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True Blood Episode 9

As mentioned in an earlier post, Kitty Kat will be reviewing the remaining episodes of True Blood for us. Therefore, without further ado, here’s Kitty Kat’s review of Episode 9 – I Will Rise Up!

Our naughty Viking strikes again! Tricking Sookie into sucking on him, and that sly little grin, who doesn’t love that? Sookie can be such a whiner sometimes. Did she really need to ingest his blood to have a sex dream about him? I’m not sure it’s Bill that’s dead. Poor Bill, I’m afraid he just isn’t going to be able to compete, and I think he knows it. Classic love triangle, glorious!

Speaking of glorious, after 2000 years, Godric finally meets the sun. I’m forgiving Sookie for some of her whining just because she was so sweet to Godric and Eric in their tender moment (tear). Sookie has been redeemed in my eyes, hope Godric found redemption, too.

As for our Egg-nigma, I think Lafayette has the golden ticket. “He’s poison, and he ain’t never gonna change.” Fantastic, eyelashes and all. As for Eggs being a god, our little drag queen sure “punched” a hole in that theory.

On to Hoyt and Jessica, how cute are they? Hoyt tried to set his mama straight, but in the end, he had to leave the nest. I bet he won’t have any trouble finding another “nest”. Think vampire Bill is up for a house guest?

Isn’t it great that no one had a fly swatter handy this evening? What a clever way to make a jail break. Good thinking, Sam. I guess every dog does have his day! Any thoughts out there as to how he’s finally going to rid himself, and the town, of that pesky maenad?

And finally, because Dallas is my hometown, I have some closing thoughts about the Texas/Dallas stereotypes portrayed in Season 2. Some are dead-on, no pun intended. Crazy right-wing churches, we’ve got ‘em. Stepford wives like Sarah, we’ve got those, too. Stupid Aggies like Luke, well, we don’t tell Aggie jokes for nothing. Stock piles of weapons, sure. Who doesn’t like the second amendment? But as for the “Dallas” wardrobe, black western wear? Now that is just mean. The Dallas nest happens to be in a very upscale neighborhood. You’d be as likely to see black, leather, western wear in that neighborhood as you would to see, well, actual vampires. It just isn’t done! That’s profiling, and profiling is wrong.

Check out my “coming out” interview in a previous article. I discuss several predictions about True Blood!

Also, check out the new forum called the True Blood Rehab Ctr. It’s a great place to meet other True Blood fans and discuss the episodes!

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We’ve been really busy this week at the Best Fantasy Stories site – I have 2 announcements to make:

-We have a True Blood forum!
-We have a new guest writer!

The Forum
The last time I checked, the article titled “What The Heck is a Maenad” had 349 comments! Whew! Because it’s becoming cumbersome for folks to get through the comments we decided to put up a forum where True Blood fans could congregate and chew the fat. If you’re like me, after each episode of True Blood you desperately start looking forward to the next episode. I can’t tell you how many times during the week I think about the plot, the characters, and what might happen the next week. It’s like, um . . . . an addiction.

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m completely addicted to True Blood.

If you can relate, then check out the new forum called the True Blood Rehab Center. The Rehab Center is a place to meet other addicts (uh, I mean, fans) who need their regular fix of the TV show. Like all forums you simply register with an email address. We’ve simplified the process so it’s really easy to use. NOTE: if you’re running IE you’ll see that there’s some odd text at the bottom of the forum page. Just ignore it – the programmer is working to fix it.

Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem!

Our Guest Writer
I’m pleased to announce a new guest writer – Kitty Kat! If you’ve been keeping up with the wonderful comments at the site then you already know her. Because of Kat’s insightful and witty comments about True Blood we asked her to review the remaining episodes in the season. She agreed!

To learn more about Kitty Kat’s theories on True Blood, read the following (hilarious) interview:

BestFantasyStories (BFS): People love to speculate about Maryann the maenad. Do you think she’ll be around next season?

Kitty Kat (KK): I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Maryann next season. From the spoilers I’ve found, there is going to be one heck of a cliffhanger involving Tara in the grips of our notorious maenad.

BFS: What’s up with Eggs? Do you think he’s an innocent pawn or something more diabolical?

KK: Innocent, not so much. But, unlike DaGreatest Detective, I do not think he’s a god. I think he’s a hustler that is being used and is in Maryann’s grips as Tara soon will be. But I was wrong about Daphne being the pig, too. I thought it was Carl. DaGreatest thinks he’s a god, others say he’s Satan (in a Sunday hat), some say a demon. All we can say for sure is he has some rockin’ abs!

BFS: Do you think there’s something special about Andy Bellefluer since he doesn’t seem to be affected by Maryann?

KK: Poor Andy. He just can’t get any respect. It’s enough to drive a man to drinking! Nothing super natural about that poor lug. I’m hoping he’ll be proven right, and then get is fat booty to a “meeting.”

BFS: Is Eric falling in love with Sookie or does he have a more sinister agenda in mind?

KK: Don’t suggest unkind things about my make believe boyfriend! He really likes Sookie, but by his own admission he doesn’t know what love is. But what’s love got to do with it anyway? We just want to see the boy naked.

BFS: If Eric walked into your bedroom tonight, what would you say to him?
KK: I guess I’d say, “Hello, Eric. This is my husband, John. He was just leaving.”

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Did you watch last week’s True Blood episode called Timebomb? If so you know that Eric arrived at The Fellowship of the Sun compound determined to save Godric but was told instead to escort Sookie out of the building and “not shed any blood.”

