To an average reader, the two fantasy genres of historical fiction and adolescent romance are absolutely polar opposites. How then is it possible for a debut writer as young as Pamela Mingle, to converge the same successfully? Well, the answer lies in the exceedingly innovative and popular historical romantic fantasy novel that goes by the name of ‘Kissing Shakespeare’.

What is the storyline of ‘Kissing Shakespeare’?

Well, the story does have a bit of time travel fantasy involved. But it definitely has adolescent romance at its very core, and that’s in fact the exclusive charm of this very cute story of a teenager who has a crush on Shakespeare. When her friend and classmate actually work up some kind of magic and take her back in time to meet a young Shakespeare, her joy know no bounds. But her interaction with her so-called crush doesn’t turn out as well as she expected, because he has been formally chosen to join a religious order and take an oath of celibacy. So now, it is up to the spirited young teen girl and her best friend to hatch a plan to seduce young Shakespeare, so that he doesn’t join the order, experiences love, separation, betrayal and the entire gambit of emotions, and goes on to become the biggest storyteller of all times.

Reasons for Soaring Popularity of the Novel

When you have a book title as controversial and enticing as ‘Kissing Shakespeare’, the book is bound to generate a lot of curiosity. Most of the times, when the actually content and storyline does do justice to the interesting title, it is considered to be almost misleading and unless the story is as exciting as the buildup, the initial curiosity-spiked high sales of the book eventually fizzles out. Such has not been the case because the story of this romantic fantasy, from end to end has been truly riveting, and not once do you get bored or feel the need to shut the book and rest your eyes. And the best part is that the overall tone of the book is kept light and whimsical, so that all the ups and downs experienced by the young girl, can be relatable and not too heavy-handed. On the whole, the word of mouth generated by ‘Kissing Shakespeare’ has been truly amazing!

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