Futuristic Fantasy Book by Game of Throne’s Author George R.R. Martin

futuristic fantasy book, Tuf Voyaging by George RR MartinMost of us know George R.R. Martin for his amazing political fantasy Game of Thrones. However, Martin was writing for many years before he began A Song of Ice and Fire, the series the show is based upon. One of his earlier works was a series of short stories in Analog Magazine that some may consider futuristic fantasy book material. Personally, that sounds to me like a fancy way to say science fiction. Since that is what these stories are, old fashion science fiction with a touch of the Martin whimsy thrown in for good measure, let’s just start by saying Tuf Voyaging is a brilliant and fun read.

Martin has created a wonderful character with Havilund Tuf; a loner with a fondness for cats and a droll approach to the universe. Basically Tuf is hired by a group of shifty characters to take them to an object known as The Plague Star. Of course, it isn’t a star at all, it is a ship. In fact, it is more than a ship for it was originally designed to be a weapon. It is a seedship and can take any one of the millions of tiny cells of various creatures it has stored and clone the creature right there in the ship.

Futuristic Fantasy Book Collects Shorts into Novel

This collection of short stories about Tuf and his decision to use the ship to solve problems is delightful. Martin wrote the stories over the course of about ten years. There is a bit of unevenness in the writing from this circumstance. However the end product is unique and thought provoking. Like all good science fiction, Martin uses the character of Tuf and the circumstance of the seedship to bring up a host of questions about power, responsibility and the nature of humanity.

You will come to love the quiet gentle Tuf, always with a kitten or so in pocket. He somehow always finds a way to solve some man-made disaster, generally without causing any havoc around him. There is a lesson here in how to write engaging stories without sex, violence (well, not the blood and gore type at least) or even a lot of weapon hoisting. But Tuf always manages to find the right solution; and the humor and wit shines through. Tuf Voyaging is a futuristic fantasy book with the right sci-fi credentials and solid enough to bring you back for a re-read every once in a while. So grab your paperback of Tuf Voyaging and enjoy the ride!

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