Sookie Stackhouse Book 12 – Deadlocked – For True Blood Fans

Sookie Stackhouse Book 12 - Deadlocked by Charlaine HarrisThe long awaited Sookie Stackhouse Book 12 titled Deadlocked from the True Blood series is now available for you Truebie fans. The books are actually part of the Southern Vampire series but doesn’t “True Blood” sound better?

Anyway, I’m going to review this great book for you, but not to worry, I’m NOT going to include any spoilers that will ruin the reading experience for you. I’m going to give you JUST ENOUGH so you’ll want to click-ity click at the bottom of the review to order your copy of the book.

I’ve noticed that with each book in the Sookie Stackhouse series our loveable girl has become emotionally stronger and more sure of herself. She’s also become more independent and had to make more snap decisions about her life and the lives of those around her. As you can guess, this has changed our little Sookie from the perky, bubbly and slightly naive young woman into someone that’s more guarded and cynical. You would be more guarded too if you’d seen some of the things she’s seen. Think about some of the violence she’s experienced. She has to be guarded.

This comes in handy in this book because it seems as if everyone around her is hooking up with the loves of their life. To name a few:


And then there’s her grandfather Niall and her cousin Claude who drag her into a centuries old plot that threatens her ties to the only family ties she has to the fae world. With a murder charge being brought against Eric, Sookie soon finds herself facing several moral crossroads which might require her to make life changing decisions. Although it’s clear that she’s WAY too involved in the vampire, werewolf, and fae worlds to turn her back on them, she definitely longs for the time when her life was MUCH simpler.

Yes, Bill makes several appearances in Deadlocked and yes, he still pines for Sookie but I wonder . . . I’m a big Team Bill fan and always will be but I’m thinking Bill needs to invest in some FriendZone stock. In Book 12 he lends his aid to Sookie and I’ll continue to keep hope alive until the last book, but my fellow Comptonites, a happily ever after with our girl Sookie may not be in the cards.

In Deadlocked Eric becomes the prime suspect in a murder case and ends up in quite a bit of trouble. Now naughty Eric has gotten into his share of trouble so that normally isn’t anything new except for two things:

-the dead body is found in his front yard;
-the body is that of a female vampire who Eric just fed from.

And Sookie and Eric’s relationship . . . well, perhaps a few blinders have been taken off and things aren’t what they were in the past.

Lots of interesting stuff here. Nuff said.

Key Points From Sookie Stackhouse Deadlocked – Book 12
Sookie’s character is much darker, perhaps because of how her life has changed throughout the other books. She’s REALLY frustrated with Eric, although she and Bill do work together to try to figure out who’s framing Eric for the murder. But more importantly, Sookie seems to be at a place in her life where she’s looking for a change. I think she’s really fed up with all of the problems that come with being so involved with the supernatural world. I’m not saying she’s going to turn her back on it because she can’t. She’s part of that world because she’s part fae herself and she has friends and family that are part of that world. But it’s clear that she’s on the verge of doing something different.

To see what I’m talking about you’ll have to read Deadlocked, Sookie Stackhouse Book 12. Tell me what you think in the Comments section.

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3 comments on “Sookie Stackhouse Book 12 – Deadlocked – For True Blood Fans

  1. Alexvphillips on said:

    Book was very good. Really hoping the next book works out everything. Same problems for two books now

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