THE Complete List of Charlaine Harris True Blood Books

Updated December 2, 2012

If you’re following the True Blood series on HBO you should definitely start reading the Sookie Stackhouse vampire books by Charlaine Harris. The books are part of her Southern Vampire Mystery series and they’re as entertaining as the True Blood television show.

Actually, they’re MORE entertaining in some ways because they give you additional information about the main characters: Sookie, Bill, Sam, and Eric. They’re also pretty darn funny!

Listed below are ALL of the Sookie Stackhouse books in the series as well as other books that include the great Sookie character. Don’t worry, I did NOT include any spoilers!

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Book 1: Dead Until Dark
Meet Sookie Stackhouse, a plucky waitress working in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. She’s thrilled about meeting her first vampire but this is short-lived because someone (or something) has started killing several of the local women in the community. [more details]
Book 2: Living Dead in Dallas
When a vampire asks Sookie Stackhouse to use her telepathic skills to find a missing vampire in Dallas, she agrees under one condition: the vampires must promise not to kill any of the humans involved. Little does she know that her own life may be in danger. [more details]
Book 3: Club Dead
Sookie’s boyfriend has been very distant. As in “where the heck is he?” distant. Now she’s off to Mississippi to locate him and find out what he’s up to. What started out as a straightforward mission soon turns into an adventure chock full of complications and surprises. [more details]
Dead To The World - Book 4Book 4: Dead to the World
When cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse sees a naked man on the side of the road, she doesn’t just drive on by- she tries to help. Turns out the poor thing hasn’t a clue who he is. Unfortunately, in order to restore his memory Sookie has to go up against a merciless group of spell casters. [more details]
Dead As a Doornail - Book 5Book 5: Dead As a Doornail
Something weird is happening to Sookie’s womanizing brother Jason. Even worse, looks like someone is dead set on killing off members of the local supernatural community, and the local authorities have decided that Jason is the prime suspect for the murders. [more details]
Definitely Dead - Book 6Book 6: Definitely Dead
There’s a new man in Sookie’s life and also a new problem: she just inherited everything from her recently undead cousin, who died under mysterious circumstances. Unfortunately, Sookie’s sleuthing leads her to a potentially deadly meeting with the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. [more details]
All Together Dead - Book 7Book 7: All Together Dead
Sookie is asked to attend a vampire summit and serve as a sort of telepathic bodyguard. However, once there, Sookie has to decide which side she’ll stand with; perhaps there’s more to this vampire story of revenge than she’s been led to believe.
[more details]
From Dead To Worse - Book 8Book 8: From Dead To Worse
After a deadly disaster at the vampire summit Sookie is all too eager to have things back too normal again. But when she returns home she learns that there’s unrest within both the werewolf and vampire communities. This book has great romantic tension and supernatural action! [more details]
Dead And Gone - Book 9Book 9: Dead And Gone
When a certain supernatural race decides to “come out of the closet” Sookie tries to help stop the violence. However there’s a new group of creatures in town and they’re bigger and badder than anything Bon Temps has ever seen. [more details]
Dead In The Family -  Book 10Book 10: Dead In The Family
Sookie’s love life is going well even though she’s still angry and a bit sad about recent violence events. However, while she attempts to help some of her friends a group of baddies make plans to carry out their grudges against her. [more details]
Dead Reckoning Book 11 by Charlaine HarrisBook 11: Dead Reckoning
Sookie witnesses an attack on Merlotte’s and partners with Sam to find the culprit – and the twisted motive for the attack. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam aren’t happy with their new master – and plan to do something about it.

Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie soon learns she’s being used as a pawn – and that there’s a new Queen in town . . . .
[more details]
Deadlocked -  Book 12Book 12: Deadlocked
Sookie’s love life isn’t going so well although every one else around her seems to be bitten by the love bug. Although Sookie is a bit preoccupied with life’s minutiae she finds time to investigate a murder that Eric is clearly being framed for committing. The only problem is, the dead body of the woman is found outside Eric’s front door and Eric’s blood is found on the woman’s body. With the smoking gun pointing at Eric (well, in this case, the bloody fangs; sorry, I couldn’t resist), it will take Sookie and Bill working together to find the real killer. If that’s not enough to get Sookie’s blood boiling, another “situation” Eric finds himself in with yet another woman is enough to push Sookie over the edge. But is it enough to push her into the arms of another man? find out in: [hardcover | paperback | kindle]
Sookie Stackhouse Book 13 - Dead Ever AfterBook 13: Dead Ever After
Sookie thinks Arlene has a lot of nerve asking for her job back; after all, at one point Arlene tried to have Sookie killed. She also thinks Eric has a lot of nerve ignoring her and keeping his distance. After all, haven’t they been through their share of life and death situations, many that resulted in Sookie saving Eric and his vamp buddie’s pale skins? But that’s nothing compared to the shocking murder that occurs and the fact that Sookie is arrested as the killer. She’s fortunately released soon after, but unfortunately (for both she and the killer), she decides to track down the real murderer. What she discovers about the murder and her love life is enough to knock the glitter off Lafeyette’s eyelashes! This is the LAST BOOK in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book series. You can pre-order it NOW and have it in your hands (or on your Kindle) on the day it’s released!
Order it NOW to avoid delays – this one will go fast! [hardcover | kindle]
Sookie Stackhouse Boxed SetSookie Stackhouse Boxed Set (Books 1-8)

Here’s the best deal for Sookie Stackhouse lovers! Get the first 8 books in the Southern Vampire series together in one set.

When you buy the set, your price per book is reduced so it’s less than you’d pay for a single paperback. [more details]

True Blood Boxed Set

True Blood Boxed Set

NEW! The True Blood Boxed Set (Books 1-10)

You can now get Books 1-10 all together in one boxed set! This is a great deal since you pay less by purchasing the bundled set.

Also, the books in this set have the NEW TRUE BLOOD book covers! Each cover highlights a character from the show (I love the “Eric” book cover). Get the set now while it’s ON SALE. [more details]

Charlaine Harris also contributes stories to fantasy book collections. Many of her stories are about Sookie Stackhouse and some of the other characters from the books above. I really like reading these book collections because you get to learn more about Sookie and her personality.

Here’s the complete list of books that have stories about Sookie!

Sookie  Stackhouse CompanionThe Sookie Stackhouse Companion

Short Story Title: Small Town Wedding

In this story (which will be longer than a regular short story), Sookie accompanies Sam to his brother’s wedding. Is Charlaine Harris setting the stage for Sam and Sookie to have a relationship? We can’t wait to find out!

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion includes a section where Sookie answers questions from her fans! Readers were asked to submit questions that Charlaine Harris would answer in the book! Get the book to see which questions were included and what Charlaine Harris says about what might happen to Sookie, Bill and Eric! [more details]

Death's Excellent Vacation by Charlaine HarrisDeath’s Excellent Vacation

Short Story Title: Two Blondes

This book contains an ALL NEW Sookie Stackhouse story in which Sookie is sent on an errand to a strip club where she gets into more than she bargained for. [more details]

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine HarrisA Touch of Dead
This book is chock-full of Sookie Stackhouse short stories:
-Fairy Dust
-Dracula Night
-One Word Answer
-Gift Wrap
[more details]
Wolfsbane and MistletoeWolfbane and Mistletoe

Short Story Title: Gift Wrap
Sookie, alone and bored during the Christmas holiday, decides to go outside for a bit. She ends up finding an injured “man” who tells her a wonderful and remarkable story about how he ended up in his condition. [more details]

Many Bloody Returns by  Charlaine HarrisMany Bloody Returns

Short Story Title: Dracula Night
This book is all about vampires and birthday parties. Here’s an excerpt from the Sookie short story:

“I had to gape. He looked positively edible. Eric was very tall, very broad, very blond, and tonight he was dressed in a tuxedo that had not come off any rack . . . he looked as good as any James Bond.” [more details]

Powers of Detection by Charlaine HarrisPowers of Detection

Short Story Title: Fairy Dust

This book mixes urban fantasy with the traditional mystery genre. In Fairy Dust Sookie learns that you don’t cross fairies unless you’re willing to pay the ultimate price! [more details]


Short Story Title: One Word Answer

This book contains several deliciously sexy stories written by several popular fantasy writers. In “One Word Answer” Sookie learns that talking too much can get you killed – especially when vampires are around. [more details]

Unusual SuspectsUnusual Suspects

Short Story Title: Lucky

This book contains 12 short stories by well known writers like Carole Nelson Douglas and of course, Charlaine Harris. In “Lucky” an insurance agent’s good luck turns mysteriously bad. Sookie and her pals investigate. [more details]

Between The Dark and The DaylightBetween the Dark and the Daylight

Short Story Title: Lucky

Crime fiction’s biggest names have been rounded up for a truly impressive collection of the year’s best short stories.