While carrying out Godric’s orders Eric and Sookie had one of the best scenes this entire season. Here’s the dialogue:

Sookie: “Godric is your maker isn’t he?”
Eric: “Don’t use words you don’t understand.”
Sookie: “You have a lot of love for him.”
Eric: Pauses. “Don’t use words I don’t understand.”

Here’s the short (but oh so memorable) scene:

What do you think? Will we learn that tall, strong, and handsome Eric the Viking actually has a heart?

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Eric True Blood Episode 6

Top 10 Highlights from Episode 6: Hard-Harted Hannah
#10 – Daphne explains the scar on her back by telling Sam she was attacked while walking through the woods. She’s not sure what attacked her but “I was sick for weeks and weeks. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me.” Now, if you’ll remember, Sookie almost died from similar injuries; had it not been for Bill she would have. And also, Daphne is a shifter. Why would she go to human doctors with an injury like that? They’d wonder what type of animal created it. Daphne is full of it.

#9 – Orgy, orgy, orgy! Maryann throws a wild party while Tara and Eggs are out of the house.

#8 – Eric is seriously determined to break up Sookie and Bill.

#7 – We get a disturbing glance into Bill’s past life with Lorena.

#6 – Eggs has a moment of serious deja vu while he and Tara are driving. And what’s up with Eggs having to ask Maryann for “permission” to go with Tara to get a hot water heater? By the way, yum! I didn’t realize Eggs had such a hot body!

#5 – Looks like Hoyt is really smitten with baby vamp Jessica.

#4 – I really like Eric, but I really HATE what he’s done to Lafayette. Thank goodness for Terry Bellefleur, who can obviously relate to the trauma Lafayette is suffering through.

#3 – Okay, so it looks like Jason and Sarah are finally getting it on.

#2 – It was clearly a bad idea for Sookie to go to the Fellowship of the Sun looking for Godric. Why in the world would she think they wouldn’t know about her? Her ordeal with Rene the killer would have been all over the news.

#1 – We finally learn that Daphne’s been working for Maryann.

And here’s the Funniest Line from Episode 6:

Sookie commenting on first seeing Sarah Newlin: “You know, in person, she looks like vanilla puddin.”

See also: True Blood Episode 7: Release Me

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Here’s a preview of what happens in True Blood Episode 10 titled “I Don’t Wanna Know.”

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Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how to watch True Blood Episode 8 Free Online!
True Blood Episode 8

Mud People Do It In The Dirt: Sookie, frustrated and scared that Bill might be one of the vampires burned to death by a local vigilante group, lashes out at Tara. Sookie (who I think over-reacted a bit) visits Bill’s grave after dark to mourn his death. Or, his re-death. What follows is a dirty, somewhat animalistic scene between she and Bill (oh yeah, Bill is alive, or rather, he’s still dead).

And once again, Sookie needs to stop with the kiss-and-tell. And she’s becoming really defensive with Sam when it comes to her relationship with Bill.

Oh Yes They Call Him the Streak: Sam denies running through the woods naked. Come on, we’d know that butt anywhere. If it was him I’m not too happy with the fact that he used Terry Bellefleur’s shell-shocked condition as a way to convince him that he (Terry) was seeing things.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Sookie learns that Bill’s protectiveness causes the death of a family member. She’s shocked and frightened at his actions and has trouble keeping her calm, especially in wake of her grandmother’s recent death.

New V Sex Birth Control: Jason discovers that you don’t need to actually have intercourse to have sex while hopped up on V. Although convinced he and Amy shared a great sexual experience he learns that they barely touched one another.

Seeing Is Believing: Tara is absolutely amazed at the effect the excorcism has has on her mother’s behavior. On the surface, it looks as if Mrs. Thornton has kicked her alcoholism and turned a new leaf. After her nasty behavior toward Sam, a church lady, and Sookie, Tara seeks out the local voodoo priestess so she can rid her of her own “evil” ways.

Seeing Is Not Believing: Amy Burley, the newest cast member of True Blood, charms the locals at Merlotte’s bar. Looks like she might be the new waitress there.

However, all is not as it seems with Amy. We learn that she’s as addicted to V as Jason, perhaps more so because it appears that she’s been using it longer. Yes, Jason put himself in danger at Fangtasia in pursuit of V but Amy’s willing to pursue even more dangerous options to obtain the substance. In my review of True Blood Episode 7 I predicted that there was a darker side to Amy. We’re seeing that now.

Vampire Couch Potato? Lafayette’s V connection turns out to be a lonely, introverted geekish looking guy who’s looking for a true relationship. Who knew vampires had relationship problems like the rest of us?

When Eric Calls .. . Eric Northman, the hunky vampire owner of Fangtasia, instructs Bill to bring Sookie to his bar so she can determine the identity of a thief that’s been stealing money from the business. Sookie reluctantly agrees and reads the minds of several of Eric’s human employees in order to locate the thief. When she attempts to read an employee named Ginger’s mind she discovers that part of the girl’s memory has been erased. By a vampire. Who happens to be in the room at the time.

Question: where is Eric’s European accent? The actor, Alexander Skarsgård, actually has an accent in real life – why not let him use it on the show? Why Americanize the guy? He’s not American.

Weirdest Scene: Bill and Sookie getting it on in the graveyard.

Funniest Line: Sam to Tara: “Sometimes, you grunt.”


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