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Game of Thrones Book 6Well, given that George R.R. Martin is notoriously slow in getting each book in the series out, I know that many are anticipating a release of Game of Thrones Book 6 hopefully sometime in 2014. Of course, we would all love to see it come out sooner than that, but I for one am a realist about Martin’s ability to pull it off any sooner. I may even be betting we don’t see it much before 2016, no matter what Mr. Martin may claim. But at least we do know he is working on it, with a big chunk accomplished in the last two years.

Chatting Up Game Of Thrones Book 6

There is a transcript to an interview George did recently with the Spanish language ASoIaF website that really gets into his view of character development and where things are going in the book. Since he has been much more ready to talk about the show and other projects than the GoT series, I have to believe he has it on his mind because he is back at work on it. I hope so, at any rate. You can see a great English language translation of that interview on the Westeros site here.

There is such great back and forth in that interview and a chance to really hear Martin’s take on some of the questions I know have been buzzing around on the websites and fan sites lately. He does seem more willing to talk about the work on the book then he has for a while, such as in another recent interview he did while he was in Spain at the Festival of Aviles. Having been to several science fiction festivals in Spain, I can attest to the warmth and welcoming spirit, which you can hear reflected in this lengthy and interesting interview with Martin while in Spain.

And if that has made you ready for more, here is a bit of a sneak look at some of the settings and costumes coming up for Season 3:

Reading Material While We Wait

Since we have a while before the next season of GoT comes out, and probably several years before the next book in the series from Martin sees the light of day, here are a few well-written looks at the world that Martin has created for us to enjoy.

inside hbo game of thrones, Game of Thrones Book 6HBO has put out a companion book for the TV show called Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones. It is written by Bryan Cogman and has a preface by Martin in it as well. It is a gorgeous hardcover book with tons of great photography and plenty of information on the show. Start hinting now that you want it for Christmas. Oh and, there is a collector’s edition of Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones that has tons of extra features besides the book such as maps and a portfolio and it comes in a beautiful box suitable for bragging rights.

The other book that came out recently that might hold us over until Game of Thrones Book 6 makes itlands of ice and fire, Game of Thrones Book 6s way to the publishers is The Lands of Ice and Fire by Jonathan Roberts. If you have ever wanted to be able to truly chart the path of the characters, this is the one to do it. Roberts is both a wonderful illustrator and a cartographer so this collection of beautifully detailed maps is like nothing you have ever seen before. Its beauty and attention to detail just add to this incredible atlas. All I can say is, if you are a fan and appreciate the kind of research, detail and love that must go into a project like this; you are going to want one to share and one to keep to yourself.

Waiting for Godot – or rather George

Well the good news after all of this exciting new material has surfaced is that Martin has said that he expects he will do better next year on the writing of Game Of Thrones Book 6 since this was a very busy year. If you follow the Wikipedia page on Winds of Winter you will see updates as he makes announcements. It may seem slow, but this is a great place to get an idea of how much else the man has to pay attention to beyond Game of Thrones Book 6. If you are a fan of George R.R. Martin, you simply learn patience.


A look inside the recently released book Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones


A look at one of the great maps in the recently released Lands of Ice and Fire.

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