Hot Paranormal Romance Novel Is Gravely Funny

Third Grave Ahead by Darynda Jones, paranormal romanceThird Grave Ahead by Darynda Jones

Whether you have been following the adventures of this paranormal private eye or not, you are going to welcome back Charley Davidson in this paranormal romance because she is just too sexy and way too hilarious for words! This is the third book in the series, but you can jump right in, even if you haven’t read it before. There is plenty happening starting with Charley getting nightly dream-visits from Reyes, the son of Satan (literally!) whose sexy body may be elsewhere but still loves to tempt Charley.

The poor girl is drinking coffee morning, night and noon just to stay awake and away from temptation. This guy is so sexy that when you look the word up in the dictionary, they show him! Charley is not the most easy-tempered P.I. in any event, and now her snarky comments are coming at us by the dozen! This is not a paranormal romance for the faint of heart.

Dream Boy for Charley

Luckily there are a few things to take Charley’s mind off of the sexy Reyes, namely a missing woman that Charley needs to find. Life wouldn’t be half as interesting either if it weren’t for Cookie, Charley’s straight-man (well, woman) extraordinaire and receptionist all rolled into one. Where do I find someone like Cookie for me? Oh- and did I mention that in addition to being a private eye Charley is also a Grim Reaper? Yup- on the side she makes sure those lost souls find the light. Kinda makes for a busy schedule, you might say. But it is handy to be able to talk to the dead when your “day job” is finding missing people.

If you love a paranormal romance novel with great characters, then this is gonna be a great deal of fun for you. If there is anything that Jones knows how to write, it is characters. I love the three not-so-wise men that are always somehow underfoot: Angel, Rocket and Garrett. You couldn’t get better sidekicks from Central Casting if you tried!

A Little of All the Things We Need

There are all kinds of mystery, crimes to be solved and plenty of hot sexy action. This is a paranormal romance novel that has a lot of fun and plenty of kick to it. Oh- and one thing more I love about this series, and Third Grave Ahead in particular. It’s the funny bumper sticker slogans she starts each chapter with. So far, my fave is “Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.” See what I mean? Funny, funny gal. You have got to check this one out, especially if you need that laugh.

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3 comments on “Hot Paranormal Romance Novel Is Gravely Funny

  1. alecia on said:

    This series is awesome…I love it…

  2. Natasha on said:

    Is this appropriate for Adults and Young adults like this book here is?

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