In Lucky, Sookie and her witchy buddy Amelia attempt to solve a break-in and wind up in hot water. [more details]

Charlaine Harris has contributed to several really good books containing fantasy short stories. Fantasy romance fans will love these books.

Must Love HellhoundsMust Love Hellhounds

Short Story Title: The Britlingens Go To Hell

In these hound-eat-hound worlds, anything goes… and everything bites. These four novellas by Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews and Meljean Brook will have hellhound lovers everywhere howling. [more details]

Blood LiteBlood Lite

Short Story Title: An Evening with Al Gore

This is a collection of entertaining tales that puts the fun back into dark fiction, with ironic twists and tongue-in-cheek wit to temper the jagged edge. In the Charlaine Harris story we learn about the dark side of going green when a quartet of die-hard environmentalists hosts a fundraiser with a gory twist. [more details]

Strange BrewStrange Brew

Short Story Title: Bacon

For anyone who’s ever wondered what lies beyond the limits of reality, who’s imagined the secret spaces where witches wield fearsome magic, come and drink deep. Let yourself fall under the spell of this bewitching collection!

In the Charlaine Harris story a beautiful vampire joins forces with a witch from an ancient line to find out who killed her beloved husband. [more details]

Crimes By MoonlightCrimes By Moonlight

Short Story Title: Dahlia Underground

In the Charlaine Harris story vampire Dahlia Lynley-Chivers is rescued by humans, an inferior race in her mind. When she learns of a plot to kill her rescuers, she has to decide which side she’s on. [more details]

Harper Connelly Series

Charlaine Harris also writes the very popular “Harper Connelly” series. If you like Sookie Stackhouse and Charlaine’s writing style you’ll like these books as well!

Grave Sight by Charlaine HarrisBook 1: Grave Sight

Every since Harper Connelly was struck by lightening she’s been able to find dead people, a skill that she uses to make a living. When she and her brother travel to Arkansas to find a missing teen, she ends up in the crosshairs of a killer.
[more details]

Grave Surprise by Charlaine HarrisBook 2: Grave Surprise

Harper’s unique talent is put to the test by a skeptical professor. Although she makes a convert of him there’s a mystery surrounding the body that she finds. Unfortunately, she and her brother can’t leave town as quickly as they’d like and end up staying at a hotel chock full of funny and quirky characters. [more details]

An Ice Cold GraveBook 3: An Ice Cold Grave

In her third case psychic Harper Connelly heads to North Carolina to find a client’s missing grandson. Turns out several teenage boys have disappeared from the area. Although Harper provides much needed assistance to the local police she’s unable to leave town until more of the mystery is solved. [more details]

Grave Secret by Charlaine HarrisBook 4: Grave Secret

Harper Connelly, a psychic that can trace dead bodies and determine the cause of a person’s death, is asked to investigate the death of a member of a wealthy family. Death threats and odd occurrences make Harper realize that this case may be linked to her own mysterious childhood. [more details]

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391 comments on “THE Complete List of Charlaine Harris True Blood Books

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    • Upon reading the 1st seven Sookie Stackhouse books, it became clear to me that the show was not going to be exactly as the books are. The books have some simlarity but for the most part the show is different. Take Tara for instance her charater is very different in the book than it is in the Show. And Jason’s charater is turning out to be just a different as I read more of the books. I will continue watching the show and reading the books. The books are filling in some of the missing peices in the show though.

      • The book and show are WAY different I have watched the series before reading the books. There is no Jessica so far i nthe books but, I have never read the books so I don’t know she might come in later in the series. Eggs and Tara aren’t getting married in the shows but there engagedin the book. No Mary Ann yet but oh well. The books are still great and I am about to start Club Dead.

        • Vanessa on said:

          I actually read the books before the show start and i loved the books, but now I have no interest in watching the show because they are so very different. In the show jason is invovled in the Anti vampire church and in the books he barely even knows about the group and Tara wasnt “saved” by the lady with the mansion in the books, and she is not engaged to Eggs he is only breifly mentioned in the books (during a football game and at a party, nothing major)But dont get dicouraged keep reading.. i actually just finished re-reading the series so that i can read the new book. (when you re-read you fugure out many clues and hints as to what is going to happen that you may have missed the first time because you just get so invovled that you need to keep reading and dont realize that the hints are in there.)

          • Um…they were engaged sorta….um yea lol he is metioned again, when Sookie went to the sex party with eric and the maenad came and eggs exploded and Tara’s memory was sorta erased by Eric and after that she had her shop and went back to working and stuff….so yea

            • About Tara’s memory being erased by Eric after the sex party/maenade (spelling?); I seem to recall Sookie having a strong feeling that Tara was just pretending to have had her memory tampered with probably as a way to shove aside things she doesn’t want to deal with yet. There were clues that pointed to Tara still being able to remember, subtle clues, that Sookie picked up on such as things Tara said about what she DID recall as opposed to what she wasn’t suppose to be ABLE to recall.

          • Jennifer on said:

            They are engaged in the books.

        • Actually, the Monster in “Living Dead in Dallas,” that attacks Sookie and ends up killing a bunch of people at the “orgy” was Maryanne, although the book refers to her as Callisto. She is also called a Maenad, something Daphne calls her in the show.(when she was talking to Sam)

        • Whitney on said:

          Technically, Mary Ann is in the second installment Living Dead in Dallas. She’s Callisto, the maenad. Her role is much stronger in the show than in the book, though.

          • Claudia on said:

            MaryAnn was on the tv show way more than Callisto was in the books. Callisto was shown as somebody who had made deals with eric that were not fufilled and in the tv show MaryAnn was so called “called upon” by Tara because her life was “hell” They made the characters way different than the books and i prefer the books more because the length and detail in the shows they cut out major parts and it gets confusing.. in this new seaon coming out in july 2010 Sookie is about to save bill with eric and the new werewolf she just met called “Club Dead” and it might take an extra season to acctually get to the part were Sookie and Bill break up..

        • jessica on said:

          yea mary ann is in the books shes the manead. but the books are alot diffrent than the shows i read the books first to watch the shows i had to not compare the sookie stackhouse novels to true blood they are two complitly diffrent things.

          • leota on said:

            I prefer the books. you get more detail about what their feelings and emotions are. true blood is making too many changes. When I get one of the book I can’t seem to put it down until I’m finished I feel bad for Sookie
            she’s always seems to be in trouble.

            • I loved the story the gift wish I had a greatgrandfather even if a fairy could leave such a wonderful gift . I have read 13 books now and loved everyone but who is Sookie going to end up with last two books left me a little upset not finishing what happens with Eric and Sookie. Not giving away the plot. Read them more fun than the show.

