When it comes to Stephen King and his chilling paranormal fantasy stories, it is very hard not to get those familiar shivers down your spine. The best part about his stories collection is the fact that each one is so very different from the other in all respects. Also, while most stories in the horror or paranormal fantasy realm have often been ‘inspired’, ‘adapted’ and sometimes even downright plagiarized by previously written stories, this collection was staunchly original. So definitely kudos to King for his unbound creativity, and his literary power to transform you into another world altogether!

Did the Graveyard Shift scare the hell out of you?

Only the biggest and most elaborate paranormal stories or novels deserve the accreditation to be adapted into the screenplay of a major motion film, which also goes on to be a blockbuster. This is exactly what was achieved by Stephen King, through his scariest story ever, the Graveyard Shift. The setting of the story is in a textile mill, where a spree of killings during the night shift has badly scared and puzzles the owner, manager and employees. But these killing are only taking place during the so-called ‘graveyard shift’ from 11 pm to 6 am. As a team is assigned the task of cleaning up the basement and sub-basement which have been lying unused for decades at a stretch, the protagonists are shocked to discover an alternate realm of strange and highly evolved, cow-sized and bat-like rats which are preying on human beings.

Battleground: The Ultimate Story of Paranormal Revenge

When you are a professional assassin, it is hard to imagine your victims taking their revenge on you through paranormal means. Well, at least that was the case with Renshaw who had just fulfilled his contract of killing a toymaker in another city and had returned home. A strange parcel comes his way, and to his utter shock, he opens it to discover that all hell has broken loose on him. There are toy soldiers in the package, replete with toy guns, jeeps and choppers, and all of them have come alive and pitched a battle to kill him. Eventually as he tries to free himself of the toymaker’

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