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True Blood Episode 5 Rocks! Here’s what happens:

Sookie and Bill Part Ways: Sookie gets angry at Bill for his treatment of a police officer (see
True Blood Episode 4
) and as a result, Bill tells Sookie he won’t call on her anymore. Sookie feels uncertain about her feelings for him; she’s attracted to him because he’s different (and she’s different) but she’s also afraid of his lack of humanity.

Tara Chastises Lafayette About Jason: Tara, just back from taking Jason to the emergency room to have his penis drained (yes, you heard right) storms into Lafayette’s home to yell at him for giving Jason vampire blood. Lafayette is only slightly remorseful for what Jason had to suffer through. The next day, believe it or not, he entices Jason into taking more vampire blood by playing up the mystical nature of vampire blood. Jason succumbs of course, but this time he only takes one drop, not the entire vial.

Sam Asks Sookie Out: Sam asks Sookie to accompany him to Bill’s speech at the church and suggests that they go out for coffee afterwards. Sookie is pleasantly surprised at the invitation and accepts.

Bill Talks About His Past: Sookie’s grandmother, a member of the Descendants of the Glorious Dead, invites Bill to speak to the group and tell them about his experience during the Civil War. He tells them a great story about a young soldier wounded on the field who kept crying out for help. Unfortunately, the soldier had fallen in a place unprotected and Bill’s troop was reluctant to attempt a rescue. The young soldier’s cries were so horrific and heartwrenching that Bill’s best friend decided to got get him. Unfortunately, his friend was killed during his attempts. The troop eventually rescued the soldier after dark but he died a few hours later.

This scene includes several flashbacks which illustrate the suffering and pain experienced by the Confederate Soldiers. Recounting these experiences causes Bill to remember the pain and suffering he witnessed during the war.

One of the audience members shows Bill a photo of the Compton family. Although Bill doesn’t remember posing for the photo he’s very moved by it. HINT: Remember this scene – it will become important in future episodes!

Sookie, Sam, Tara, and Jason are also in the audience, as are 3 troublemakers from town who brought a garlic press. One of the idiots squeezes a clove of garlic and holds it up for Bill to see during his speech. They’re clearly vampire-phobic and there to taunt and ridicule Bill. As you know, Tara and Jason aren’t fans of Bills either but they’re at least respectful during his speech.

During the reception there are confederate flags and the sound of Dixie playing in the background. Tara had apparently left by that time but I wonder what she’d think of this?

The scene ends with Bill and Sookie’s grandmother watching Sam and Sookie leaving together for the rest of their date.

Sam and Sookie’s Date: While having coffee Sam reminds Sookie that she has his permission to read his mind. Sookie tells Sam that she can’t really read his thoughts. She then ponders a bit and asks him why no one knows anything about him. He laughs it off and doesn’t really answer.

Later, Sam kisses Sookie outside the restaurant but she pulls away because she still has feelings for Bill. Sam realizes this, the two of them have words, and Sookie decides to call a cab instead of riding back with him.

Jason Realizes Tara is a Woman! As you know, Jason, our lovable ladies man, is quite the bed hopper. He’s got more notches in his headboard than he can probably count (I mean that both literally and figuratively because Jason’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed). Pumped up on vampire blood during Bill’s speech he suddenly realizes “hey, Tara’s a girl.” With Jason, that’s all it takes. As such he starts making eyes at Tara, who has a major Love Jones for Jason. Later at Merlotte’s he hallucinates that Tara is a Tahitian princess. He approaches Tara and tells her that she’s the one for him – the vampire blood has opened his eyes to Tara’s love. Tara doesn’t succumb to his charm, tells him to come see her when he’s not high on vampire blood, and eventually walks away. She later finds Jason outside near a dumpster having sex with another woman.

Lafayette Displays His Manhood: No, this isn’t what you think – get your minds out of the gutter! Here’s what happens: the 3 troublemakers that attended Bill’s speech on the Civil War end up at Merlotte’s, the local bar. Still itching for a fight, they begin criticizing Lafayette’s cooking, accusing him of giving them an AIDS burger. They become so rowdy about the food that Lafayette leaves the kitchen and confronts them. Perhaps these guys thought they could intimidate him because he wears makeup and earrings. Whatever the reason, they were wrong. Lafayette put a serious butt whooping on them and showed them that they shouldn’t dish it up if they can’t serve it (don’t you love my cook-related metaphors?).

How Bill Became a Vampire: Bill remembers how, after the war, he wanders through the woods looking for food and comes upon a woman in a cabin. She invites him in and graciously feeds and tends to him. She tells him that she’s certain that her husband died in the war and then proceeds to make a pass at Bill. He rebukes her, telling her that he’s on his way home to see his wife and 2 children. Bill turns to leave and is attacked by the woman.

She’s a vampire.

He awakens and is forced to drink her blood; this is how he becomes a vampire.

Sookie Loses a Loved One: This True Blood episode ends with the death of someone very close to Sookie. This is such a shock that I’m not going to include the spoiler here but instead, I’ve included a link below to sites that let you view the entire True Blood episode free online!

Watch True Blood Episode 5 Free Online

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