookie in bed with someone with blonde hair in that clip reel? Was that Eric?” Alan says, after a long pause, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everyone cheers.

    5:50: More questions for Alexander! How’s it different working here than in Sweden? He says, “If this were Sweden, we’d all be in a barn and every other person’s name would be “Skarsgard.”

    5:52: An audience member tells Stephen he’ll always be “Prince Valiant” to her. Anna likes this, big smile.

    5:55: Audience member asks if the love triangle between Bill, Sookie and Eric will play out as it does in the books. Is Alan nodding? I don’t know. I guess the question was dodged.

    5:56: Audience member asks how much more trouble Jessica is going to be for Bill. Deborah says, “As much as they’ll let me.” Again, the crowd goes wild.

    5:57: Audience member thanks Alan for creating gay characters with dimension.

    5:58: Audience member wants to know about the relationship between Lafayette and Eric, as well as Eric and Godrick. Alan Ball says, Lafayette is rightfully frightened by Eric, Eric is intrigued by Lafayette and may have more plans for him in the future that we’ll eventually find out about. He says the relationship between Eric and Godrick is complicated, father-and-son type deal. There is no one more important in Eric’s life than Godrick.

    6:00 Audience member asks “the vampires on the panel” if they’ve ever had any fang mishaps. Stephen says something about one type of “fangs” being very sharp and Anna interrupts, “Yes they are.” Crowd goes insane.

    6:02: Audience member asks if there is going to be a half vampire/half human baby. The crowd gets angry. Alan Ball says, “Um, no.” The crowd is filled with glee once again. Alan explains, “You’re either all vampire or all human, you can’t be both.”

    6:04: Charlaine Harris: “Alan and I have a working relationship. I don’t tell him how to do the show. He doesn’t tell me how to write the books.”

    6:06: Audience member asks about funny moments on set. Moderator asks if that is directed at someone in particular. Audience screams, Nelsan! He obliges: “There was this nekkid dude on set in this episode coming up. One take, he fell. That was hilarious.”

    6:08: Michelle is asked why she took the role of Marianne: “When someone offers you an entrance where you’re standing in the middle of the road, naked, holding a pig, you don’t say no.”

    6:10: For Alan or Charlaine, “What is the difference between V and just feasting on someone. Charlaine answers that V is old blood. Getting blood directly from source is fresh and obviously a much better experience…

    • Robin on said:

      Cool, thanks for posting that. Very fun read. If I could ask one question to that panel, I would wonder how or if the presence of the TB show effects Harris writing the newer Sookie books. Do you think she will be influenced by the feedback from the show? Do you think that she will be looking to please her readers or the TB community or both?….its very interesting to me.

    • Tammilin on said:

      Thank you,O Gracious One, DGD. That was, indeed, a delicious read of the week. I felt like I was right there, tasting it all.
      I love all of the theories about V: Vampire blood. Blood is so very
      dynamic and alive, so these vampire fantasy theories about vampires’ blood seem to fit the
      imaginative vampire world that C. Harris and other vampire writers have created.
      Back to the “Eggs” theories. Doesn’t it all seem too convenient that
      Eggs is just the kind of guy that strong, smart, co-dependent Tara
      would fall for (nothing racial implied), almost like a planned set-up
      TV show date.
      Maybe someone or something new she might fall for a guy like this?

      • kittykat on said:

        Hey DeGreatest. Great post. I still think Eggs is a hustler, not a god. He’s got the abs of a god, but not a god. You can say “I told you so” (again) if you have to, but I’m sticking to my guns. I think he’s what he says he is. A kid that grew up in foster homes and got into some trouble. He probably thought he was moving in a new direction by hooking up with Maryann, but I think he may be in more trouble than ever. Poor guy. Just can’t catch a break.

  97. bremington on said:

    i agree, kitty kat. i guess i wouldn’t be completely surprised if eggs did turn out to be more than human, but as someone else mentioned earlier the fact that he got ‘under maryanne’s spell’ i think kind of proves that he might be a normal human who got mixed up in the wrong stuff. daphne, for example, wasn’t under the spell, probably either due to the fact that she’s a shape shifter (likely since sam wasn’t either) or just because she is working hand in hand with maryanne. the fact that maryanne has to use her supernatural power over eggs is, i think, the proof that he is nothing more than an unlucky player in maryanne’s game.

    Series Cast

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    Jim Parrack … Hoyt Fortenberry (24 episodes, 2008-2009)
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  99. This just in from the investigation of Da Greatest Detective, livefootage of the True Blood cas at comic con 09


  100. India on said:

    Some Comments From The Stars Of True Blood

    When we left Bon Temps on Sunday’s True Blood, we were left hanging from a major cliff as Daphne betrayed Sam and brought him to his almost certain death at the hands of Maryann. So what do we have forward to looking to when the show returns this weekend with a new episode, “Release Me?”
    Well according to HBO’s official logline, you can expect:
    Betrayed by Daphne, Sam finds himself in an unenviable predicament at the hands of Maryann and her wild-eyed minions. Imprisoned with Hugo in the F.O.T.S. church, Sookie uses her telepathic powers to reach out to Bill, who’s being detained at the hotel by a stubbornly obsessive Lorena. After crossing a line with the Newlins, a fearful Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but gets plenty of resistance from Steve and his enforcer Gabe.

    And no, don’t worry, there’s a 0% shot Sam actually dies. He’s in next week’s logline as well. Coming soon to a TV Fanatic site near you.

    From there, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard chimed in. They said their characters’ love triangle will grow more intense in the second half of the current season, as Moyer added Bill will be “fighting harder” for Sookie’s affection.
    As for major theme for the second half of the season, the producer initially answered with one word: war.
    Ball also said he’s excited to add werewolves and Mississippi vampires from Harris’ books into various storylines next season.
    Asked about Bubba, a fan favorite from the books, Ball said there are no plans to include him. Yet.

    Bill and Sookie
    While True Blood fans may not be able to handle this spoiler news, it appears that television’s best pairing of a human and vampire won’t last forever. (Calm down, Twilight’s a movie people!)
    Stephen Moyer (Bill) explains the show’s future actions by saying, “You can’t watch two characters be happy in love for 12 episodes.”
    Moyer continues, “That would be extremely dull. [A separation is] going to happen.”
    Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill, said this about if Eric will break up Bill and Sookie, “I couldn’t possibly say. I honestly don’t know, but I think that there will be all the conflict that there needs to be to make it a great frisson.”

    Meanwhile you can expect a lot of fun to happen to Bill while he stays in Dallas and for the rest of the gang in Bon Temps.

    The Stackhouses
    First, star Ryan Kwanten confirmed to E! News that his character of Jason Stackhouse and sister Sookie won’t be separated forever. The actor said:
    “There will be [a reunion between the Stackhouse siblings] and quite an electric one, too, where we gang up for the greater good.”

    Godric, Isabel and The Dallas Vampires
    As for the most mysterious, biggest badass of all vampires, fans wanna know when they’ll meet Godric. The answer: soon!
    Played by Allan Hyde, Godric appears in the July 19 episode. He’ll be joined by lieutenants Stan and Isabel, the second of whom is portrayed by Valerie Cruz. She said:
    “Isabel runs with the Dallas vampires, but she kind of becomes friends with both Bill and Eric. And she likes Sookie. [Isabel] has a penchant for humans, and she’s sensitive to this love story they have.”