        • Neggie on said:

          You are wrong, Maryann the Mynaed was in book 1.

      • tara estes on said:

        i just read the first book and already know that the books are not like the show… like tara shes not even in the first book she is my favorite….. and in the show rene and arlen were never together but in the book they were married before and he grew up there…. and the book never had jason on v…. wtf but ill keep reading anyway just to see what is going on cant wait to start book 2 living dead in dallas less see how different it is from the show

        • Angie F on said:

          Keep Reading!!! I watched the show first & then read the books & they are both great! Different but great!

          • Annie on said:

            I soo agree with you.. I am completely addicted to both. I started with the show and then read the books. Now, I cannot wait for either and am soo disappointed when they are over. I love them both because they are so different, yet similar. I think it’s wonderful to have two indulgences :)

            • Leslie on said:

              I believe you may be thinking about at the club when she was with frankilin. Her memory was erased by Eric after the closing events of the sex party.

            • Leslie on said:

              Ignore my comment above. It was intended to be in reply to an earlier blog above.

              In response to your statement, I am in total agreement! You ought to also read the vampire fisted series (listed in order below along with other’s you might enjoy. Hey, you also need to watch the vampire diaries series -same denarii with the Trueblood TV series and the books.)

              Vampire Diaries (1st 4 books in the series)
              Written by L.J. Smith
              The Awakening
              The Struggle
              The Fury
              Dark Reunion

              Vampire Diaries: The Return (trilogy)
              Shadow Souls

              Vampire Diaries: The Hunters trilogy
              Moon song -to be released in March 2012

              Skokie Stackhouse Novels:  The Southern Vampire Mysteries
              Dead Until Dark – 2001
              Living Dead in Dallas – 2002
              Club Dead – 2003
              Dead to the World – 2004
              Dead as a Doornail – 2005
              Definitely Dead – 2006
              All Together Dead – 2007
              From Dead to Worse – 2008 
              Dead and Gone – 2009
              Death in the Family – 2010
              Dead Reckoning – 2011

              Skokie Stackhouse Short Stories
              The Sookie Stackhouse Companion
              Death’s Excellent Vacation
              A Touch of Dead
              Wolf bane and Mistletoe
              Many Bloody Returns
              Powers of Detection
              Unusual Suspects
              Between the Dark and the Daylight

              Other Charlaine Harris Short Stories
              Must Love Hellhounds
              Blood Lite
              Strange Brew
              Crimes by Monlight

              Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Paranormal Mystery Series
              Grave Sight 
              Grave Surprise
              An Ice Cold Grave
              Grave Secret

    • kleshette rivers on said:

      i want to know how many true blood books there are i have read all I can find the 9th book and i hate the way it ends I need to know who she ends up with there has to be more someone please help going crazy please email me at onecrazycoonass@aol.com

      • mare branch on said:

        book 10 comes out on may 27 2010 but she ends up with [comment removed by admin]

        • Thanks a lot — spoiler alert! What the heck? Next time try not to reveal the ending of a book to unsuspecting readers.

        • Jamie on said:

          How do you know?

        • Carrie on said:

          What the heck???? Thanks a lot. Now I don’t feel like it’s necessary to invest the time into reading the next few books.

          • I’ve removed the spoiler from Mare’s comment.


            BestFantasyStories.com Admin

            • The spoiler comment is still there…..

              • SPOILER ALERT FOR SOME!!!

                I knew the ending and that’s what started me reading the books… it doesnt matter that she ends up with X, or that any of the reader’s know this prior to starting the series. The whole point in reading the books is to figure out how she ends up with X.

                I actually found it made the books more interesting to see where Sookie strays from her other suitors to end up with X. I like knowing who she ends up with. It makes me want to read through the books faster and see how it happens.

                They’re a good read and even knowing the ending, I find it’s still worth reading the books. Hope you enjoy… even with a spoiler.

                • jessica on said:

                  it dosent really mater if it was a spoiler alert or not we all know she ends up with him duh.

                • Mistalyn on said:

                  PLEASE OH PLEASE who does she end up with? my bday is wednesday so i am getting all of the books but i REALLY wanna know…can some1 email me??? bittrswtfntsy@cox.net please please please

              • Sorry Mare and Jinks, I’ve removed all spoiler comments. Even with a disclaimer I’m afraid people will still stumble upon the comments and inadvertently read about the ending.

                I know your intentions were good though.

                • I new who she would end up with by the beginning of the second book. But i think it’s because i relate a lot with her and “X” is who I was in love with from the first time he was introduced. 😉

          • Dont worry about that.Trust me.If you read the books very carefully you will see that Sookie still has unresolved feelings for 1st love.Sookie has not been known to stay in one place for long.I think she will get bored.She really loves kids too,so I think in later novels that will somehow play out.I have read all 9 novels,and I am thirsting for the 10th. While I wait I’m reading them over again.Yes they are that good.

            • Cassie on said:

              i just finished reading the 10th book. it comes out may 4. as of now she is with the one that i am rooting for, however it endes rather abrubtly and i am now jonesing for book 11. it was a great read!

              • Jen on said:

                I hated the way the last book ended.. ONLY because it was way too short.. I hope shes not losing her edge. I hope she can make the oomph come back, I felt it was way too anticlimactic, unsatisfying, only because I really love the stories she weaves, please please Harris give us another!

                • Angie on said:

                  Please Please Please Please tell me there is going to be a book 11!! I am hooked on this book and the series! I am worried though, because I just finished book 10 and the ending seems like the whole thing could possibly end there. There were no crazy happenings or things that were left up in the air. Please please, somone, tell me there is another book!!

                • BestFantasyStories Admin on said:


                  Last year Charlaine Harris signed a contract to write 3 more books. Not sure if she signed the contract BEFORE or AFTER she’d written Book #10. Nonetheless, it means that she’s got at least 2 (perhaps 3) more books to write for the series.

                  I personally think she might write even more books. The popularity of the TV show True Blood has brought a whole new audience to her books.

                  Thanks and keep dropping by – we plan to announce a new contest soon!

              • amrk on said:

                i just finished reading book 10, i cant get enough of the treue blood books, eric is by fair my fav character and i sooo want sookie and eric to end up staying 2gether. i hope in later books that sum freak accident that sookie ends up falling pragnant to him..that would make for great reading.
                there is 2 more books 2 cum out it tells u the names in sum of the new books.

                • Stephanie on said:

                  What are the names of the other books to come out? (after book 10) I just finished reading book 10 and I cannot get enough of True Blood books.

                  • Stephanie:

                    Check out my latest post Sookie Stackhouse Book 11 Leaked!

                    • Romilly on said:

                      I love reading the True Blood Series, except the last book (10) doesnt make sense. I dont like watching the tv series, the sex scenes are too graphic.

                    • B Hehir on said:

                      Iam in Australia loved the books and the cds but would like to know the name of the singer of the introductory cds and the name of the song please

                • j9mus on said:

                  I have a new copy of book 9, Dead and Gone the list inside states: Dead in the family book 10, A touch of dead book 11 and then True blood omnibus ? book 12. I have pre-ordered book 11 from Amazon, its due to come at the end of Aug ’10’. Can’t wait……

                • Deztani on said:

                  A touch of dead is not the 11th book. It is just a book for short stories surrounding Sookie and “the gang”.

          • julie on said:

            It doesn’t even matter! The books are so different that it’s like a different story. Very addictive!

      • Hi, I have read all the books…I love them…the last one number 10 is Dead in the family…hope it helps..Kathy

      • Hello. I just got done reading her 10th book “Dead in the Family” as far as I know she has ten “True Blood” books but she have many other books that are based on other characters like one I know has Pam, Eric and Sookie in it.

