You have to hand it over to Stephen King for single-handedly revolutionizing the genre of paranormal fantasies, horror and supernatural stories. The kind of nuance, conviction and atmospheric setting with which he told these tales of horror, leaves us spellbound even today. And let me tell you that it is almost going to be 4 decades, but his stories are not just immortal, but continue to spike interest even in today’s generation. Also, a last but definite word of appreciation for the sheer diversity of themes that he has chosen, right from euthanasia and paranoia, to something as simple as flowers!

Story of Young Love turned Sour

We have a young man in his 30s walking the streets of New York City. Interestingly we never get to know his name all through the story, and all we know is that he is a man who loves flowers (hence the title of ‘The Man who Loved Flowers’). There is also a parallel storyline happening wherein a woman named Norma who was murdered and her body was found adrift, with a hammer that was used as the weapon of murder. The man seems to be very much in love, and is carrying fresh and varietal flowers for his lady love. All seems well till he spots the woman, and  calls out to her ‘Norma I’ve brought you flowers’. The woman retorts that her name is not Norma, but it’s too late as the so-called lover has taken out a hammer to bludgeon her to death. That’s when we realize that Norma was this man’s girlfriend whom he killed 10 years ago, and has been insanely walking the streets around since then buying flowers and killing all women he thinks, are Norma.

The Woman in the Room

No, this is not the stereotype story of a ghostly woman in a room or something of those sorts. On the contrary, this is the tale of a man who is haunted by his own ghosts of the past, the crux of which has been euthanizing his old, frail mother at her deathbed. While he resorts to that at the point of time in the past, the present comes back to haunt him and his guilt eats up his inner sense of being, turning him into a shadow of his former self.

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