True Blood Episode 8 Review: Fourth Man in the Fire

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True Blood Episode 8

Mud People Do It In The Dirt: Sookie, frustrated and scared that Bill might be one of the vampires burned to death by a local vigilante group, lashes out at Tara. Sookie (who I think over-reacted a bit) visits Bill’s grave after dark to mourn his death. Or, his re-death. What follows is a dirty, somewhat animalistic scene between she and Bill (oh yeah, Bill is alive, or rather, he’s still dead).

And once again, Sookie needs to stop with the kiss-and-tell. And she’s becoming really defensive with Sam when it comes to her relationship with Bill.

Oh Yes They Call Him the Streak: Sam denies running through the woods naked. Come on, we’d know that butt anywhere. If it was him I’m not too happy with the fact that he used Terry Bellefleur’s shell-shocked condition as a way to convince him that he (Terry) was seeing things.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Sookie learns that Bill’s protectiveness causes the death of a family member. She’s shocked and frightened at his actions and has trouble keeping her calm, especially in wake of her grandmother’s recent death.

New V Sex Birth Control: Jason discovers that you don’t need to actually have intercourse to have sex while hopped up on V. Although convinced he and Amy shared a great sexual experience he learns that they barely touched one another.

Seeing Is Believing: Tara is absolutely amazed at the effect the excorcism has has on her mother’s behavior. On the surface, it looks as if Mrs. Thornton has kicked her alcoholism and turned a new leaf. After her nasty behavior toward Sam, a church lady, and Sookie, Tara seeks out the local voodoo priestess so she can rid her of her own “evil” ways.

Seeing Is Not Believing: Amy Burley, the newest cast member of True Blood, charms the locals at Merlotte’s bar. Looks like she might be the new waitress there.

However, all is not as it seems with Amy. We learn that she’s as addicted to V as Jason, perhaps more so because it appears that she’s been using it longer. Yes, Jason put himself in danger at Fangtasia in pursuit of V but Amy’s willing to pursue even more dangerous options to obtain the substance. In my review of True Blood Episode 7 I predicted that there was a darker side to Amy. We’re seeing that now.

Vampire Couch Potato? Lafayette’s V connection turns out to be a lonely, introverted geekish looking guy who’s looking for a true relationship. Who knew vampires had relationship problems like the rest of us?

When Eric Calls .. . Eric Northman, the hunky vampire owner of Fangtasia, instructs Bill to bring Sookie to his bar so she can determine the identity of a thief that’s been stealing money from the business. Sookie reluctantly agrees and reads the minds of several of Eric’s human employees in order to locate the thief. When she attempts to read an employee named Ginger’s mind she discovers that part of the girl’s memory has been erased. By a vampire. Who happens to be in the room at the time.

Question: where is Eric’s European accent? The actor, Alexander Skarsgård, actually has an accent in real life – why not let him use it on the show? Why Americanize the guy? He’s not American.

Weirdest Scene: Bill and Sookie getting it on in the graveyard.

Funniest Line: Sam to Tara: “Sometimes, you grunt.”


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3 comments on “True Blood Episode 8 Review: Fourth Man in the Fire

  1. I’m mid way through this episode and I’m just annoyed. What the hell was that opening sex scene? I have no problem with sex scenes when well done but this was trasy, awkwardly edited, and way too much for the first seven minutes of the episode and with these two characters, one who was still a virgin the day before. Too much and not a very well done too much either.

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  3. man i cant find this episode anywhere that5 will let me watch

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