      • londonlass on said:

        Book 10 is Dead in the family and book 11 i have just got on audio book is Dead Reckoning

    • jessica on said:

      for any one who loves the true blood show and is now interested in reading the books or visa versa, the sookie novels and true blood are two very diffrent things. charline harris went one way with book (mad props for her shes a wonderful writer) and alic bell (i think is his name) went a completly other way with the show. they are both good but dont go confusing them as the same thing it will just disapoint you. if you read the books you have to forget everything to watch the show, if you watched the show dont expect anything to be the same if you decide to read the books. props to charline harris love the books, and props to the writers of true blood awsome show cant wait to see what happens in this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hello every one i have read all the books aside from 10 and i have been watching the show true blood. to me the books and show kinda co~inside with one another the only thing they are doing is changing a couple small things (not much) and running the books together like first season and season 2 they mixed books 1 and 2 then books 3 and 4 they pretty much combining the books in the show witch i understand why with there being so many books it would take them forever to run the show accordingly. in other words the book and show are the same with some slight altercations but if you really watch the show you will she the books story line. like the whole mained thing marryann in the show was callisto in the books yes tera and eggs were engaged in the book and who he died in show altered from book and the just showed toward end of season 3 the break up between sookie and bill. like i said all the same with small altercations. hope you enjoy the books and the show both are awesome props to writer and directer.

    • Hi, my name is Ami and I’ve just discovered Charlaine Harris’ wonderful writing. I started watching the “True Blood” series with my boyfriend via Netflix and decided that I’d really like to read the books as well. I’m up to book six; “Definitely Dead” and have been listening to them as audio books on my ipod. I ordered that boxed set featured on this page from Amazon and it’s due to arrive at my house any day. I am unsure if I will continued listening to them via audio books or if I will read the last few books that’s included in the box set or I might just re-read them all after I’ve listened to them all for a full, all around effect. lol. At any rate, I will be coming back here to discuss with all of you when I’m finished. I know I will have to buy books nine and ten and then find all the short stories, which I believe are already collected together in one book: “A Touch of Dead”.
      I am also intrigued by the Harper Connelly books since I am in love with shows like “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer” and it seems like those books would be my cup of tea.
      Thanks for listening-er-reading my babbling.

      • Ami:

        I’m intrigued by what you said about the audio books. I assume they’re read by a female? What’s her voice like – does she have an accent?

        Hmmn. You’ve got me thinking about purchasing the audio book for my Kindle . . .

      • gwen on said:

        audio books ……really??? that not reading,thats cheating

        • Tamara on said:

          Audio books aren’t necessarily cheating. I’m a book addict and read at least a few each week, but when I work I enjoy listening to books instead of music. Granted, I prefer to listen to books that I’ve already read (easier to keep up since my mind is on work as well…) but I can see where someone who spends a lot of time commuting/excercising/working would find them very useful.

          I love listening to JD Robb’s “In Death” series. The narrator – Susan Ericksen – is great.

          • julie on said:

            I read a few books a week as well, but really enjoy audio books in the car! The Harry Potter series is AWESOME on audio book!

        • audio books are great for the gym!!

          • Jenickki on said:

            Audio books are not cheating. I am a librarian by trade, and it is the way of the future. I even listen to them when I am driving on long distances. As a librarian, I rarely get to sit down and read a great book. I usually have to listen to it.

            Agreed, they are great for the gym, for walking, or doing other things that are somewhat tedious and you would like a creative outlet.

            • I LOVE audiobooks! I have just started listening to them, and they are definitely NOT cheating! I just listened to a book that I had read before twice, and listening to it was a great experience. It gave a whole new feeling to the story.

        • It isn’t cheating if you are blind.

        • Cheating?!!! Audio books are not cheating. They are unabridged, and narrated by a talented actress- Johanna Parker. I drive 180 miles per day to work, so I’m thrilled that I can enjoy Charlaine Harris’s books in my car! Don’t call audio books cheating, unless you’re going to call TrueBlood cheating too.

        • londonlass on said:

          Not if you do not get a spare min to sit and read I have all my books on audio inc all the twilight saga to name but a few

        • rhonda on said:

          I just wanted to let you know that some of us can only read a few paragraphs and then I start seeing double. Please don’t judge the few of us who need audio.

    • M Prince on said:

      I have to agree with the others who said it is better to take the books and the show as two separate stories. I read the entire series of books between TB seasons 2 and three.

      Am I the only one disappointed that the show made Sookie’s character much weaker than she was in the book during the events in Jackson and at Russell’s compound?

      And the Sookie/Bill shower scene made me about ready to spit nails. I hope that’s not supposed to be what we are offered in place of a scene in Book 4.

    • Well…I see that most of you guys are getting into detailed discussions about the differences in the book and the t.v. series (some even pointing out spelling errors :-( ). I think we can all agree that after reading the book, the t.v. series does not live up to our expectations. I personally prefer the books (as I see many of you do). I am currently finishing “All Together Dead” and starting “From Dead to Worse”… and just ordered the last two. My only wish is that Sookie ends up with Eric…because he seems hot and perfect for her!

    • Charlain Harris True Blood is amazing V V

    • heather angell on said:

      I had just gotten these books on the 24 of feb. You no the pack 1-7. And im asking my dad for the rest. Sookie has all these guys, sam,calvin,alcide,quinn,eric,bill, and in the up coming books i bet there will be more. But there is one name in that list im still rooting for, and thats bill. Ya he was a spy, but hes oviously loves her. And if that doesnt work tthan i want it to be eric. Im wondering if in tthe up coming books if the undead wiill finally be aloud to marry.

      • Jeenet67 on said:

        I have just finished reading the book 11 and I am anxious to read the next one. Is their someone who knows if book 12 will be released in 2011 or when it will be released?

    • Will there be another book written in the true blood

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    • This episode, is a great episode it really gets the audience interested in the characters. When I watched it the 1st time I thought that Sam was the one who was the murderer. I was glad to find out different.

      • My boyfriend thought the murder was Hoyt. I knew who it was going to be because I’d read the first book by the time we watched the episode and it sure surprised him! We are now awaiting the first disk for the second season via Netflix.

  3. Pingback: Win a Free Charlaine Harris True Blood Book | Best Fantasy Stories

    • I am waiting patiently for June 2010 for the new season to start and decided to read the books. I would love a free copy. Single mother of three, with lil money.

      • If you like to read and are too poor to buy books (like me), check out paperbackswap.com. A free online book swap club. I’ve been using it for a year now. You post your books online, other members post theirs, and if you see something you want, you request a swap. The only expense to you is mailing one of your books to a member who requests it. Usually costs me $2.35 cents via media mail to send a member one of my books. For every book you send to a member, you earn 1 point you can spend on 1 book. Your books are mailed to you for free b/c the sender pays the postage. Membership is free too. No joke. This really works and it really is free. I’ve gotten all the harry potter books for my son this way. Saved me a fortune. Happy Reading!

        • Tracy, If you give me your email address or username at pbs then I will add you as a referral. Thanks!

          • OMG, that website sounds great! I’ve never heard of it before but I read a lot and I can’t always find what I need at the used bookstore and the library’s time limit is too constricting for me (even though it usually only takes me from 3 days to a week to read a book). If you send me your info, I will put you as a reference as well. Thanks for the info! :)

        • Hey just to give a little help once i started reading the book i just went to my local library checked them out free, it was no problem reading them within a 30 standard

        • Kreista on said:

          Or the local library. That usually works as well. Only requires a card which is free.

