Exciting Steampunk Adventure in And They Called Her Spider

And They Called Her Spider by Michael Coorlim, steampunkAnd They Called Her Spider by Michael Coorlim

It is steampunk adventure galore in this exciting new short story from Michael Coorlim. We are once again taken to an alternate world where steam rules the waves and steampunk tales of daring are on everyone’s lips. This is the fourth steampunk story that stars the dashing man-about-town Bartleby and his cohort crime solver the industrious engineer James. When we join up with our heroes, we find that this time a mysterious assassin is loose in London. This time around the police are asking for help when they find they are at a loss on how to stop the mystery assassin. For this steampunk assassin with incredible abilities just may have Her Majesty Queen Victoria in her sites next!

The mysterious assassin has been dubbed The Spider by the press for she seems to possess an uncanny ability to just show up in places no one thought possible, and speed away unhindered once the deed is accomplished. Any clues to who she is and why she has chosen her targets are far and few between. In true steampunk adventure style, our intrepid duo try to out think an enemy that seems to have no limits. But just as in another famous detective duo of England fame, Bartleby and James are certain that deductive reasoning can find the answer.

The only problem is, can they find it in time? For in a few short days the entire country will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Anniversary. Everyone knows she will be publicly visible and an easy target. With the assassinations becoming more high profile with each blow, can our steampunk heroes find the answer to their dilemma in time?

Latest in a Collection of Steampunk Tales

Told from the viewpoint of the ever practical but socially inept James, we are instantly transported to a wonderful world of an alternate Victorian England where engineers look for new ways to harness the power of steam and the queen lived long enough to celebrate her platinum anniversary. In this latest steampunk adventure we are treated to an insider’s view of the possibilities of an exciting age and an taste of a world where steam was king. All of it tempered by a writer whose prose puts you right into the mood for steampunk mystery and fantasy worlds.

And They Called Her Spider is just the latest in Michael Coorlim’s steampunk tales of the offbeat duo of Bartleby and James. What began as a small collection of short Kindle-based stories has quickly grown in popularity until finally we have a library of adventures. All with a steamy twist and lots of whodunnit fun. This latest of the series is the first to be available in both paperback and kindle format. You just may find yourself wanting to check out more of these adventures with Bartleby and James soon!

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