New Steampunk Books for November 2012

The word is out that steampunk books, those sassy mergings of an alternate history world with a fascination with all things mechanical (and based on steam especially) have become the hot new thing. Well, heck we could have told you that here at BestFantasyStories ages ago. If you missed our interview with West Coast Steampunk Queen Cherie Priest or our reviews of steampunk treasures like Patti Larsen’s Smoke and Magic and Heather Albano’s charming Timepiece then maybe it is time for you to catch up with us on the steampunk train to fun and adventure!

Luckily, the rest of the literary world seems to be catching on to our little obsession and I have seen a few listed in the last month or two at our favorite online resource, Amazon. In fact, I was surprised just how many great new steampunk stories came out in the last month or two, more than even I was aware of. So just to be fair, here are three of the latest and greatest of the bunch, leaving out the handful we have already covered here recently.

If you have never tried out steampunk, I really recommend it. The sub-genre has gotten stronger all the time. What began as a concept that basically stayed within the boundaries of Victorian England have grown, as witnessed by Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century Universe Series which is basically set in the US right around the time of the Civil War, although a very different one than the one you and I studied in school. Nowadays you can find steampunk books that cover the globe and some that even shake the notion of science. But all in good fun, as you can imagine. Here are a few for you to explore:


The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age

By Robert Rankin

The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age, steampunk booksSet in an 1897 where the British Empire extends as far as Mars and Jupiter and wonders never seem to end. Having left the good folk of Arizona under a cloud, the irrepressible Colonel Katterfelto and his monkey butler Darwin return to England to find new mysteries afoot. Can the famous consulting detective Cameron Bell find the solution to the new midnight murders in Whitechapel? Or is the latest rash of deaths from a far more sinister and far flung origin?

Available in both paperback and kindle editions.


My Name is Michael Bishop By TR Goodman

My Name is Michael Bishop By TR Goodman, steampunk booksThis is an interesting mix of magical fantasy and steampunk. Michael Bishop is a bit of a tinkerer who lives in a small town. He lost his wife to a magical plague and now his only daughter has shown up with it. In his attempt to save her he creates a mechanical man, a golem. But his plan backfires and instead he is in the mechanical man, trying desperately to gain the upper hand against a sorcerer and save his daughter. To do it he must use all his ingenuity to find the truth.

Available in both paperback and kindle editions.


Guild of Spies By L.B. Beckett

Guild of Spies, steampunk booksIf James Bond lived in an alternate world and was a woman, I think you would get a character pretty close to Dian Von Camff in Guild of Spies. A member of a secret spy society in a world that is vaguely like ours, Albion sounds a lot like England to me and Tem is an ancient eastern culture with a dynasty of Emperors at its head. Sound familiar? But the writing is fast-paced; you are instantly drawn into the world Beckett has created and find yourself quickly intrigued. She has been assigned to a delegation of Albion diplomats, the first to meet the new reclusive Tem Emperor. Who really are the Guild and what is their true purpose here? Dian is charming, the language is lush and the clash of cultures is the perfect backdrop to this steampunk spy adventure. Despite its 500 pages, this is a story that will go by quickly for sheer energy.

Available in both paperback and kindle editions.

Truth is, there are a few other steampunk books listed for October, but I really feel that these three have the strongest writing of them all. I try to never trash-talk an author, but really like my mother always said – if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all! So check these three out, and be sure to root around in our search on site for other great steampunk books. If you love great imagination and lots of fun adventure, then steampunk may be just the ticket!

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