New Winds of Winter Preview – a Game of Thrones Book 6 Gift

Princess Arianne Martell of DorneFor all you George R.R. Martin fans and we know you are legion, there is a very nice goodie waiting for you on the web. Yes – we are talking about the new Winds of Winter preview chapter now available for those very patient fans.

As you probably already know, Martin has been working on Winds of Winter, the sixth book in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that the TV show Game of Thrones is based on. He has said that he expects to be done some time in 2014, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It has taken him years just to get to this point, and now he has the show to contend with as well as the other writing projects. The book is expected to be 1500 pages long and word is that he has completed 500 pages in the last few years.

The Latest Chapter

Winds of Winter, Game of Thrones A storm of swords by george r r martinOf course, it might help George if he didn’t keep replacing one chapter with another. This new chapter centers on Princess Arianne Martell of Dorne and will be replacing the earlier chapter Martin released through his blog that was told from the POV of Theon Greyjoy and centered on him. For those who are racking their skulls trying to place Arianne, she was introduced in A Storm of Swords (although very briefly) and then played a bigger role in A Feast of Crows. With the number of characters that this series has, it is no wonder that you need a playbook just to keep track of them. But you better catch it now, since the earlier Theon bit is now gone from his blog. Martin replaced that chapter with the one here. Who knows, he could replace this chapter with a new one in a few months!

Winds of Winter, Game of Thrones,a feast of crows by george r r martinGeorge Martin is referring to this latest installment as his “belated Christmas/New Year’s gift” for his fans. Well, if you are an ASoIaF fan you are used to waiting years between installments, so these little gifts are always appreciated. I understand that with all the various projects he has going it can be hard for him to concentrate and finish up any one of them, but it is tough to wait years between books in this series. We are all more than a little worried about his health ending the story a bit abruptly, as ghoulish as that sounds.

Game of Thrones Shooting

With final filming in Iceland completed in November and still no sign of any actual trailers for the upcoming season, some fans are feeling a little anxious. However, we scouted the internet for you and found a little tidbit that might keep you happy until the real deal comes along. So for those of us who are also eagerly awaiting the upcoming latest chapter in the next Game of Thrones from HBO, the network gives us a sneak onto the set. Check this out:

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