Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale: Mhysa

130607-dany-preview-post-450It starts and ends with family. From the Mother of Dragons being feted with adulation and cries of “Mhysa” (mother) to the surprising tale of motherhood from Cersei to the call to arms by Theon’s sister to rescue her “baby brother”, this episode served to remind us that Family is what Game of Thrones centers on.

Personally, even though the scene with Danys was short, I found it one of the most thrilling end shots we have seen yet. She has proven that she has risen above the concept of simply being entitled to the throne. Now she understands; to have that throne she must win it from her own people. She is slowly growing from the lost princess to a true leader, ready to conquer. And that final shot of her surrounded by the freed slaves of Yunkai, spiraling in celebration proves it.

Winter is Still Coming

But as the Red Witch points out – the war that matters is perhaps no longer the one between the five crowns. The threat that is coming down from the North is far more dangerous than any other threat they can name.

It seems that Sam’s missives that he was instructed to send of the coming of the White Walkers is perhaps being taken every bit as seriously as it should. Even Tywin takes this information seriously. Though, of course King Joffrey ignores it for he cannot contain his glee at the successful betrayal of Robb Stark. He just gets scarier every time I see him.

But make no mistake about it, with the word out about the coming of the walkers and the walking dead, things are going to shift. As Ned said – Winter is Coming.

Family Matters

But we are told of small family secrets when Tywinn responds to Tyrion’s angry accusation that he has only done what is good for Tywinn, never the family. Tywinn’s stark statement that he did something that was against his needs when he didn’t toss the baby Tyrion into the ocean. He did it because regardless of how revolting he felt that baby was, he is a Lannister. He walks away as Tyrion stands in mute shock.  Once again in Game of Thrones, family trumps personal needs.

Sometimes family is not blood, as when Sam declares to Bron that he is brother always, because of Jon Snow. That was a truly touching scene, along with the tale of the Rat Cook that Bron uses to illustrate to us that there will be consequences to the Red Wedding.

Jon himself is feeling the call of family as he tries to explain to Ygritte that he must “go home”. Whether he means his family at Winterfell or the guards back at The Wall isn’t clear. But home is not amongst those from the north.

So was it an act of love when Ygritte let loose some non-lethal shots of her bow against him? Or was it despair that he would leave her after all? We know she is a sure shot; she could not have missed at that distance. I think we will see more of her next season.

yara-mhysa-game-of-thronesUnexpected Family Ties

Someone we saw nothing of this season until this final episode were the Greyjoys back on the island. Balon Greyjoy certainly proved to be every bit the horrible father as he declared that with Theo’s baby-making parts removed; he was no longer a man or his son.

Thank whatever gods they want for Yara. For father’s demands be damned, she is off to rescue her brother. This show has plenty of strong women and I am hoping we see more of Yara next season. The warrior maiden role needs some additions. Plus- can you see her and Brienne teaming up! That would be so cool!

Even in Dragonstone there is talk of family when Davos talks of how he accepted becoming a Lord not for himself, but for his son. This is the very son who died in that horrific battle at Kings Landing. I also found it prophetic Stannis talks of dragons used before to win the throne. He points it out to Davos, when Davos warns Stannis of the dangers of using magic. Dragons are magic, he reminds Davos. Of course, he is saying this because everyone believes all the dragons are gone. Boy, are they in for a surprise!

And the final bit of family is one left somewhat unsaid. It is the return of Jaime to Kings Landing as he stands in the doorway of Cersei’s room. What next for the once-mighty knight, now with only one hand?

Looking Forward

So- last week’s bloody banquet may have been the shocker but this one put everyone on track for the big question. Which of course is – what comes next? Will they set aside their squabble for the throne to face the threat from the North? Will the brutal betrayal of the Red Wedding bring a curse down on the family Lannister? Can there be a bigger curse then having Jeffrey for a sibling?

So much to look forward to next season! And just think – those dragons are getting bigger. Just imagine what they will be like when we tune in for Season 4 in the spring of 2014.

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