Fantasy Series – Night’s Masque by Anne Lyle Update

anne lyleFinding great historical fantasy that lives up to its premise is never easy. If you find a book with an historical setting, I often find the fantasy elements disappointing. It is probably because the writer is more interested in the historical elements than the fantasy ones. But Anne Lyle’s series most definitely does not fall into that category. Her Night’s Masque Series, which began with Merchant of Dreams, have been such a treat to read.

Set in Elizabethan England, with a slight twist, she uses fantasy elements so naturally in her story that I found myself wondering if perhaps I had read my history wrong. Plus her characters are the kind you are delighted by. You know what I mean. You find yourself thinking about them and possible situations when you are walking around after reading the books. They seem to continue to live with you even after you have finished the story.

That is a good thing because I heard from Anne recently. She sent out another of her irregular but wonderful newsletters and the third book of the series I reviewed here back in January is soon to be out and available.

The Prince of Lies

Yes! That is the title of the third book of the series. If you have been following it, you will understand right away where this title comes from. But, I don’t want to interfere with anyone’s enjoyment of the series if you haven’t yet read it. Let’s just say that there are some characters that will make you not sleep so well at night. But then, there is so much mystery and fantastical characters in the books, it is not surprising that this one should show up.

Anne says that her final revisions are in, and so we can expect to see the book in October. In the meantime, here is the gorgeous new cover for the final book in the series – The Prince of Lies:

The-Prince-of-Lies-by Anne Lyle

Meanwhile, Anne is working on a short story that takes place in that same world, just a few hundred years prior. I am hoping it will be something that will give us more about the Skraylings, those lovely alien creatures in her series. I am fascinated by them and by how completely alien yet relatable she has made them. Of course, I want to know more! At this point the story is titled “A Thief in the Night” and is being done for the BFS – British Fantasy Society’s publication. I will let everyone know if there are any plans to release it to a more general public.

So stay tuned and we will be letting you know more news from the authors we cover here as we hear them. Anne’s writing is beautiful, the art for her covers by the very talented Larry Rostant are amazing. Now all we need is to get that next book in our hands to read!

2 comments on “Fantasy Series – Night’s Masque by Anne Lyle Update

  1. I’m trying to find a 4 book young adult fantasy series. I read it in the mid-80’s and I found it in the juvenile/young adults section of my local library. In the first book, something terrible happens in a temple, and a young prince is sent on a quest to retrieve 4 sacred orbs or jewels. If he fails, some doom befalls the world or his kingdom; I can’t remember exactly. The orbs/jewels are guarded by some sort of guardians. I think the series title had Guardian in the title, but I haven’t been able to find a series with that title.

    • Well that is quite a ways back Henry. I did some quick research online- but maybe one of our readers have some ideas. Or you might want to set this up as a question for one of the Yahoo forums on books.

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