Talk of modern-day romantic novels, and Nicholas Sparks has certainly been the undisputed king. No other romance novelist of this day and age can match up to the sheer volume and diversity of his work. In his own words, he began writing from the young age of 19, and gave credit to his mother for inspiring him from the very beginning.

The Initial Struggle

It is not easy for an average, middle-class and first-time writer to be able to get patronage from any major publisher. And such was the case with young Nicholas as well, as story after story of his was rejected left and right by publishing houses. This was when he starred working as a pharmacist, but he would nevertheless go home and write every night. Eventually in 1992, he finished writing the masterpiece ‘The Notebook’ and by 1995 it was approved by the Time Warner Book Group. This book not only went on to create a record, but also enabled Nicholas to pursue writing as a full time professional author. As of today, close to a dozen books of his have been international bestsellers, and Nicholas has been hailed as the king of heartfelt, modern-day romantic stories. He has also earned massively via the movies that have adapted his books.

The Lucky One

In 2008, Nicholas Sparks published yet another novel which was a romantic genre nonetheless, but was slightly different from his previous works. The storyline begins with the lead protagonist Logan who is a US Marine and finds the picture of a woman during an ambush in Iraq. As he bends to pick it, he is saved from a bullet that would have otherwise taken his life. Eventually, he keeps the photograph of this beautiful, unknown woman with him and goes on about his daily travails. Each time he realizes that he is in some kind of danger, the photograph proves to be lucky for him in some manner or other. So this is not just a romantic novel, but has quite many strains of romantic fiction in it. After a quest for her, he does manage to locate and find her. The ending is predictable of course-that he gets married to her!

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