    EGGS Has A Secret

    As loyal True Blood viewers know, Tara has a new boyfriend.
    Played by Mechad Brooks, this character’s unusual name is Eggs Benedict Talley. But is he too good to be true? In a nutshell: yes.
    As Rutina Wesley (Tara) told TV Guide Magazine, her new man has a secret. It’s old, it’s dark and it will soon be revealed.
    “I’m curious to know if it freaks her out,” Wesley said to columnist William Keck. “With everything else going on in Louisiana, she’ll probably be like, ‘I like you, whatever…\'”

    Next Episodes
    Later this season of True Blood, things are going to get a lot hotter as Evan Rachel Wood joins the True Blood cast as the vampire queen, Sophie. E! Online recently caught up with the actress, who’s busy promoting her new movie, Whatever Works.
    Wood described her character as, “half Patrick Bateman, half Paris Hilton. She loves to tell people what to do – like, she could tell Bill to go play Yahtzee or something—but she’s not going to sleep with him, because she likes the ladies.”
    Well, sure we already knew that Sophie was a lesbian, but half Patrick Bateman, half Paris? We love it!
    We’ve already told you that the second season of True Blood has a homoerotic encounter between Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and another character. Turns out season two is cranking up the homosexual plotlines.
    According to E! Online, Sookie’s cousin, Hadley Hale, will end up sucking face with the Vampire queen Sophie (Evan Rachel Wood). Could this season get any sexier?

    The Triangle
    How are you playing Eric differently this year??Alexander Skarsgard: Everything becomes more private and personal in season two. In season one, the situation started out being business-related, and Eric’s attraction to Sookie was “All right, I might use this.” But the stuff between them now is much more personal. He’s very much emotionally involved now. And I’m not just talking about his relationship between Eric and Sookie and Bill, but other things as well. A lot of the fans who have read book two, they know that the reason they go to Dallas is because Eric’s maker has gone missing. That’s a very, very personal quest for him.
    How are you feeling about the Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle right now??Anna Paquin: It’s really only just sort of slightly hinted at, as of yet—we’re shooting seven right now. But Eric’s definitely leering down from his heights.
    How does Bill feel about Eric moving in on his lady??Stephen Moyer: That’s a good question. I’m not going to lie, when I see those little things in the script, those little moments when Eric’s pouting at her from across the room, I’m like, I’m going to have a word with that scamp later. It does make me step back a little bit and be upset, which is exactly how Bill reacts as well…”F–ker.”
    You can read the rest of cast interviews at E! Online.


    According to Forbes, “I am a maenad, which is a supernatural wood-nymph creature. There are a lot of strange creatures in crazy old Bon Temps.”

    “She’s definitely a new kind of supernatural creature in Bon Temps.” He stresses she’s old, or as he says, “Ancient, Ancient.”

    • kittykat on said:

      moderation, meaning what?

      • BestFantasyStoriesAdmin on said:


        Check your email. We have a proposition for you!

        Okay guys, it isn’t what you think!

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          This is Robin y’all…..got my nickname from Kat! I am curious abt this proposition……hummmmmm

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          Hey room, Kat told me the proposition…and it is TOTALLY what you think! ….I’m just kidding BESTFANTASYSTORIESADMIN……we love your site!

          • BestFantasyStoriesAdmin on said:


            Thanks so much! We love the great theories that you and others are posting at the site. We can’t wait to see the mystery unravel about Tara and Eggs.

    • kittykat on said:

      Great post, India. Thanks.

      I’m going to be really disapointed if they neglect Bubba. Gotta go there. Too much fun not to. For those who have not read the books, I won’t tell who Bubba really is, but here is a hint: He is a hunka hunka burin’ love.

      • YankeeBlood on said:

        At the Comic Con, Alan said he did not know how to include that character without being “cheesy” sorry, no bubba.

        • kittykat on said:

          Who doesn’t like cheese? Besides, this show has vamps, maenads, weres, shifters, and all manner of supernatural creatures. I think he’s playing to a pretty “we are up for whatever” audience. The hardest part would be finding a good impersonator to play Bubba. But how hard could that be? They are crawling all over Vegas. I think one even had a side gig at the airport last time I was there. He unloaded our luggage. It was awesome. Great fun! I say, “When life hands you cheese, let’s make nachos!” Come on Alan Ball, we want some Super Deluxe Nachos with EXTRA CHEESE!

  101. Ceecee on said:

    I think Carl might be the god(that might sound crazy but I think it’s possible)

    ‘Remember, Mary Ann slapped Carl when he brought the towels – this make sense now. She is slapping Carl because the god “Eggs” doesn’t want interruption. Also, it seems the Mary Anne’s little “spells” on people don’t really effect eggs.’

    I think Mary Ann wants Tara close to Eggs ‘for SOME reason???’
    OR Eggs may be the god. I was thinking that maybe Mary Ann killed his family at that place that he and Tara were at.

    I LOVE Jessica. She is the comic relief and my favorite character. I hope they keep her active in the storyline. Was she in the books?

    Does anyone else think that Lafayette may become a vampire?

    • Tammilin on said:

      I really do lap up all of the well-cast and superbly-acted new
      (and some “…will always be remembered…”) characters. Jessica
      is one of my favorite new ones, as well as Ginger, and may the Gods
      rest her soul, Miss Jeanette. The Terry and Andy and Lafayette scene
      was great and combined that element of warmth and humanity that works
      so well with all of the fantasy and sex and funny decadent to bloody,
      rip yours and everyone else’s guts out, violence. The Newlins and their so-called Church are just “price-less,” and I can’t wait to see
      if Reverend Steve’s hatred of vampires comes from him being a porn
      star fangbanger, as someone suggested (I can’t remember who, though.).

      • Robin on said:

        do you think that Rev. Newlin was really in vamp porn, or do you think the producers of the porn just cropped his head on to it as kind of a twisted joke? I am still on the fence with this one.

      • Pochis on said:

        hi there… related to the Newlin stuff…. I’m just think he wants some sort of revenge… maybe some vamp killed someone he loved very much… that’s what I think

    • Tammilin on said:

      I don’t really think that Lafayette truly wishes to become a vampire at this time, because he was relieved when Sookie finds him in the Vampire dungeon (Fangtasia basement), and he and she both realize that he is still human and suffering just like all of the rest of us humans. He probably begged Eric to make him Vampire to save his hide earlier when they were interogating him, because he was afraid that this was the end of the road, and Lafayette is a “survivor” and would do or say most anything to stay alive. He is more useful right now as an “indentured servant” to be used by Eric. Lafayette does have a good and endearing side to him, I think, because he is usually watching after Tara when she needs his help or a shoulder to cry on–cousin to cousin–girlfriend to girlfriend.

    • Robin on said:

      Jess wasnt in the books, she is a new character. I love her too. She’s great, super funny. I dont think Lafayette is going to become a vamp. At least not anytime soon. I think he totally woulda done it in Eric’s office when he asked, but that was just to save his own ass. As Laf said, he a survivor first…by any means. And now, he is so terrified by vamps, how could he even get close enough to one to get “made”! But, if they do write that in, I wont be mad at the idea…Laf is already flamboyant, imagine him as a vamp!

