New Fantasy Book – Jen Kirchner’s The Fourth Channel

new fantasy book, The Fourth Channel by Jen KirchnerThe Fourth Channel by Jen Kirchner

This new fantasy book- for a first time effort, heck even if it were more than that, is a very fun book. Kirchner’s heroine Kari is the lead singer in a rock band, a very dedicated recycler and – get ready for it- she has the ability to pull someone’s soul out of their body. She is a necromancer, the most powerful magic –wielder in her universe. The trouble is, since she is such a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist, she doesn’t like to kill anyone. She needs blood for her magic, so she tends to travel with bandages to help with the healing and a lollipop by way of an apology. Big bad magic she does not seem to be.

It all gets a bit stranger when the agent of a voodoo master discovers her secret. For even though a necromancer is the most powerful level of magic, a level four, they have a weakness. What is even more dangerous is that the sacrifice of a necromancer by a voodoo master could unleash untold power.

So the trick is for Kari to keep her identity as a necromancer a secret as her band gets ready to tour, stay alive and somehow manage to keep her talking knives under control and behaving themselves. And I must admit it is the personalities of her knives that won me over. The dialogue between Kari and her knives, especially when they are begging for more TV time to watch their favorite shows, is hilarious. A great mixture of deadly adventure, witty dialogue and urban fantasy this new fantasy book will keep you entertained right to the last page. I even hear there will be a sequel.

Ready to rock and roll with Kari and the crew? You can download the Kindle version of The Fourth Channel today, and be reading it tonight.

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