David Brin’s Latest Science Fiction Masterpiece – Existence

Existence by David Brin, science fictionExistence by David Brin

If you read science fiction at all then David Brin is probably no stranger to you. He has amassed a library of science fiction and fantasy awards, and for good reason. He is one of a handful of science fiction  nd fantasy authors who are considered the masters of their storytelling genre and I always look forward to a new book from him. This one promises to deliver his usual thoughtful and yet fantastical tale.

It all starts with Gerald. In the not too distant future Gerald is a garbage collector of a new breed. He collects the debris that over 200 years of space exploration has left to circle around our planet. Satellite parts, old rocket parts that somehow never fell out of orbit and back to earth; he takes them all and finds a way to make use of them. But one day he brings back something a bit out of the ordinary. The strange orb kicks up rumors and stories about alien artifacts. But once it begins to speak all hell breaks loose. Factions evolve, sides are chosen around the world and scientists and military alike question its existence and what it can mean.

We follow the story by following the many threads of other lives around the planet. From the fooled streets of Shanghai to the glass towers of New York City, sides are taken, interpretations given and the age of information floods with too much data and not enough knowledge.

In anyone else’s hands this story could very easily have veered out of control. Brin takes the essential element of that big question we all have who read science fiction – what of first contact – and turns it around. The plots are too many to go into here, suffice to say that you won’t get lost as you will have a master guide here, but you need to pay attention. There are many sides to this story and Brin takes us down the multitude of opinions to reach our own conclusions. Existence is well worth every hour spent delving into a new science fiction masterpiece from the creator of some many great hours of reading.

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