    • I don’t know if Lafayette will cross over but his relationship with Eric is going to get very interesting. Like Sookie, Lafayette has a direct connection to a vampire. Eric will keep him safe in order to keep the lines of communication open with Sookie. I think that Lafayette is going to find this helpful. Lafayette and Sookie are not in each other’s company very often which makes me wonder. What’s going to happen that will make the connection between these two so important? One more comment…I love Hoyt and Jessica”s relationship. Besides the fact that Jessica can rip Hoyt’s throat out, she’s just a sweet 17 year old.

    • u know u might be on to something, i wish this show was real life

  102. Tammilin on said:

    I just don’t wish for Sookie and Bill to split up for very long.
    It just goes against Sookie’s character and her sense of loyalty
    and goodness, although I’m absolutely sure that it makes for great TV
    and plot thickening “double, double, toll and trouble…” (No offense, Eric and Eric Followers). Do any of yall feel the same
    way that I do?

    • Robin on said:

      Heck ya I feel the same way too. I love Bill and Sookie together. He is so sweet to her, and after how sad it was when he was turned against his will, he deserves Sookie. Poor man already lost his family. Eric doesnt need Sookie, he just wants her for whatever selfish reason.

      • Tammilin on said:

        I do agree about Eric, but I’ve been thinking that maybe Eric might see something in Sookie that reminds him of himself– a sort of “not afraid of anything” spirit. Maybe he’d rather spend eternity with some creature that he can love and admire. He seems so bored with every “flavor” of beautiful human (1000 years worth!) He probably has noticed the effect that Sookie has had on Bill, and now he wants a taste of the magical elixer that is Sookie. I just hope that Bill gives him a hellofa fight.
        I just love Sundays now! Can’t wait.
        I’ve gone from addiction to OBSESSION! (saw that on another site)

        • Robin on said:

          Took the thoughts right outta my mind…I AM OBSESSED, and dont care who knows it…..Last sunday, Eric told Lorena that Sookie was “something more than human”………hummmm, Eric knows something, or he at least has a hunch.

  103. India on said:

    Eric tells Sookie
    ( Speaking of both himself and Godric plus Bill and Lorena )
    “The bond between a vampire and his maker is very stronger than you could ever imagine”
    ” maybe one day you ( Sookie ) will find out.”

    Sookie tries to tear into Lorena and is screaming to her
    ” Go find your own, you bitch, you lost this one ”

    I think this is why Sookie goes to Eric and the breakup occurs

    Just a guess

  104. India on said:

    That should say
    Eric tells Sookie
    ( Speaking of both himself and Godric plus Bill and Lorena )
    “The bond between a vampire and his maker is much stronger than you could ever imagine”
    ” maybe one day you ( Sookie ) will find out.”

  105. hi everyone ,
    email me at mrtheological@hotmail.com to find out som vey interesting and fun news forall you true blood fns.

  106. Robin on said:

    Been thinking on the “V” thing and Lafayette. They prob do want him slinging it to the humans so they can keep tabs on people. If I were Eric, I would want to know what people were up to.

    • Tammilin on said:

      I think that’s gotta be right. Lafayette selling “V” for Eric and Pam and Chow. Don’t really think that they need the money?
      Just love all of the songs on TB. Some fit like a glove.

  107. Robin on said:

    Looking forward to this Sunday’s episode…..the shit is about to hit the fan. I cant wait to see what goes down in that church once Eric and the Dallas vamps show up! Uh oh!

  108. TeamEric on said:

    I’m right there with you on Eric can eat crackers in my bed too…lol anytime. He takes hot to a entire different level.

  109. Robin…
    Meet me in thechat room at “The True Blood Report” tonight at 10 pm est
    lets talk it up about tonights episode, yea, true blood baby!!!!

  110. What’s a matter? Meanad got your tounge?

  111. Bella Sophia on said:

    omg omg omg. Last night’s episode was crazy. So we find out that there is nothing supernatural about Eggs or Tara, like some of us assumed. Poor Daphane… but I knew it was going to happen once she told Sam “she could have killed me. I deserved it.” Jason obviously didn’t get killed like it seemed. On the trailer that they put together for a jumbled mix of upcoming episodes, that bitch from the church is talking to him and he has red paint on his chest. I was on the edge of my seat last night! can’t wait til next Sunday. The count down officially begins!

      Da Greatest Detective is still hot on the case.

      • Tammilin on said:

        I agree with all of the low-down clues about the really bloody purpose of Mr. “Mysterious” “Eggs” Benedict. Did anyone notice that he was the first one to start screaming in that demonic yell, and everyone else followed in suit when Sambo got the hell outof Dodge. And what is up with Tara playing the “slavegirl” routine with Eggs? It just goes against her nature to be constantly wrapped around anyone, even if she thinks she is in love (or lust, as the case may later present itself…). Ooooh, Maryann, what bloody feet you have. Tara almost keeps slipping out of the spell, but Eggs keeps pulling her back. I hope that someone helps. Sambo may have to team up with Detective Andy and do some more biting and growling at the bad guys and gals. Godrick was sur-real! I wish that the story of Father Godrick and Son Eric might be revealed in some more enlightening flashbacks. Interesting relationship…

      • Bella Sophia on said:

        ok ok ok DGD, you got me! You do have some points, and I’m not ruling out ANYTHING! Perhaps I was tricked into the spell myself when I saw his eyes change, and how honestly scared he seemed finding the place with the blood. He could very well be playing us, so I’m still open to the idea of him being more. But Daphnie said that supernaturals can not be under Maryann’s spell, and, while Eggs could be changing his eyes on his own, Tara definately gets sucked into it. Her knowing all that info could just be that she’s smart! Idk if I buy into her being anything more than human, but I do agree with you on the possibility of Eggs being a God or something else devine.

        On the same note, does anyone recall whether Andy has been engaged in any sexual behavior or have had his eyes change? I know he has been at some of those parties, but I can’t recall specifically anything that happened with him, other than him noticing the pig a few episodes back. I’d like to find the time to review the shows, but can’t so if anyone remembers, let me know. I ask because Daphnie’s comment about the eyes stuck with me.

        • Bella Sophia on said:

          NEVER MIND ABOUT ANDY! I had a chance to watch some old episodes and saw Andy rubbing cake on his face. He was sucked into it. Also, the night Eggs and Tara slept together, it seemed as if Maryann was offering Tara to Eggs and the rest of the people at the party were apart of the offering ritual. I think I’m fully back on board with the God theory.

          • YankeeBlood on said:

            I dont know. I can not get behind this Eggs is a God theory yet. It just doesnt seem like he is that special. I think he is some poor soul sucked in by Maryann. And if you are going to use a human to do your dirty work, he better be big and strong like Eggs. I mean, he does have to over power people enough to kill them. I could be wrong, but I feel that he is not a God. Just poor, poor Eggs Benedict.

