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Heroes of The Lance

Imagine a world of dragons, elves and magic. Now imagine that you can play a role in that world. That is a fairly good description of much of the back-story to Dragonlance, one of the most popular shared world fantasy concepts that embrace both the world of the role playing game (RPG) Dungeons and Dragons and the 190 novel series. Conceived on the way to interview with game company TSR, co-author Tracy Hickman went on to write a vast array of novels, shorts stories and even develop a series of modules for Dungeons and Dragons. It was this game that launched the popularity of the RPGs and helped to also introduce Dragonlance to both fantasy fans and role players in the early 1980s.

The World of Dragonlance

Dragons of Autumn Twilight, dragonlance

The First book in The Chronicles Trilogy from Dragonlance.

The Chronicles Trilogy and The Legends Series are the two initial series that were penned by Hickman and Weiss. Most fans consider these two series to be the true “canon” of the concept. While there are many stories, and they vary in writing style and approach, the best way to get a great introduction to the series would be to read these two series in order. There are also two sets of short stories that delve more into the characters called Tales I and Tales II. The first set was also written by Hickman and Weiss and is often considered part of the canonical books along with the initial two series.

Dragons of Winter Night, dragonlance

The Second Book in The Chronicles Trilogy from Dragonlance

To understand the world of Dragonlance would take more than just this little blog post. There are countless blogs and websites that delve into this. Basically, all you really need to understand is this. There are good and bad gods on the world called Krynn. On this world there are also dragons, and they are both good and bad as well. Humans live here as well, along with other races you may recognize such as elves, dwarves and gnomes. There are also some beings particular to this world called Kender and Draconians, which are soldiers that have been created by manipulating a dragon egg so that it produces a strange hybrid of human and reptile.


The Dragonlances

The ultimate weapon on this world is a Dragonlance. Because war is pretty much a constant, these weapons are highly prized. They are the only thing that can kill a dragon. They are magical in nature and require “god-blessed artifacts” to be created. Their power is one of the central talismans throughout the books.

The Heroes of Dragonlance

Dragons of Spring Dawning, dragonlance

The third book in The Chronicles Trilogy in Dragonlance.

In The Chronicles Trilogy that starts off the series we first meet The Heroes of the Lance. They are the central characters who march in the war against the Verminaard who are the Lord of the Draconians. It is these heroes who forge the very first dragonlances. These weapons are one of the main reasons that the heroes are able to defeat the draconian and The Dark Goddess in the first trilogy.

All in all, Dragonlance is a stirring set of fantasy books and best of all a series that continues into the games. For anyone who has ever wanted to find a fantasy world to get truly immersed in, Dragonlance offers it all. There are books penned by the creators of the world as well as a number of series in the shared world of Dragonlance by others. With over 100 books there is no shortage of adventures. And for those who love the world of RPGs, there is a continuation of the books into the games. A chance to play out the role of your favorite player and wield the dragonlance yourself!

You can delve into this series by reading the first set on its own either with the individual books:

or in the box set of all three.

The Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy

Dragonlance – The Chronicles Trilogy Boxed Set

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