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Tiger Magic by Jennifer AshleyWhen it comes to paranormal romance, Tiger Magic proves that Jennifer Ashley has not lost her fantastic ability to bring us great fantasies that continue to both touch the heart and make us tingle. Her Shifter’s Unbound series just keeps getting better! This latest, Tiger Magic brings back the lone shifter Tiger and this time he just may have found the perfect mate!

The last time we saw him, Tiger had been held prisoner for 40 years, tortured and made the subject of horrible experimental studies. When the Las Vegas shifter pack managed to rescue him, they weren’t sure just what to do with him. He didn’t exactly fit in since he has lived his entire life alone. They sent him on to the Austin pack while others considered what could be done to help him adjust to his new life.

The World of Shifter’s Unbound

In this universe that fantasy-author Jennifer Ashley has created for her Shifter’s Unbound series, shifters and humans share a world where neither trust the other. Humans have set up settlements for the shifters, places that bear a great resemblance to our own internment camps for the Japanese during World War 2. It is in one of these Shiftertowns that Tiger arrives. The difference is, since he was raised in captivity he has never been tagged and collared. He is off the grid, in more ways than one.

When Hearts Collide

It is there that he comes across Carly. He sees her, stranded by her uncooperative car in the middle of the desert. Carly has, up until recently, had a life most people would envy. She followed her dreams and was married to a man who shared her passion, or so it seemed. But now she finds herself betrayed, first by the man she loves and now by a hunk of metal in the middle of the most inhospitable land around. And then she sees Tiger, and feels that wild connection. For Tiger, it is unmistakable. This woman, this fragile human, is destined to be his mate.

A Hunt for Healing

But Tiger also knows that because he has been left unsure of his genetic heritage, he can place Carly in grave danger just by being near her. In addition, government agents are hunting for him and he fears that could mean trouble for the woman whose soul calls to his own.

For Tiger, left without a name or clan, has long held this deep belief in an idea foreign even to other shifters. He believes that all shifters possess the gift of magic within them to some degree. This belief creates a spiritual as well as physical and mental wall between him and the other shifters. It is one he must overcome to not only claim their aid but embrace all that he is to heal.

Carly’s Quest for the Truth

Carly is well aware that there are many humans who not only don’t believe that shifters should have rights; they don’t see them as human. They are simply dangerous animals to be corralled, controlled and cut down when they become inconvenient. She is quickly learning the painful truth behind these decisions and decides she must do everything she can to defend her wild and beautiful lover.

As they struggle to find freedom and each other in a world lined up against them, Jennifer Ashley creates a wonderful paranormal romance that goes beyond the basic boy-meets-girl trope of the genre. Here we look at questions of racial identity, spiritual belief and interracial marriage in a setting that allows her to pose the big questions without preaching. It’s beautifully done with a deft touch.

The best examples within the genres of science fiction and fantasy have always had a history of posing these kinds of sociologically charged questions. With this series about human-shifter relations we get a chance to enjoy the romance and building passion even while we are aware of the underlying parallels being posed about the question of the role of race today. Tiger Magic does a wonderful job at being both thought provoking and entertaining in one book.

Ready for your own taste of Tiger Magic? You can grab your paperback copy of it online, download the kindle version for instant gratification and even order the MP3/CD version to listen to on your commute. I can’t think of a better way to ease that part of the day!

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