          • Vbooker on said:

            This is the first time I have ever posted to a thread but have enjoyed reading ALL of your posts! I do have a theory about Eggs. Remember when Tara first met Eggs at MaryAnn’s and she used the expression “Satan in a Sunday hat”? And now Daphne has made reference to the “Horned God-Satan”. And then Lafayette used the same expression in the bar! Eggs is going to be more than just one of MaryAnn’s minion IMO! Alan Ball has been good at leaving us hints!!

  112. Robin on said:

    I knew Eggs was the one killing people for Maryann! Last nights ep was great! Lots of info! Sam was a total badass too! Nice to see the old Lafayette back, and Jess and Hoyt….AWWW, that was sooo sweet of him. Damn they are cute together!

  113. Tonight HBO ch 302 is showing all season 2 episodes
    Please watch scratches again

  114. blink182stillkicksass on said:

    i say jessica turns hoight…any takers?

  115. kittykat on said:

    Thanks to bestfantasystories.com for hosting. It’s been lots of fun reading everyone’s comments and speculation. Those of you who have not read the books, you may want to try the box set they advertise at the top. They could tide you over between season 2 and 3. I read them all between season 1 and 2.

    As to Daphne.. do you think they killed her for her heart because Sam got away? I noticed a heart being held by somebody in the promo. Too bad. I liked Daphne.

    • YankeeBlood on said:

      Hello there Kat, regarding Daph….I read on a spoiler (*ALERT)…that Tara and Eggs eat some mysterious meal prepared by Maryann in an upcoming episode. A while back, someone in this forum mentioned the pool party scene where Maryann and Carl are cooking something up in a pot…looked like it may have been Miss Janett’s heart. It might be Daph’s heart that Tara and Eggs are going to eat in that upcoming episode….as you mentioned, in the promo, you can see Maryann clearly has a heart or something in her hands. EEeewww. Some kind of heart stew she feeds people to get them under her spell? We shall see.

      • Bella Sophia on said:

        When the pool/soup episode came on I had a feeling they were feeding people some human part, but didn’t consider it was Miss Janette’s heart. Now that things have come to light a bit, I think agree with you on this. It was deffinately a heart in Maryann’s hands in the trailor… I’m almost positive!

  116. Now putting full episodes of TRUE BLOOD on the THE TRUE BLOOD REPORT.
    CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM http://tiny.cc/l34bD


  118. YankeeBlood on said:

    VBOOKER, Welcome! Your theory about Eggs gave me like an AH – HA moment. I think you are on to something and Eggs is either the devil or a demon. I want to lean toward demon, since Lettie Mae and Tara both thought they had a demon inside them…..and how messed up would it be that they are now dealing with a demon and his crazy Maenad?! WOW! Very cool! Keep posting your ideas!

    • Vbooker on said:

      Thank you! I had another thought…..remember the “demon” that was supposedly exorcised from Tara? Same black eyes! And of course who did the exorcism? Our first murder victim with the heart removed..yep…Miss Jeanette! Maybe MaryAnn was lurking before we got a good look at her. And then….who shows up and causes Tara to have a wreck….MaryAnn with her pig (Daphne). I really don’t think Eggs is a God but your are right….maybe a demon of sort.

      can’t wait until tonight!!!!!

      • YankeeBlood on said:

        I agree that Tara cannot become a meanad. I think we know that everyone capable of getting those big black eyes, is not supernatural. Daphne said that all “supes” were immune to Maryanne’s power. So Terry, Arlene, Tara, and possibly even Eggs, are not “supes”. The only thing that sort of sways my mind in the direction of Eggs actually being something more, would be in the preview for this Sunday’s episode, Maryanne walks into Merlotte’s and Says, “The God demands HIS sacrifice…” Who is HIM?? ….interesting

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          p.s.- VBooker,
          I also like your theory about how they are going to finally get rid of Maryanne. If she is immortal, how the heck do you get rid of her….in the vamp world, they seem to be pretty intimidated by their superiors. Hopefully this is true with maenads as well!

      • KittyKat on said:

        Hey Vbooker. I did not remember the black eyes when Tara got her exorsim. I’m gonna have to by the first season and watch them all again. I watched them several times when on HBO, but I feel like I’ve missed so much. Thanks for pointing it out. HBO thanks you, too. They are about to sell some DVDs!

  119. fairygirl on said:

    I have been out of town but did see last weeks show. Looking forward to tonight! Guess I was right “y’all”, told you those horns seemed Satan like.

    Also that sex scene regarding Tara and Eggs that I said seemed like a RoseMarys baby thing has me wondering if some demon child is supposed to be sacraficed in the future….or nurtured…seems this would be something MaryAnne would want to see “flower”. This is probably why she picked Tara to nurture. She was vulnerable and
    open to demons as her mother said. I bet her mother comes to her rescue in the end and kills MaryAnne.

    I picked up the book at the beginning of season one but put it down quickly. I would rather be suprised than know whats going to happen. This sure is fun!!!!!

    • Fantasy Book Luvr on said:

      Oh my goodness, what if Tara winds up pregnant? That would be a heck of a cliffhanger for the season finale!

  120. TaraTheMaenad!! on said:

    I think that Maryanne is going to try and convert Tara in some way to make her a Maenad, she will probly do the same thing 2 eggs. I think thats what the heart was about, maybe eating one turns you into a maenad or something?

  121. YankeeBlood on said:

    Last night’s episode was the coolest one yet…….I can’t believe what Jason said to Steve about Sarah! I was like “Oh no he didn’t just say that!”…………..And poor, poor, Jessica. That is so not cool!

  122. Tammilin on said:

    Wow! Don’t we all wish we could live for 2000 years and have the power and insights that Godrick has? I like the way that AB has re-invented Godrick, but CH has the right idea about the total remorse and sadness that 2000 years of existence would have on any lifeform. These story lines are really great– the way that AB keeps to the zest of the books, expanding and recreating these delicious charaters. I get so excited when a new episode comes on that I almost feel like a kid again on Christmas morning! (And yes, I DO
    still believe in Santa, amongst other things!) Kittykat, I hope reading the books will tie me over until next season. So far, I love the books, but the TB series is my LIFEBLOOD. Back to Maryann and Eggs and Tara. I’m sure that Eggs is not just an underling, and the theory about the demon of Tara’s finding a new place to dwell might be a possibility. I remember a voodoo story in which an exercised demon must be locked in a trunk or bottle or it will find another body to inhabit. But did not Tara “Off” that one, supposedly? LaFayette telling Tara’s fortune with the “Tara” cards… Wow these Bon Temps folks are just soaked in voodoo and hoodoo and superstition.

    • Bella Sophia on said:

      Wasn’t the demon that came out of Tara a female? We saw her, a little girl, I believe.

      • Tammilin on said:

        I think that Tara’s little demon girl had “black saucer eyes” just like the Maryann zombies,also. I suspect there is some kind of link to everything, but I am at a loss right now to “see” any connection except for demons, Voodo Woman, Miss Jeanette, and I agree, Maryann showing up when Tara was vulnerable. Any other thoughts, Anyone?

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          that’s right! That little girl did have black crazy eyes! It has to be connected somehow!