        • (:If you live near a Wal-Mart store you can buy the paper-backs there.They only cost $5.95,or if you have a Goodwill or Thrift Store that carries books,you might get lucky.If you are that lucky to find one,they would probably sell it for less than a $1.00.Good Luck.They are so worth reading.:)

      • Richard on said:

        Did you end up gettign the books yet? I know you posted a while back but I just read these comments (I just started reading the series recently) and I am finished with almost all of them. I would send them to you as long as you promised to pay it forward and give or send the books to someone else who deserves them. Let me know.


      • Go to your library if your in topeka they have all the books. and they also have most of em on cd.

      • I have all the books on an ebook file and also the actual books, I will be glad to email you the ebooks, email me at [email address removed by webmaster]. Thanks !

        • Meredith:

          We had to remove your email address from your comment since the sharing of Charlaine Harris ebooks represents a copyright infringement. We love these books and encourage people to either purchase them or check them out from a library.

      • julie on said:

        get a library card!

    • Develyn on said:

      I would love to win a copy!

    • Develyn on said:

      I am a huge fan and would love to win a free Charlaine Harris True Blood Book!

  4. Pingback: True Blood Episode 8 Review: Fourth Man in the Fire | Best Fantasy Stories

    • Who was the fourth man, we still don’t know. I didn’t for once think it was Bill because then the show would be over.

      • marty on said:

        The 4th man was a fangbanger, the one who hoped Sookie wouldnt recognize him from fantasia.

      • Depends on whether book of TV. In the book, it’s a young vampire friend of Bills. And on True Blood, it’s the undertaker’s assistant that Sookie saw at Fangtasia.

    • loretta roberson on said:

      it is not necessarily true tht the series would be over we still have eric to deal with and the tiger she meets later of course the tv series doesnt always follow the book but in this case it would not be the end if bill died and if you have read the book (not sure bout in the last 2) but so far she hasnt gotten back together with bill as a matter of fact she sleeps with eric more then once and then quinn is in the pix to so think bout pther possibilities to

      • Jamie on said:

        She finds out that the Queen sent Bill to “get to know her better”. She is quite bitter towards Bill.

        • i really hope the tv series gets her back with eric he is my fav and i just dont think bill really should get her back he never seemed like he loved her that much anyways in the book eric seems very in love with sookie

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  6. Pingback: Pick Your Favorite True Blood Character - Win a Free Book! | Best Fantasy Stories

    • My favorite charater would have to be Eric, his charater is mysterious. As I started to read the books. I want to see his personality change and become nicer and I want him and Sookie to get together. Maybe through some good imagination a baby could come out of it who knows.

      • marty on said:

        keep reading….

      • Nicole on said:

        it would be too much like the twilight series if that was the case.

        • I think the Twilight series has suspiciously similar qualities to the Sookie Stackhouse series…. and the Stackhouse series was written first (well about 5 of the books anyway). I would like to see Sookie have a baby too. I’ve read the Twilight series and I’m on the 4th book in the Stackhouse series. I haven’t ever watched the show and now I’m wondering because of these posts. When I first saw that Anna Paquin was playing Sookie, it didn’t seem like a good match to me. I also saw a pic for the first time of the guy who plays Eric and he doesn’t look like a tall, masculine Viking to me. :(

          • Actually, Eric is quite huge in the show. And pretty hot. He’s basically like the character from the book except he doesn’t have the pretty long hair which is lame but I got over it.

            • Agreed. At first I thought, hmmn, this is Eric? But I soon warmed up to him and now, I think he’s pretty darn hot!

              • The one i didn’t like in the show was pam, she’s not what i pictured from the books. but like was said before, i got over it. I like the show and i like the books, each is different but similar. I think the show added some stuff that would have been good in the books and yet the books are good.

              • Yeah at first I thought Eric in the show wasnt hot enough, but I too warmed up to him. Anna plays a great Sookie, totally believable. I had read the books before the show, most of them anyway. When the show started getting so far away from the books I just decided to just accept them as two stories with similarities. I enjoy the show and books very much! Im going back through the books on audio now even though I have all of them in soft back lol, getting lazy I guess.
                Dead to the World is my favorite so far, I cant say why without giving away too much to those who havent got to it yet, but you guys have to read it! I hope there will be more of “ehem” in the future lol. muah to all the sookie fans!

          • I have read all 9 books.Yes the HBO series is a little diffent.Like the fact that Lyfette lives in the HBO series but dies in the 1st book.I hate that he died in the books because in the HBO series I love his character.I think it would have so funny to read his part,but in the books it made sense for him to die.But,anyone who loves the book,will love the HBO series as well.If you watch you will see how sexy,and tall Eric is.His character in the books and on screen are perfect in every way.

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  8. Pingback: On Sale: Sookie Stackhouse True Blood Box Set | Best Fantasy Stories

  9. Laura Smith on said:

    I love sookie and can hardly wait for the next of the true blood books to come out I have read the first 7 I see there is an 8th ( must have that one) and a 9 comming soon. hope you contact me when it is available. Thanks a True Blood nut.

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  11. I have read 123 then lost track of names and read 5 so soon I will read 4 and then go from there, usually I can read them within a week maybe less if I get drawn to what is going on. I can’t read any faster with a kid, working out and sleep, lol.

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  19. charlotte.anne.hawthorne on said:

    These books are soooo awesome!!

    i like how harris wrote the series.

    though i only read from dead to worse, i am itching to read the rest of the books.

    thanks for writing!!

    i love love love vampire books!!

    can anyone suggest anything for me??

    i read:

    twilight by stephenie meyer

    the chronicles of vladimir todd (1 2 & 3) by heather brewer

    and other things…

    • u should try the following series i own them and love them
      l.a. banks-vampire huntress legends-complete
      lynsay sand’s-Argeneau Series-still going
      P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast-House of Night Series-still going
      and i was told that the follow two book series are also good
      laural k hamilton-Anita Blake Series-still going
      kim harrison-the hollows-still going

      • and all of these series has a site if u search by the authors name.

        • Rae:

          Thanks for the book recommendations. I’ve read books by all of the authors in the list but I’ve not read every book their book series.

          I think you’ll really love the Kim Harrison “The Hollows” books. They’re great. As for the Anita Blake books, I was able to get to Book 8 before I stopped. Anita’s character changed too much for me. However, I’m happy to see that the latest book in the series “Skin Trade” brings back the old kick butt Anita I grew to love.

          You should also try the Patricia Briggs books in her Mercy Thompson series. They’re oustanding!

      • I LOVE the Dark Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward OOOH and the Argeneau Vampire series by Katie Macalister. Both the series I pretty much had to read in one sitting because i got so involved in the characters…so glad hubby made me get a Kindle so I dont have to wait a WHOLE DAY to get a fix when I need it!! Oh yeah…lynsay sands has a vampire series too that is really good. I think all 3 are releasing another book this spring. hmmm so many books-so little time.

    • carolyn on said:

      You can try the Anita Blake novels by Laurell K Hamilton.

    • Here are some other authors with vampire series that you might want to read: They are all excellent…
      JR Ward
      Jacquelyn Frank
      Christine Feehan


    • I think you will love the morgonville series cause they are so good.

    • Suggestions for you to read:



    • Suggestions for you to read:



  20. charlotte.anne.hawthorne on said:

    by the way,

    do any of you know any sites that i can read online???

  21. delilah on said:

    You should try The House of Night series by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

  22. Delilah:

    I just read the first book in that series “Marked” a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it!

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  24. kylie on said:

    Has anyone realisd there are 8books to the set not 7

  25. jade on said:


    is the first season of true blood based on JUST the first book?

  26. Alexis on said:

    so what with the books the include sookie? should you read those? i dont understand where they come in the plot of things.

  27. Judy on said:

    Jade, I am rereading the series now, read the first 7 years ago, but there are differences between the books and True Blood (both are GREAT, btw). Season is not just based on the first book.

