Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan – A BFS Oracle Pick


The first book in the Powder Mage Series

Today we are going to take a look at Promise of Blood, a book by Brian McClellan that has been on my TBR (to be read) list ever since it came out last month. I am calling this my “oracle pick” list, and if you are like me you probably have a long list of books you read about and want to read. Well, some day when that giant pile gets whittled down to a reasonable level, at any rate. This is one of those books on that list.

If you have read your Greek mythology you know that an Oracle is someone who is good at revealing the future. In ancient Greece, if you were wondering whether a decision was a good one (an important one, mind you) you would go and ask the oracle. So – we are going to be your book oracle for the cool sounding books you may have missed along the way.

Promise of Blood is McClellan’s first novel, and from all appearances a great one. It is the start of a three part series that is one part epic fantasy and one part political/military thriller. If you like both of those genres, you should enjoy this one.

It begins with a coup that dethrones a king. The chaos that ensues is just one part of the story. The tale is told from three different perspectives: Field Marshall Tamas who engineered the coup, Adamat a private investigator who gives us more the everyman’s view and Tamas’s son Taniel.

Throughout the book is the mystery of why the king or Royal Cabal, should have said with his dying breath: “You can’t break Kresimir’s Promise”

What it means and how its significance could change the course of fortune is just the start of this adventurous story mixed with a mystery. There are mages to encounter, journeys to make and questions that need answers.

Soon events conspire to reveal things even gods shouldn’t know. There are rumors of strange happenings across the land. Some will have to deal with death and betrayal. In the end, while fighting enemies from both within his camp and from unseen outside forces, Tamas must find a way to the right solution.

You can be enjoying McClellan’s Promise of Blood soon in either paperback or hardcover, or right now when you download the Kindle version today.

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