          • Vbooker on said:

            And who was the first murder victim? yep….Voodoo lady Miss Janette. She exorcised the demon from Tara. I don’t think Tara can become a Maenad. I believe they were “created” by the “Horned God” but MaryAnn maybe wanting her for a follower like Daphne. I don’t trust Eggs for one mminute. His body language is saying one thing and his mouth another! I did have a thought about how MaryAnn will leave. Maybe she will not be able to offer a sacrafice and she will be punished by the “God” and she will wind up the sacrafice! …….and the plot thickens!

  123. True Blood Fanatic on said:

    I agree Eggs is the god!!!

  124. whats up my true blood friends

  125. YankeeBlood on said:

    Bella Sophia,
    Regarding Andy, I was thinking on it a bit, and although you are right and he was rubbing cake all over himself, I dont think he ever had those black crazy eyes. It’s possible that there is something more to Andy, it makes sense, he is like a down on his luck super hero. He is really the only person in town that ever knows whats going on! However, he is lonely, Maryanne is playing on that. Is it possible the cake rubbing thing was just him being drunk and trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd? Hmmmm.

    • KittyKat on said:

      I’m glad you are giving poor Andy a little love Yankeeblood. “Down on his luck superhero”, cute! He is a love-able lug. Hope he gets a little credit.

    • BellaSophia on said:

      Good theory. I sorta stopped investigating after the cake thing. Andy is the only one who sees everyone doing their thing. If he saw it and was going around town talking about it, why wouldn’t Maryann send her energy into him as well, if she could? As Daphane said, supernaturals have to go to Maryann on their own. Obviously Maryann played on Daphane’s weaknesses to get her to be on her side. She could be doing the same with Andy, making him feel good and wanted when everyone else is looking at him like he’s crazy.

  126. TrueBloodFanHoni357 on said:

    Okay…This my 1st post ….but I have tons of questions:
    1) Why does Erik want Lafeyette to begin to sell Vamp Blood..AGAIN I mean Jason isnt going to touch that stuff again so that cant link Erik with Jason to Sookie, right?
    2) Lorena: What in the world did Barry taste like?Is Barry dead?Does that mean Lorena got something in her like Bill has with Sookie?
    3) Where is Terry? I mean he helped console Lafayette after Andy’s questioning but disappeared after he “blacked out” after being with Arlene.
    4) Does Jason have a gift, other than screwing everything in sight? LOL
    5) Why does Erik want Sookie sooo bad?
    6) Why does MaryAnn want Sam soooo bad? i mean there are a million of bars and supes..why all the effort for Sam?
    7) If Godric is dead will Erik take over being sherriff in Dallas and Lorena will go to Bon Temp? or is someone else in line for those sheriff positions
    8) How can we KILL the Maenad?
    9) Rev and Mrs. Newlin…what are they gonna do now; since they sent that sheep into the vamp den.
    10) I really ENJOY THIS SHOW..not sure the books will keep me this intrigued.


    • YankeeBlood on said:

      Welcome TrueBloodFan!
      You sure do have a lot of questions huh!? I would suggest looking back at the older comments on this site (scroll to bottom of page and click “older comments”), many of the questions you brought up have been discussed here already and there are some pretty cool theories posted by the other users. Check them out!

      • KittyKat on said:

        Welcome, TrueBloodFan, glad you found us.

        As to your question about Eric and Sookie. I have some thoughts. I’ve seen all episodes and read all books, but why he loves her so much is never completely explained. Eric doesn’t really understand it either from what I gather. I have some thoughts:

        1. He values loyalty and bravery. Viking qualities. She’s got ’em.
        2. ***Spoiler alert****. She’s 1/8 fairy and vamps are attracted extremely attracted to fairies. Her grandpa is a fairy prince in the books. It also explains her love of the sun, telepathy, and likely Barry and his taste being like Sookies.
        3. Sookie is useful. He’s a practical vamp.
        4. She is not afraid of him and she isn’t attracted to him (yet). After a 1000 years of having bimbos throw themselves at him, apparently he is bored. Looking for a challenge. I think he is attracted to and respects strong women. I think he likes Pam for the same reason.

        How much did you love the “Don’t use words I don’t understand” comment referring to love. Fantastic.

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          Yay! My KittyKat is back! Missed you girl! It’s just not the same in here without you! You are the Sookie to my Eric! LOL! I love your theory, and I agree. He is totally attracted to Sook because she doesn’t want him….men like a challenge right? Does Sookie ever find out that she is a fairy?…….I also LOVED the comment Eric made about not using words he doesn’t understand……I think Alan Ball is going to explain a little better than the books, why Eric likes Sook so much…Eric might still be grieving over a long lost love…and until Sookie, no woman has measured up……something has his attention. Mr. Ball likes to take things to the next level and more in depth I think. Case in point, Six Feet Under…..lot of depth to that show.

          • KittyKat on said:

            Hey Yankeeblood,

            Glad to be back, too. Going to be writing a guest post about this week’s episode for the site. Can’t wait for Sunday! If the show goes like the book, Eric’s gonna have Sookie sucking on him. Not what you think! Head out of the gutter! We’re not gonna get that lucky. No Viking porn for us! LOL. BTW: Have we done a flippin’ hot dude count for this show? Who ever is doing the casting has a dream job! Let’s see: Eric, Bill, Jason, Sam, Godric, Lafayette, Hoyte’s cute, who am I leaving off the man-tourage? The guy playing Steve Newlin is cute when he doesn’t have crazy preacher hair. Anyone out there a fan of Terry or Andy? Who am I missing?

  127. Big Cam on said:

    Ok fang bangers, I could totally be in left field w/ this theory but this is my take on the “Eggs” thing. The whole orgy thing is designed to get him & Tara to have sex . . . I’m not buying any of that history that was told to us. “Eggs” is playing this act very well. It all makes to much since. Are you ready for this one? He is simply a Supernatural Demon trying to breed another Supernatural Demon. Its all about conceiving a “child”. We have all seen this future child. Think about it!!! Tara was told to kill this child during her exorcism. As to why she was told to do this, I have no idea. Could it be that this child has to be sacrificed to the gods? Could it be that this is how a Maenad is created (the child is a female). . . . . Damn I’m good hah?? LOL, Only time will tell but it all just makes to much since to ignore. This show is amazing how well written it is if this in fact turns out to be most of the truth.

    Big Cam

    • BellaSophia on said:

      That is an absolutely fantastic thought. DGD may disagree! Did Tara actually kill the child or was it just an attempt? Perhaps the demon Miss Janette saw was the future child of Tara and Eggs. (Just my take on your take?) Maybe Maryann was lurking around because Tara is some sort of chosen one for Eggs. I mean, obviously we know she is the chosen one for him, but maybe it was decided long before Maryann showed up to save her.

    • KittyKat on said:

      I think ya’ll are onto something with the demon thinking. He is putting on a good act for Tara, but he’s full of s***. To quote the crazy German chic in Austin Powers, “LIES, ALL LIES!” And who is the father of lies? To quote the Church Chat Lady, “Could it be, SATAN?” (I watch too much TV and too many movies. I need to go read a book!)