  28. Judy on said:

    Summary of Sookie Stackhouse writings:
    01. Dead Until Dark (2001)
    02. Living Dead in Dallas (March 2002)
    03. Club Dead (May 2003)
    04. Dead to the World (May 2004)
    04.5 * “Fairy Dust” in Powers of Detection (October 2004)
    04.6 * “Dancers in the Dark (novella) in Night’s Edge (Harlequin Enterprises) (October 2004) (a Sookie-universe story without the character of Sookie Stackhouse)
    04.7 * “One Word Answer” in Bite (2005),
    05. Dead as a Doornail (May 2005)
    06. Definitely Dead (May 2006)
    06.5 * “Tacky” in My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding (2006) (a Sookie-universe story without the character of Sookie Stackhouse)
    07. All Together Dead (May 2007)
    07.5 * “Dracula Night” in Many Bloody Returns (September 2007)
    08. From Dead to Worse (May 2008)
    08.5 * “Gift Wrap” in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (October 2008)
    08.6 * “Lucky” in Unusual Suspects

    • thanks for the list. it’s plane and simple to follow,lol, but what about books 9-10? is there any other books between them that i should read(i like to go in order so i don’t miss anything in the story)and are all the books on your list by C.Harris? please answer me back by e-mail(i’m not so good with searching sites), mine is chaser_crazey@yahoo.com, and have a nice day!

  29. Sharon Baker on said:

    Saw these and they lood so good. I just received 7 of the first ones
    you wrote and can’t wait to start reading them.

    Thank you

  30. Some of the short stories in my list seem to be in the wrong place. Sorry about that, if you are following the list. I got it off the internet, but trying to reread everything, I see some are not quite right.

  31. pattie in cali on said:

    best books ever, i am having a birthday soon. hope my books are my presents. i want all of them in hardbacks. i have some of the paperbacks.
    can’t get enough. outstanding!!!!!

  32. Thank you for making this list!

  33. the book dead and gone is the last book is the series?? will Charlaine Harris write a 10’th book??

    • BestFantasyStories Admin on said:

      Dead and Gone is the last book that’s been published in the Sookie Stackhouse series BUT Charlaine Harris signed a contract stating that she’ll write 3 more books.


  34. I have just started the 8th book. (From Dead To Worse) I love the books. I can’t put them down. I look forward to reading the next two books. I already pre-ordered the 10th book. I hope Charlaine keeps writing them.
    I also watch the series. I really wish the series would be like the books. Sometimes it is a little cheesy. The books are exciting and leave you guessing what is going to happen next. The series…. not so much. (Though I do love Anna Paquin)

  35. Christina on said:

    I’m addicted to the True Blood tv series and also really liked the twilight series. I’ve been thinking of buying this book series, is it worth it???

  36. Absoultly! You would be neglecting yourself if you didn’t make the investment.

  37. I love the books and the show True Blood. Even if they are different, they both have good plots. They both are able to keep you at the edge of your seat.

  38. Christina on said:

    Thanks so much!! im gonna get them then.

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  40. Pingback: Review of Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris | Weebers

  41. i love true blood i can not get enough of it so the books even when they are a little different entertain me as well

  42. Christina on said:

    I absolutely love both the show and the books. They are so addicting and I can’t seem to put the books down! My mom bought me the set of books 1-7 and I’m so glad she did. Now, I have two more to read. I’m glad to see that there are a few more books to read after that. Thumbs up to Charlaine Harris for making my slow days at work more interesting and exciting! Kudos :)

  43. This domain is for sale www.truebloodbooks.com if anyone is interested

  44. So…I have also gotten myself “sucked” into the sookie books…I watched season 1(in one twelve hour straight viewing session) a wk before season 2 was to begin…I couldn’t get enough!! And now that the show is over I started with the books. And truthfully they are different…duh of course…but they are both equally addicting!! similarities, of course… but no tv show or movie could ever really be as detailed as a book! I am just about to start book 7 and I can’t wait!!

    • Nic:

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment about the books. Yes, they’re truly addictive!

      Can’t wait for Book 10 in the series.

      Also, you might want to check out A Touch of Dead, which is a book of short stories about our gal Sookie!

      • Mary Hillila on said:

        Love the series and the books.
        Editing could be improved. i.e. air conditioners upstairs in place, later Amelia puts in air conditioner,
        Sookie gets the thermometer from Jason for her birthday and for x-mas, she has a peephole later needs to get a peephole,etc.
        Just goes to show how involved I am..

  45. Alotablue on said:

    I didn’t know about either the show or the book before 4 weeks ago (UK 1st season just started) I watched the 1st episode and was hooked I couldn’t wait until the next show aired!! So i trawled the Internet finding both seasons and then again I needed to know what had happened to bill at the end of season 2 and I definitely couldn’t wait till next year! So i decided to get the 1st five books (I’m not a book reader) to start me off with. OMG I can put the things down I have just finished the 5th book and I still want more!!! So far i like that the show is slightly different to the books.Sookie’s dress sense in the book is abit erm……. so i try to picture Sookie in the show I didn’t like the Maryann (maenad) character in the show apart from that I love both. I’m off to buy the rest of the books as I am now getting withdrawals lol

  46. Develyn on said:

    These books were so great to read. I have already read them all and I am sad that I will have to wait until May 2010 for the next addition. I watched season 1 of True Blood and found it interesting to watch. It was nice to try to see a face to the characters in the book, and I have to say Eric is HOT!! The actress that plays Sookie had to grow on me a little, and so did Bob. I can’t wait to see the faces of some of the other characters that have not yet been introduced to the HBO series (Bubba!!!).

    In the mean time I am on the hunt for more book series like the Sookie series, and right now I am reading Laurell K. Hamilton. Good writer, but not the same. Anyone have suggestions. I like to read books that are series, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you!

    Thank You So much Charlaine for the GREAT Sookie Stakhouse series. Probably one of the best, most exciting series I have read yet!!


    • Develyn on said:

      Oops! My head got ahead of my typing! I said Bob and meant Bill…. Bob was the cat, and has not yet been introduced to the HBO True Blood series… Sorry :)

  47. Tee Ross on said:

    I just recently discovered the True Blood series on HBO thanks to on demand T.V , I was able to whatch season 1 and 2 and I can’t wait for season 3 however I am very disappointed to know I have to wait until 2010 . I just started the 1st book in the series and I can’t put it down, I plan on reading all of the books while I wait for the show to start again , could someone please let me know the order I need to read the books .I know the True Blood books come in series but I also noticed that there are other books w/ Sookie Stackhouse . Could someone please let me know the order I need to read the books? I would truly be thankful…
    you can e-mail me@tesha.ross12@gmail.com THANKS NEW TRUE BLOOD FAN!

  48. jessica on said:

    OMG! most fantastic books ever written. I’m an avide reader and it’s so hard to find something that will keep me reading for 4 hours srtaight without putting the book down. That’s what charlaine Harris has done for me with the series, x-mas is coming up and I’ve asked my family for all the books regarding the lovely Sookie Stackhouse. I like the show to, can’t wait for the new season to start, I do think they chose the way wrong person for Eric, that guy that plays Sawyer on Lost would have been a much better choice. I’m so anxious to see who they get to play Quinn. Those of you haven’t read that far yet, just wait him and Alcide are the greatest. I hope Ms. Harris doesn’t ever stop with the series, I dread the day she decides it’s finished.

  49. I am a fan of True Blood and decided to read the books while the show was on hiatus. Reading the books has been GREAT! I think they did a great job with the show without taking away from the books. They are pretty different so someone could easily enjoy both as I do!

