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We recently reviewed the first book “Dime Store Magic” and the second book “Industrial Magic” in the Paige Winterbourne urban fantasy series. Let’s look at the third book in the series titled “Haunted.”

Key Points

This book focuses on Savannah’s dead mother, Eve Levine.  Eve was a powerful witch that practiced black magic and as such was ostracized by other witches. Eve is causing trouble in the afterlife by constantly attempting to cross back over to make contact with either Paige or her daughter.  The 3 fates, who not only determine when someone dies but also controls the afterlife, are not amused but see an opportunity to send Eve on a mission that will utilize her talents.  Eve agrees to this because the fates did her a big favor in the previous book.  However, he end goal is to get enough leveraging power to convince the fates to send her back to present day life.

As you’ve probably discerned, this book spends a lot of time exploring the afterlife that Eve inhabits. The world building is superb and helps move the story along. Although Paige, Lucas, and Savannah have significant roles in this book Kelley Armstrong introduces new characters like a demon living in a castle and an angel that likes reading celebrity magazines.

This book is the most action-packed of the three in the series.  It’s also the most funny.  Urban fantasy readers will find the book to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Interested? Get Haunted. It will be a great addition to your collection.

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