      • Vbooker on said:

        AHAHAHAHA!!!!! CHURCH CHAT lADY!!!!! Haven’t thought about her in eons!!!! So….MaryAnn and how to stop her ( I agree, really do not want her gone forever, just a break!) I think it will be Eric (maybe with the help of Godric) that will save the day because who will be in harms way? Oh yeah….SOOKIE!It seems that vampire Bill has been slipping a little on his “saving Sookie” duties. And of course it’s not like Bill didn’t just give Eric the ultimate dare ( you cannot win. In this you are powerless.) MaryAnn may be able to drive one vampire into a frenzy but what if there are several? I look for Eric to save the day!

        Can’t wait until tonight!!!!!!!!

        • kittykat on said:

          Hey VBooker,

          Glad to know somebody is as old as I am and remembers the Church Chat Lady! But I’m beginning to trust my original instincts that Eggs is not a god. I just rewatched the episode and Maryanne says, “The god that is coming requires a sacrafice”. Who do you think that is? Anybody out there know some Greek mythology and hava a clue? Check out the new Forum the site has for us. On the menu on the home page. Looks like a good way for us all to chat. Hope to see you there.

  128. i think that the child that terra killed in the first season does have something to do with her and eggs concieving a child. if you go back and look her eyes were all black and “saucery” like the possessed residents of bon temps whenever maryann takes control. maybe it is how a maenad is born, IDK 😛 email me at www.myspace.com/cocanut100 if you have any thoughts 😛

    • Vkelly on said:

      I do remember Tara killing the little girl with the black eyes. But I thought that Ms. Jeanette was just a crook out to rip them off. Now I am beginning to wonder… I do believe that Maryann wants Eggs (he is fine) to get Tara pregnant for a future Maenad or sacrifrice..

  129. ericthemidget on said:

    barry is a werewolf. thats what lorena said he tasted like or thought he tasted like

    • KittyKat on said:

      say what? where is that coming from. Any basis for that, or just conjecture?

    • BellaSophia on said:

      I must have missed that completely. I thought maybe he just tasted different bc he is telepathic. Interesting.

    • KittyKat on said:

      Barry can’t be a were. They hate vamps. He would never work around them to “relax”. But, can’t wait for Season 3, surely the weres will show up. It’s time. Anybody checked into when Season 3 will start? If they do us like the Sapranos used to and make us wait forever to roll out another season, I’m gonna be sooooo peaved!

      • YankeeBlood on said:

        AB said that we will def see the introduction of weres in season three. I am sure the next season of True Blood will start up in June. That’s my guess since that is when this season started. Fingers crossed.

        • kittykat on said:

          I guess I can wait till June for a new season! There is a new book coming out in November, right? That’ll take up a day. Have you been to the new forum they put together for us? I signed up today. Hope to see you there.

  130. crazydiamond_37 on said:

    I think Andy is the God. He has not been under the spell. He is always drinking. The cake rubbing thing was just acting out. Maybe a ploy by the writers to throw viewers off. They are definitely gearing up for something concerning Andy and I think that’s it. Also, Tara’s mom’s demon was alcohol. Any thoughts on this? Does anyone think Tara is to fulfill a prophecy of carrying this demon child? Like she has always had an eye on her (her drunken mother) and now the time has come, so Maryanne appears and continues driving the wedge between Tara and her mom (we are done with you, so go away now). Just my thoughts.

    • Tammilin on said:

      Gosh almighty, AB! All of these new ideas and excellent questions are makin’ me think too hard. But I just love em. I know the obvious pschycological explanations for Lettie Mae’s and Tara’s “Demons” are Lettie Mae’s alcoholism and Tara’s little girl Demon is the abused and frightened little Tara Mae, but (and a big ol’ BUT it is) this is Bon Temps, and it is full of hoodoo and voodoo and all sorts of magical mojo…nothing is ever what it seems to be (or is it?). If you absolutely lap up the True Blood TV Series, I hope you’ll savor the sweet taste that is the Sookie Stackhouse Books… try to imagine the characters on the TV show, come to life, as you read the books (I guess that I ha

    • Tammilin on said:

      Whoops, I hit the wrong key… Where was I?… (I have an overactive and vivid imagination!) Charlainne Harris’s books are great, but so are the writers and excellent actors (with superb casting!) of TV’s TRUE BLOOD. Back to Maryann… I don’t think I would like her OFFED–just somehow banished for a while, so that she can come back again. I like her character– I like her a lot. When I read the new books that go beyond the TV series, I imagine Anna Paquin’s voice as Sookie, now, and the accents and the voice inclinations and body language of everyone, and so on… It makes for a GREAT READ. I think that Barry is a “telepath,” like Sookie, so that’s why they taste differently from regular folks. (Maybe something else,also??)

    • KittyKat on said:

      Good thoughts, crazydiamond. Alcohol Lettie Mae’s demon. Had not really made that connection. I think this is going to be Lettie Mae’s chance and redemption. And Lafayette’s, too. We shall see.

  131. Tammilin on said:

    I just keep thinking about who ever said something about TRUE BLOOD CONVENTIONS and the fan club and how much fun that would be. Can’t wait! Obsessed and proud of it. You’re right, Robin!

    • kittykat on said:

      Hey Tammilin,

      I was kidding about the conventions, but it might be fun! Who’s got some organizational skills? Gonna need a TB fix before the new season. If not a convention, Party Weekend with a theme? Sounds like a Vegas thing!

  132. KittyKat on said:

    Who ever made the comment about being excited about new episodes like it is Christmas morning is dead-on. (No pun intended). I have not been hooked on a show(s) since Sunday nights were all about the Sapranos and Sex and the City. Good times. Glad HBO is back on its game. Is it Sunday yet?

  133. ericthemidget on said:

    i’m almost positive that when lorena was biting barry she stopped and said hmmm interesting ive never tasted…. and i swear she said “werewolf” right before bill hit her with the plasma TV

  134. jentiendo on said:

    Before I learned about what everyone really was. I had a few ideas. I always thought Maryanne was a monster that fed on people’s emotions. She is very interested in Tara so she does whatever she can to keep Tara in her midst because Tara is a pretty emotional person. (For example, attacking Sookie when Sookie offers Tara to move in with her and Slapping her servant when she interferes with Eggs and Tara about to kiss). I think that Andy is unaffected by Mary Ann’s powers because he is not human as well. Maybe hes partially inhuman and doesn’t really know what he is (similar to Sookie). I kinda feel bad for Jessica btw. She was a virgin when she turned and now she still is…forever. or do they find a way to fix that? And does Mary ann only eat inhuman hearts? Or do they just taste better?

    • KittyKat on said:

      Hey Jentiendo,
      I think Andy and Eggs are both human. Poor Andy. He’s on the right track and no one will listen. It would drive a man to drinking!!!
      As for poor Jessica, that’s just wrong! But an interesting twist. Where do you think that storyline is headed?

    • Tammilin on said:

      Poor Jesica. Poor Hoyt. I’m really anxious to see how Alan Ball will play this out? Hoyt is so sweet and romantic. He finally finds his perfect fantasy girl, and she’s not even a girl, and she may be a fantasy forever. Something just has to work out for them.

      • kittykat on said:

        Ok. Hoyt and Jessica. I’m trying to think of a way to say this without being too vulgur. I’m not sure if I can, but here goes. You know those “other ways to have sex besides intercourse”? Well, intercourse may hurt for her, but the “other ways” could not be too comfortable for him, you know, with the fangs and all. I’m just saying.

