Dead Ever After – The Last Sookie Stackhouse Book

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse BookWell we knew it was coming. It doesn’t mean we have to be any happier about the eminent arrival of the last Sookie Stackhouse book from Charlaine Harris. I know that there are plenty of people who are feeling somewhat betrayed by her decision that the next book, Dead Ever After, will be her last in the series.

But although I will certainly miss reading any new adventures of my favorite clairvoyant waitress, I know there will be fan fic around if I really want more stories. They just won’t be quite the same since they won’t be written by Charlaine.

Nothing Left to Write

To tell you the truth I can pretty much feel sympathy for her statement that she just feels like she has gone as far as she can with Sookie and the gang at Bon Temps. After all, she started writing the series in 2001 and after 13 books you have to believe that this all she has to offer. As she says in almost every article I have seen about this:

Really, I think it would be doing readers a disservice to continue writing a character when my heart wasn’t in it. I’ve loved writing Sookie, but if you see the end of the road, you see the end of the road.

That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, if Conan Doyle could get so tired of writing about Sherlock Holmes that he threw him off a cliff in desperation (and then finally brought him back because he got so many complaints for killing him off) I suppose it isn’t too hard to understand that Charlaine may want to write about someone besides Sookie and the werewolves and vamps that she hangs out with.

Who Takes a Final Bow?

She admits though that she is tempted to bring back many of the secondary characters from previous books, just to give them a final farewell and wrap up all the loose ends. But you can’t have a coherent story if it is constantly interrupted with little cameos from one character or another, so she admits that as much as she would like to it probably won’t happen.

She does muse about the possibility of doing some short stories in the future to address these little bits and pieces from the Sookie universe. I would love to see her tell the tale of what happened next with folks like Tara or Harry Bellafleur. But one thing she makes absolutely clear is that this next book, due out in May of 2013, is the final Sookie Stackhouse book.

Ss stay tuned for our special review of the book, coming out soon on this here website. In the meantime, if you feel like getting caught up on the series, we have a great overview of all the books so far in our sister site SookieStackhouseBooks. As far as I am concerned it is never too late to get started on a Sookie Stackhouse book marathon session!

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