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serial fantasy stories, The Mongoliad: Book 3The Mongoliad – Book Three

If you have not been following these amazing serial fantasy stories, you may want to pick this up with the first book. If you have picked up either of the earlier two in the trilogy, you will want to grab this third book in the series now. The action is seething, the language brilliant and the concept of how it all came together had me intrigued from the first time I heard of The Foreworld Saga. Set in a fantasy version of medieval Europe, the series is intriguing for how it came to be written almost as much as for what is being written.

The series began as an experimental collaboration between a group of writers and their fans. You can see more about that in our initial review of the first book in the series here in BestFantasyStories. The collaboration grew from the web to the books and soon was a three part series that is set during the time of the Mongol invasion of Europe. We glimpse the story through rediscovered writings and follow the efforts of a warrior band of monks to save Europe. The second book continues the adventures of The Shield Brethren right into the enemies camp. When some of the monks are captured they must fight within the grim Circus of Swords to show if they are worthy of life.

This final book actually in many ways continues out of the short story The Beast of Balaclava. We took a look at that story earlier here at BestFantasyStories. Now the threads of the tale come together as the small band of surviving knights fight to push back the invading hordes and save humanity as they know it. The series is fascinating reading whether you are a history buff or not.

You can grab your own copy of this latest book in the Foreworld Saga, The Mongoliad Book Three in either Kindle or paperback today.

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