        Sign up for the forum. These two need their own thread! I’m dying to hear what you think.

  135. YankeeBlood on said:

    Kat you left Eggs out of the man-tourage…he has a super hot body! And also the Lukinator….he’s a cutie too.

    • BellaSophia on said:

      Yes, Kat, EGGS! Super sexy.

      • kittykat on said:

        Good calls, ladies. Eggs and Luke. Both cute. Have you seen pics of the guy who plays Steve Newlin when he doesn’t have “preacher hair”? He’s pretty cute, too. How funny was it when Sarah said, “I hate your hair?” I’m liking her better. And sorry, Yankeeblood, I also liked it when she said, “grow a brain cell!” to Jason.

        You guys get signed up for the rehab lounge. It’s easier to find the new posts, and they can sort by topic. Hope to see ya’ll there!

        • YankeeBlood on said:

          no apology needed Kat…….I know my Jason is a dumber than a box of hair…I dont care…who needs to talk to him? I never said I want to do any quantum physics with the guy! LOL!…i liked when Sarah said he was worse than Judas and he sez “why what did he do to you?” Classic!

    • Tammilin on said:

      Oh yes, we can’t forget Mr. Mysterious “SIX PACK” Eggs Benedict… You know that the name “Benedict” has connotations of TRAITOR swirling all about it. We’ll see, I hope eventually, some of our theories are correct. It is really fangtastic to see all of the new fangbangers on this site. Keep those new ideas and theories about the folks of Bon Temps rolling– the more, the better. Just lovin’ it all! … except for that BLOODY HEART pot pie. Tara had better get those blood stains out of Gran’s white tablecloth before Sookie gets back from Dallas.

  136. Fairygirl on said:

    I think Taras mother will take MaryAnne down. If you ever spent anytime in the South as I have, there is a lot of superstition in getting demons out of people. I think the fact that Taras mother saw the demon in her (that which attracted MaryAnne to prey on Tara) it will take a pure soul or the mind of a person who believes they are pure to take her down. Anyway, I think it would be an interesting twist instead of the stupid obvious Eric or Godrik or Sookie “here I am to save the day” (think mighty mouse).

  137. YankeeBlood on said:

    I want to know what the Justice card was all about when Lafayette and Tara were doing a tarot reading. He asked her if she wanted to see her future and then he took a lil’ peek and looked awfully concerned when he saw that card.
    Also, since in the books Goddric is like the opposite of how he is in the show (so i hear) does anyone think this could be how Alan Ball finally drives Eric to Sookie? You can see the wheels turning in Eric’s mind a bit when Goddric is talking to him back at the nest. He is telling Eric that “it is no wonder the humans hate us so much, I dont see the harm in treating them as equals.” Eric seems to be considering the possibilities of what Goddric is telling him.

    • Tammilin on said:

      I totally missed the hint that Godric was giving his blessing to Eric for a Sookie/Eric relationship. After all, Godric would have known Eric’s feelings, and now, we may guess those feelings are really a lot deeper than ever expected. Godric may also know the special elixer that is Sookie Stackhouse. Good insights, YankeeBlood. I am in your debt. Sookie is no “pet” to Eric, as he calls his human favorites (as if Sookie would ever accept that anyway!) I had hoped that Alan Ball would leave Godric alive and well for us all to cherish, but he chose the way of CH and the book, which was such a wonderfully dramatic scene (hard to resist that excellent opportunity to make us all morn Godric and cry and feel sorrow for Eric and make us all think about our immortality …) I cried thinking of all the sorrows and regrets and reasons for forgiveness that 2000 years would weigh upon any creature. STOP GODRIC! COME BACK! I will wear black all week! Godric, we will never forget you…

  138. Nsayshabol on said:

    N-SAY-SHA-BOL here. Luv the show! Loved reading everyone’s theories as well.
    Will have to check this site out on the regular now. “Seric”, as I CALL THEM (Sookie & Eric), is about to combust! HOT! HOT!! HOTT!!! Want more Godrick. Want Jason to fall in Luv w/a vampire. MY NAME IS NSAYSHABOL. AND I’M A FANG-BANG-AHOLIC!

  139. Nsayshabol on said:

    Maybe I should elaborate a little on WHY the Jason lovin a vamp thing: As conflicted as the fair-hair’d horndog seems to be about EVERYTHING in his life, ACCEPT doin-the-do, and is treatment of his lil’ sis recently, AND the whole religous fanatictism thing he just survived (and his heart wasn’t TRULY in that either), I think it would be poetic justice for Jason to experience Luv amungst the fang’d ones. Remember all the flack he was giving Sook? What if the shoe was on the other foot?

    • kittykat on said:

      *****Spoiler Alert*****
      I can see what you are saying about Jason needing to walk that mile in Sookie’s shoes. But if the show plays out in the general direction of the books, Jason gets his supernatural freak on. Not a vamp, but a slutty kitty kat. No kidding.

      • Nsayshabol on said:

        Thx, Kitty. & as soon as Season 2 is over, I’m gonna MAKE time to get down & dirty with Jason. Oh, and the rest of the charaters. Can’t hardly wait! SMOOCHES

  140. Nsayshabol on said:

    Oh, and forgot to say… I NEED MORE LAYFAETTE IN MY LIFE!!! He is about 50% of this show for me. LLUVVV HIM. Can’t wait to see how his bond to Eric will deepen, as I know it will. Well not the way Layfaette would propbaly like, but… Mr. Reynolds is so sassy, eccentric, and vulnerable all at the same time. Nelsan Ellis, my dear, your emmy awaits!

  141. What I can’t understand is what’s mary annes’s interest in getting rid of sam and why dsn’t the control of Mary anne affect Andy the detective who’s always drunk? and dsn’t eggs get controlled all the time by mary anne? by the way what ever happens to mary anne’s servant he always vanishes out of the picture?

    • Tammilin on said:

      I am glad that someone else noticed those ittybitty details, also. If you be truly TRUE BLOOD fan, then everything becomes relevant. Maybe Karl is an unwilling follower of Maryann’s. Maybe Sam and Andy having resisted Maryann, have extremely strong souls or some “other” qualities that make them sacrifice worthy, or do they just really PISS HER OFF! When is the calvary coming and how is anything going to save Sam?

      • YankeeBlood on said:

        are you joining the rehab forum above? I agree with you completely….everything is relevant!

      • fanchi on said:

        as daphne said to sam, she can’t control any supernatural being. so she can’t control a shifter a telepath or a vampire, but as said above, she can send a vamp insane. So maybe andy is something special that we just don’t know about yet?

    • You’re right. I dont believe Eggs is the “God” Maryanne frequently refers to. I mean if you believe Eggs could be the God because he could be lieing and pretending to be under Maryanne’s control, What would that prove tho? Besides Andy noone else has seen the sacrificial ritual in the woods. So who would he need to hide his identity from? The other zombies? They all forget everything that happened when they were under Maryanne’s control. I myself believe she serves an actual god who may just be communing with her through demonic rituals, and that she is the one running things in Bon Temp.

