Power’s Fantasy Book Trilogy Conclusion to the Gwen Farris Series

fantasy book trilogy, Strangers and Lies by P.S. PowerStrangers and Lies by P.S. Power

Power’s latest book, a conclusion to her fantasy book trilogy Gwen Farris shows the author getting stronger all the time with her writing. You will need to have read the first two books in this series to really be able to enjoy this one. I know there have been lots of comments about the poor grammar, but Power seems to have finally gotten that problem under control so we can sit back and enjoy this dream fantasy. And it is fun to read as a total escape from our own world.

For that is what Gwen does in this fantasy series, escape. Her body is switched without her permission and she finds herself in another world and in someone else’s body. The world has plenty of magic and intrigue and the body is a huge improvement on the one Gwen left behind.

After all, as she says, who wouldn’t want to trade a warped body wracked with poor health, ugly beyond normal and often in danger of attack because of the neighborhood she lives in. What she gets in exchange is a princess in body and power, and a chance to live the kind of life she could only dream of before.

It is a story that has a wonderful main character. You can’t help but love Gwen and want her to succeed. As the final book in the series Power does a great job tying up loose ends and really taking all the story arcs and bringing them to a truly satisfying conclusion. Yes, there is place in there for a return to this world and these characters, and I hope we do some time.

But I like that this story was tied up nicely, something we don’t always get in the fantasy world. So if you have been following this fantasy book trilogy, you will be happy with how it wraps up. If you have never checked this series out, try to begin with the first book in the series, Abominations. It will be well worth it, and you will have all three books to read and enjoy.

You can start in on your own copy of the final book in the Gwen Farris series, Strangers and Lies by downloading the Kindle version today.

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