    (totally picture The Rock as Quinn! Especially since I just saw him bald on CNN Heroes! He’d be perfect!)

    • Sockittoemsookie on said:

      I like both as well. I watched the first season over and over, and I saw the second season on HBO, and during the hiatus I have pilaged the books as quickly as possible. I like them BOTH for different reasons, but I like them both a lot!!!

  50. have you all seen new moon?i have all the twilight books.in new moon at the end i thru the book across my room because it made me mad.eclipse is the best book out of the twilight saga.in breaking dawn edward and bella have a baby.i love twilight.i am a big fan of twilight

  51. true blood is cool

  52. i LOVE true blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Does anyone know when the next book will be out??? I just can’t wait, I have read ALL the books and am now bitting at the bit to find out when the next one will be out…

  54. Pingback: » Origin Missing

  55. I have read all the books. I prefer them over the movie. Movies always fall short of the books. I would just like to know when the next book will be out? Thank You.

  56. I was slightly frustrated and uninterested once I saw that the Twilight movies left out important information from the first two books. So when I stumbled across True Blood (more like I got tired of folks talking about it—and I not knowing what the heck they were discussing) I realized that I would prefer to stay away from the books. I am an avid reader, but I don’t want to spoil my taste for the show. Therefore I will have to wait around for the new season in June…I guess…

    • You might want to read the first book in the series “Dead Until Dark” and see what you think. The TV show is only loosely based on the books so you won’t be ruining anything by reading them. But to be safe, starts with just the first book to see if it affects your opinion of the TV show.

      Come back and let us know what you think!


  58. Pandora on said:

    To Be Honest, The Books Are Very Good And The Show Is Very Good, The Show Goes Into The Story More Which iS Better I Think… i Stil Dont Know Which i Prefer… But Sometimes Find It Confuising…
    I Also Wish They Had Show Eric In The Pink Lycra From Living Dead In Dallas =[

  59. Alexis on said:

    I am obsessed with “TrueBlood” and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels! I can’t deside which I like better. The show has me sitting on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait for the 3rd season!! The books suck me in and I can’t set it down. They’re unpredictable and exciting! I read a lot and out of all the books I have read, “Dead Until Dark” is my favorite book and Charline Harris is my favorite author! I’ve read all 10 books and I think I’ll read them a second time. Will there be an eleventh book? Will there be more Sookie Stackhouse books? I hope there will be me! I want to know what happens after Niall leaves in #9! I want to read more about Sookie!

  60. My BFF is a TrueBlood Addict! She’s on book #10 now! I’m hoping there will be an 11th book, because if there is I would like to get it for her. Will there be more?

  61. Russell Martin on said:

    I have read 9 of the 10 books they are amazing i am also watching the true blood series they are so diffent! i like both story lines. THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO IS the books are centered around sookie she is the main character and you only see what she see’s. the show however was made to not be all about sookie all the characters have storys i like the show alot because of the way the writers decided to handle it. if the show was all about sookie then no one would watch because it would just be the books on a screen. they had to make the show stand on its own with out the books and they have done an amazing job at it. I suggest that if you like the show read the books the books will help solves some mysteries in the show but overall they are really different storys.

  62. beth Linder on said:

    Of course the books and the tv series are going to be different, some things cannot tranfer over and the series is BASED on the novels.

    SO what??? You can enjoy the books for what they are and then you can emjoy the series as well.

    Why look for bad when there is none.

  63. Alexis on said:

    When will the other Sookie Stackhouse Novels come out? What are they called?

  64. Sookie Stackhouse books are terrific .cant wait for the last book to come out, I have not seen the series on television but if they are anything like the books they will certainly be entertaining

  65. The Sookie Stackhouse series was definetely enjoyable reading for me just could not put the books down, anxiously awaiting the last book . Harris is a great writer

  66. Charlaine Harris is one of the most creative writers I have ever read…

    Ms. Harris has contracted for 13 Sookie Stackhouse books in all, so unless something changes, after May 2010 there will only be 3 books left to look forward to. How sad is that?

    Also, if you are thinking that the books are better than the TrueBlood series; I bought the first season of TrueBlood after reading all the available Sookie Stackhouse books, and I am now not only waiting for the newest book to be released, I am also impatiently waiting for the 2nd season of TrueBlood to go on sale. I have the best of both worlds!

    • BestFantasyStories Admin on said:


      I agree. The good thing about True Blood is that you can watch the TV show AND read the books without feeling as if you know what’s going to happen!

  67. SimplyAddicted on said:

    I have read up to book 8, can’t afford hard cover so waiting for 9 and 10 to go to paper back. My fiance bought the first book to read on a flight to Louisiana to his sister’s wedding. He was intrigued by it becuase he’s from LA. He liked it but called it “girly” Well I picked it up and read it in ONE SITTING!! I was instantly addicted! When I found out it was a series I bought all the paperbacks i could find! I had NO IDEA it was a series on HBO untill I was talking to a girlfreind of mine and as I was telling her about the books and character names she screams “TRUE BLOOD” LoL Well of course I don’t have cable and really wanted to see the show, bought season one and yes they are different but LOVE them both! You can’t expect any show/movie based on a book will follow 100%. I’m impatiently waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD and books 9 and 10 in paperback!!
    I live in Sookie world! I’ve never been into any book/show series the way I am with this one! I LOVE IT!!!

  68. what are the books Wolfbane and Mistletoe,Mary bloody Returns and Power of Detection ? Are they part of the series?

  69. emmaaah! on said:

    Theres another book coming out in march/april/may time 😀 its called dead in the family 😀 cant wait yippeeeeeeeee 😀 😀

  70. Where can I read the sookie stackhouse books online(free)????

    • go to your local library. The one i go to, you can order the books online and they will hold the books for you to be picked up at your convenience. Also if they do not have the book they will request it from another library. Its easy and free.

    • Kelso on said:

      Check 4shared.com, I’ve downloaded alot of different series from there and haven’t had any problems. I’m sure they will probably be on there somewhere.

  71. Just go to the library

  72. loretta roberson on said:

    for those of u who r fans of other books vampire academy’s 5th book spirit bound is coming out may 18th of this year i have read the excerpt and it is excellent a real teaser lol. and if ur looking for other stuff to ready check out the destiny series by pc cast and the immortal series by alyson noel also check out the morganville vampires and the night world series by jl smith. also check out lovers avenged lol

  73. leanne smith on said:

    just finished reading All together dead, about to go get Dead and gone from my book self. i thoughly enjoyed the books and am loving the series even if the plots are turning out different. cant wait for season 3 to start.

  74. true blood is a terrific serie and the books are so excited too!!!!

  75. hopplegirl on said:

    I love the Sookie Stackhouse book. I just can’t put them down. I also love Eric from the books and want him and Sookie to be together. I am on book 7 All together Dead. I have been reading them from my local libary, but thinking about buying them to read when I am finished. I can’t wait to get home from work to read more of them.

  76. petlvr826 on said:

    im on a touch of dead and i think that these books are asoume and my friend is really interested in them now. i guess i got her into them

  77. Dianna on said:

    I LOVE Sookie and I cannot wait for “Death in the Family”. Keep them coming Charlaine – Love Ya

  78. I’m not sure if anyone’s pointed this out (I tried not to read the comments cause they have too many spoilers for someone who’s only read the first book!) but on the list, #10 is linked to Dead in the Family and it’s named as ‘A Touch of Dead’

  79. Justin Barnes on said:

    I really like the books
    I first started watching the show (saw the first three ep. on HBO) then found out that there is a book series on it got the first three books (now have all, cant wait for DEAD IN THE FAMILY!!!) and I just love the series and can’t stop!
    I just finished DEAD TO THE WORLD (book four of ten so far) and read the first chapter of DEAD AS A DOORNAIL (book five) and I’m hoping to get to book nine soon cuzz I wanna read book ten As soon as I get it!!
    I heard there will be an 11th book and I just cant wait

  80. i hop charlaine harris writes more sookie stakehouse books they are so good

  81. I find this article very helpful. I don’t have to research anymore beacause this article has it all. Many thanks to this new information.