      • kitty kat on said:

        I think you make a good point. Post a topic on the “True Blood Forum”. It is way easier to navigate and find the new comments, and they can be sorted by topic! Check it out

  142. kitty kat on said:

    Hey gang,

    Have you guys seen the new “Rehab Forum” the site has put together for us? If not, you may want to check it out. Go to the home pic and you’ll see the link. It is much easier to use and very nice. Hope to see ya’ll there! I love your comments!!!!

  143. kitty kat on said:

    I’ve been in Rehab, the new chat set up by the sight. Easy and fun to use. Hope to see you all there. So much fun to see what ya’ll pick up on and think about the show. Go to the home menu at the top of the page. There is a tab for the forum. Much easier to navigate. Post some stuff soon!

  144. YankeeBlood on said:

    EVERYONE! Please, go to the new forum! Top of this page….it says “True Blood Forum”……we need you! We miss you! Its easier to navigate, find and post topics and talk about whats on your mind in the TB world. So please I beg you again…get your butts to the top of the page and join! It’s just me and Miss Kitty Kat chatting it up so far and we miss the rest of our TB family! This means YOU!

  145. Sirk1313 on said:

    I think you guys are missing some key elements about Andy…maybe some foreshadowing..”It seemed like Andy knew who you were? When he kept saying ‘hey pig!\'”

    Thats part of it…everytime he gets around Maryanne he doesnt fall victim to her trap…AND it was like he was sort of waiting on Sam to get there to his motel, and he didnt find it a bit disturbing that Sam was butt naked???

    I think he is a supe/shapeshifter, and it causes the drinking.

    • YankeeBlood on said:

      Hi Sirk1313,
      Hope you join the True Blood Rehab forum above…..I like your theory….I think there is something going on with Andy too. Reason for the drinking….great thought!

  146. Cordarrius on said:

    I think in the end maryane will prevail against bill minor threats she is the best character ever my fav character the mot interesting character the most powerful character in this story the last three episodes are gonna be the besr cant wait to see maryanne kick the shit out of bill.

    • kitty kat on said:

      Wow Cordarrius, that was harsh. I’m definety on TeamEric, but we still love Bill. Agreed Maryanne is awesome, but can’t we all just get along? Join us on the Forum, we can use your “edge” there! Check out the tab on the home page.

  147. who thinks godric was the coolest character EVER?
    it is so sad he had to die:(

  148. Dassity on said:

    Sookis is so attractive to them because her father was a fairy prince or something, therefore sookie is part fairy.

  149. ericthemidget on said:

    wow, what an episode! the only bad part was how short it was.

  150. Lovely121 on said:

    Hey everybody!!
    This is my first time posting on here, but I had a quick question.
    I’ve been watching the True Blood series since the beginning, but I just now read the 1st book….is Tara not in the books? Is she just inthe show??? I’m so confused b/c I really like her, and isn’t she really vital to the story?

    THanks guys!!

  151. If you search the web for “Bacchante by William-Adolphe Bouguereau” you will find an image of “A female bacchanal. A priestess of Bacchus.” that bears a striking resemblance to Mary-Ann.

  152. This Andy theory is really driving me crazy. Is there no one out there that remembers Andy being at the bar getting drunk when Maryann was ordering all those plates of food and started the music…Sam told Andy he thought and wanted his bar to be the kind of bar that people didnt have to dance to and Andy commented that he did not dance because the last time he had danced he was told that he looked like he was having some kind of seizure/epilepsy episode? That night when Sam disappeared; Maryann got everyone to get drunk and dance around and you clearly see Andy dancing with “BLACK EYES” and yes it did look like he was having a seizure.

    • Terrance on said:

      I remember that scene very well, my friend…sorry, Andy danced but did NOT have black eyes. Daphne did however. She was up against the wall drinking wine as it fell down her face. Also, there’s another guy (he’s an extra for now I think), blonde, muscular-build, kinda handsome with black zombie eyes that gets a close up as he drinks.

  153. hey everyone – you think it will be worth it to buy the new sookie book? Its supposed to be short story book of sorts. I’ve already read all of the series and I don’t want to buy it if it’s just going to be clipits from the previous books. Let me know your thoughts!!

    P.S. Eggs has to be the God Maryann worships – who else could it be??!!!

    • eggs is definately not the god maryann warships… she controls him not the other way around

    • FangBanger on said:

      I agree with Eric that Eggs is definitely not Maryann’s god, but after that nesting scene, I wonder if we can conclude how he got his nickname…?

  154. Terrance on said:

    My mystery isn’t so much about Eggs, as it is in Tara being possessed As a little girl..being exorcised…thus releasing the free demon in it’s human form naked in the woods.

    Do you remember when Tara and Sam had finished a night together and he commented about her “grunting sounds” to which she replied, “Like a farm animal?!?” Maybe she was channeling the pig? All this happened before she met the back-woods witch who made her kill that spirit that was trapped in the little girl. Now she’s free, but still in danger. Any thoughts?

  155. What’s up with no true blood next week. They are doin that recap thing again. That is so dumb, if you miss an episode it is on demand who wants to wait 2 weeks to see it again. I hate when hbo does that bs

  156. Lasimm on said:

    Hello to you y’all. My comment is I think Maryann (the demon creature) has taken residence in Bon Temps at the Stackhouse because she is lying in wait for Sookie (who straddles both worlds: living and dead.) In addition to that,Maryann views Sookie as the perfect vessel to bring her God (Dionysus) into the world through her so she can experience the ultimate pleasure and become one with him. Remember Hoyt’s momma says that “it’s really sad but it’s gonna be downhill from here on”.

  157. ericthemidget on said:

    hbo always takes a major holiday off. for all their good shows

  158. Did anyone else notice that the guy Sookie hits with the frying pan is the same guy who is hit with a frying pan in an opening death scene in Six Feet Under???

  159. TN Momma on said:

    Hey y’all need to just wikipedia maenads and it will tell you everything you want to know!:0)

    P.S. Maryann sucks!!!

  160. omg i love this when is the nex series

  161. Hello,thanks you for this wonderful blogg, i really find many new things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on yahoo. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

  162. lesley on said:

    since you’ ve all seen season 2 did jason stackhouse and Mary ann Forrester hook up or something cause saw a promo online where they definatley do in a dream or something. but i watch all of season 2 and i didnt see them together does this mean shes coming back or somthing?

    • BestFantasyStories Admin on said:


      Not sure which clip you saw but in Season 2 Maryann and Sam never got together however Sam did have a flashback about an encounter he had with her.

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  164. Oakley on said:

    I don’t get why they had maryanne on the show and how she took over the whole town! that never happened in the book and it basically ruined everything that will happen in the future. she and sam were supposed to date for a while and i was honestly looking forward to Sookie going to the orgy thing with Eric!

    Everything was bad and they should have made all the Sookie parts the same way as in the friggin book! Also, Jason never joined the Fellowship of The Sun in the books so i don’t know why they made him join in the shows. I am glad that Lafayette didn’t die cuz he is soooooo funny and I LOVE HIM!!!!

  165. Hay, i am the owner of vacationtravelmagazine.com .Thank’s for sharing this news.This is very helpful and informative material.Good post and keep it up dude.

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