Debris Dreams Is Great Science Fiction

great sci-fi book, Debris Dreams by David ColbyDebris Dreams by David Colby

Have you ever wondered what life would be like when we finally leave the earth? The answer is more complex then you may have thought. I loved that this great sci-fi book never pulls any punches. There is political drama running in the background as a teen tries desperately to understand the dangers she is constantly fighting. Born and raised on “The Hub”, a space station above the earth, Drusilla Xao is a new kind of human. She has never seen a real live tree, breathed air that wasn’t recycled or walked the earth. And once terrorists destroy the space elevator that is their only connection to the earth, she probably never will. Her parents, along with the family of many others on the Hub were killed in the attack and now the only home she has ever known is also in danger. She must suddenly go from being a teen whose only concerns are her next messages from her girlfriend Sarah to a soldier in space. She soon becomes a soldier whose only mission is to defend the remaining outposts against horrible odds. It is a tale both frightening in its reality and tender with a love story that transcends the horror of war.

A Look at Modern Love

While this is a great sci-fi book for anyone looking for space drama it was the romantic touches in Drusilla’s messages to her beloved Sarah that bring a real humanity to this story. Dru is just a kid in many ways, but the terrorist attack that kills so many and the Hub’s only connection to the earth also pushes many of the teens on the station to grow up fast. They are quickly trained for a mission that many will not return from, and therein lies much of the drama.

For we get to know her fellow soldiers, really just other kids like Sarah who never expected to be thrust into this horrifying situation. A series of calamities have hit the Earth. Colonists from the Moon decide they have had enough of dominance from a planet to whom they no longer feel any loyalty. Destruction of the Hub seems inevitable. They must be stopped, and the only available soldiers are those kids who have grown up on the Hub.

War Amongst the Stars

I didn’t think I would like the battle aspects of this book, but I was surprised. This is not Star Wars; it feels very real as these kids struggle to learn the basics of survival in a very hostile environment. There are unexpected casualties, horrifying deaths and heroics where you least expect it. Most of all, there is the coming of age story of Dru, who must put everything aside but the will to survive. Along the way she becomes a hero to those around her.

Great Sci-fi Book for Teens or Adults

I found myself thinking this is a great book for teens, as the coming of age story is handled so smartly. The romance between Sarah and Dru is sweet. The closeness that Dru builds with the others at the Hub draws you into the story as we get to know each one. Even the villains have a human side. You understand why they do what they do, even if you see the wrongness of it. Dru is someone you want to get to know better, cheer as she overcomes her own fears and frankly I cried at the last page in sheer joy for her and Sarah. A touching story wrapped in a great sci-fi book that will draw readers of all ages.

You can download you own copy of Debris Dreams today for your Kindle or order the paperback for delivery. Either way, be prepared to have a hard time putting this great sci-fi book down.

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    I am TheGirl and I heard about your site through another blog on LinkedIn and just thought I would check it out. Its very organized and easy to read site, so the designer did a good job! As well as the reviews are good too, I don’t really read this genre but I’m curious to check out some books. Have a great day!

    • Hey thanks for the kind words. Actually, I am really excited if you don’t read sci-fi and fantasy because I would love to know what you do love reading to show you what is out there for you in this genre. It’s all there. And welcome to Best Fantasy Stories – TheGirl!

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