It is nothing but an extremely natural tendency to expect a horror or paranormal fantasy story to bear a name that’s equally scary or riveting or mysterious. But the fact that Stephen King put in chirpy, sunshine-sounding names like ‘Strawberry Spring’, ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘The Man who loved Flowers’ to utterly chilling stories that could actually unleash that much fear in you to refrain from sleeping at night, the art of story-telling and unraveling twists is something that we all need to learn from him. As we move ahead, let us take some time in exploring the basic plot summary and characters outlined in such stories with completely contradictory titles, and derive the chills from them!

Children of the Corn

If you need to sum it up in a nutshell, this is primarily the story of a couple that accidentally runs into a ghost town and has the most paranormal and scary experiences. But there is a lot more to this story than what appears at the surface. As King makes sure that no ‘cardboard cutout story twists’ are involved, and the highly unconventional genres are explored, the readers are in for an absolutely wild ride. Burt and Vicky are the couple who are on their way to California, and end up discovering a teenage boy’s dead body, with his throat slit, and a strange crucifix of Jesus made of corn husks in his belongings. They decide to turn him in at the nearest police station and enter a sleepy town which seems to have outdated gas rates, calendar dates and strange occurrences. It turns out that children of the corn are strange paranormal beings that have formed a satanic cult there.

There was an early attempt at making a film based on this novel.

Strawberry Spring

Whilst writing a truly horrifying story, you couldn’t have chosen a title more contradictory than ‘Strawberry Spring’. But well, that’s the beauty of Stephen King and the eerie, supernatural atmosphere that he wonderfully creates in all his fantasy stories. This is actually the story of the serial killer, who suddenly started preying upon the residents of a town, strangely during the strawberry spring of 1968. Eventually the murder spree ends and police are never able to trace who the killer was. Eight years pass by, yet another strawberry spring arrives, and the mysterious killings start to happen all over again! In the end, the unexpected twist will surely leaves your palms sweaty and throat parched!

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