Pandemonium by Warren Fahy Book Review


Pandemonium by Warren Fahy

The sequel to Fragment is another winner.

Pandemonium is Warren Fahy’s sequel to his first highly successful sci-fi fantasy adventure Fragment. When Fahy came out with Fragment in 2009, many writers I knew that are into the whole “lost world” concept for sci-fi and fantasy just fell in love with it. The story of a pair of scientists voyaging to a newly discovered final piece of an ancient lost continent was gripping.

In fact, the book ended up being translated into 17 languages and is still going strong. It is even being made into a movie, and is far beyond the simple optioning stages to actual production. Lloyd Levin who will be producing the film with Fahy to handle the script, has produced such action successes as “Die Hard ll”, “Predator ll” and the first two of the “Tomb Raider” series. This sounds like a perfect fit.

A Fitting Sequel

I have to admit I didn’t think Fahy would come out with a sequel to match the intensity of the first book. Turns out I was wrong. This next adventure sees our two heroes from Fragment, Nell and Geoffrey ready to leave on their honeymoon when they literally get an offer they cannot turn down. A Russian tycoon offers them $3million to find out how to stop the unknown creatures that have been killing his workers. The location is deep in the earth, in a gulag carved into ancient salt caves during Stalin’s time. Now something has arisen that is eating his men alive.

What he doesn’t tell them is that he also has a few of the last remaining specimens of the deadly creatures from the isolated island where they barely escaped with their lives. Will these creatures be set loose on a defenceless world? Will they find an ally in the creatures of the deep, or simply dinner?

Pandemonium by Warren Fahy Delivers

More edge of your seat danger and even better – more creatures! Fahy is a guy who is truly into creatures and you can tell from looking at his website that they may be the drive behind his books. With amazing critters and great science to inform the concepts behind his books, Fahy delivers the kind of sci-fi here on earth that is our dream come true.

You can dive into Pandemonium quickly with your Kindle download or order the hardcover for lasting pleasure. Either way, it is going to be a great and intense read!

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