  82. Kelly on said:

    Love the books,can I receive email when the 11th book comes out and future ones?……and I wanted Sookie to end up with Bill….lol….thanks great work

  83. marianne on said:

    People take it way too seriously! Harris doesn’t write the script for the show. In the books its in sookies point of view so we don’t know what tara or eggs or jason are doing most of the time. If allen ball just stayed with sookie it would get a little boring! but season 3 is book 3 and its one of my favorites! Everyone needs to just go with the flow.

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  85. Kelso on said:

    I’ve just finished the 10th book & was really disappointed! The tone and flow are very different from the rest of the series, giving off (IMO!) the vibe that she just “phoned” it in. Also, I do not like the way she has changed Sookie. She started out as very opinionated and not afraid to fight for her principals, now I find her vapid and kinda slutty. I started out preferring the books to the show, but now prefer the show to the books. I have no idea where Harris is going with the story, but I don’t think I’ll read the next books. :(

    BTW- I am Team Bill ALL the way, and am SO sick of Eric/Sookie! (Makes me want to vomit!!)

  86. Leah on said:

    Hi. Have a question. Might sound weird to people who havent been living under a rock like me; but what age group are the True Blood books aimed at? Are they teen directed like twilight or more directed at older people? Ie. a 25yr old rock dweller with nothing to read….

  87. kelsey on said:

    So i dont know whether to read the books im hooked to the show and dont know about the books but i only read books that arent so boring and can keep me interested

  88. Rose on said:

    I came across ABells TB HBO fiasco during 1st season WHICH guided me to this series of novels. All I can say is WTF happened between these artfully written books to HBO/ABells complete rewrite. Financial gain probably had something to do with allowing these books to be turned into HBO movie of the week but WHY would the artist Ms Harris allow her storyline to be completely screwed. One positive note that could be said about the tv series characters is they can add a face to “some” of the books characters. But any avid reader has no problem doing this especially as descriptive Sookies Series characters were written. What HBO did was take a great story plot, slap rewrite and rewrite a sex story, where I found a little mythical romance in the books themselves. I am just VERY disappointed by the “TrueBlood” MESS. Could this be why book # 10 seemed so hurried/rushed to the finish ? Stephen Kings books were done about the same, except that ABell took it and practically slapped a rated “XXX” on it. I am dreading what I hear they do to the Were community which really put a real tweek into the book. But as one of the actors commented “More sex” was part of her reasons for watching. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk..Our Sookie Stackhouse Series will never regain that unique-ness..UNLESS A Bell returns to the original format…And C Harris gives a crap about her readers.

    • Rose on said:

      Season 2 is a perfect example of the mess A Bell turned C Harris’s Sookie Novels into. Talk about a messy rewrite that just didn’t work..HBO, ABell and Season 2 pretty much spells it out. No one says to keep it soley on one character, but he didn’t even keep the characters in their original form. A little on screen steam in romance in this day and age is expected, but come on..it’s turning into a screw fest..I loved when the WERE’s come into the picture..Yet I am really dreading what kind of bullish drama Bell is about to unleash on everyone. Season one I sort of finished out as I was reading the first 8 books, during the hiatus I went onto read the next, and now I have returned with the most recent..After season 2, I shudder to think..and will the story be told or will this be ABells own cut on this addition to the series. After a very brief peek of last summers “bull”..I am not about to encourage anyone who appreciates a good book to go with the flow of a poor adaptation rewrite some doofus name alan Bell scrappled together….But I do realize that when it comes down to these books theselves, money talked and the fans of the true story were sold out. I don’t look forward to each book as I used to. IMHO, I have yet to see any Novel to movie that was ever any good…But ABell has really taken bad taste to a lower level of garbage.

      • I agree that I really didn’t enjoy the storyline of the Maenad in season 2 and the orgy’s were really tacky and unnecessary. Season2 was definitely not my favourite. However I am enjoying season 3 much more although they still haven’t calmed down when it comes to the sex scenes. At times it becomes very uncomfortable to watch. ABell must be a very frustrated man lol. ABell definitely needs to learn about moderation and tact.

  89. betsy on said:

    ok, i’m really confused ! i’ve read the 10 books and, in my books, tara is married to jb-not engaged to eggs. do i need to go back and re-read the books?

    • Natalie on said:

      you are correct. tara and aggs were dating in previous novels but she marries jb because eggs is a loser. the previous comment which stated that they are engaged was, i am sure, a mistake.

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  91. Hi I found your blog on bing and enjoyed reading this post you have given some good information.I’ve bookmarked your site and will be back

  92. Nicole on said:

    I think that the show and the books are great, they are both, in my opinion a great interpretation of the world with vampires, well the one described by Charlaine Harris. I enjoy the book some what more than the show as it is more descriptive of sookie, but theyre both as gripping as eachother. So om hooked to both

    • Nicole:

      Same here!

      • Jesskah on said:

        There is gonna be 3 more books she is signing on for them and charline harris has said she doesn’t know whether she is gonna continue on after book 13, she thinks it would be and injustice to the characters and all that, but she has signed on to write 3 more after dead in the family. I hope she does write more. This is the longest series ive read, I dont want it to end. Sad to say, no author is gonna wanna dwell on a series to long. :(.

  93. Nicole on said:

    I think that the show and the books are great, they are both, in my opinion a great interpretation of the world with vampires, well the one described by Charlaine Harris. I enjoy the book some what more than the show as it is more descriptive of sookie, but theyre both as gripping as eachother. So im hooked to both

  94. Cordelia on said:

    I watched 2 seasons and 3 episodes of the show before I started reading the books. I like the books better, but I also enjoy watching the show. A lot of other books I’ve read have become tv shows or movies and they’re always different, so I try to regard them as two separate things, but with familiar characters. It makes it easier to enjoy the very different tv or movie version instead of griping that its not the same.
    These are excellent books, I hope she’s not done writing them.

  95. linda on said:

    I can’t stop rading these books. I also love the tv show too. My mom says she can tell that i love the book because i read them all the time. I can’t wait till i can bey all of the books so i can read them more.Also can’t wait to bey the tv show on dvd. Also can’t wait to see if she wrights more books. I LOVE THIS SERIES

  96. I like that the books and TV series are different because you don’t know what to expect when watching the show, which keeps it interesting. I agree that the TV series has too much graphic and sometimes unnecessary sex scenes and it’s seems to be getting worse with each season.

    As for the books I have read all 10 and I am looking forward to the 11th and number 10 was slightly lacking in story, but on a different note, (SPOILER COMING UP) after waiting so long to see a relationship develop between Sookie and Eric I was disappointed by the lack of page space dedicated to expanding on and furthering the story of their new relationship. It almost felt like the author has said ‘they’re together and that’s that’ and their relationship has become a sidelined story. After waiting so long to see them get together and watching their relationship slowly develop, I was really hoping to hear more of Eric and their relationship once they finally got together :(

  97. chin on said:


  98. Mikaslymm on said:

    I do like both the books and the show but I do agree with the excessive and graphic sex and violent scenes in the show.

  99. linnette diaz on said:


  100. Brian on said:

    Someone please answer me this. I have read up to book 8 so far and I love the series. My sister got me into and WARNED me the show is the same but with changes. My question is due to the books..I love the titles the Author gives but does she use Every title in the book itself……I found the title Dead as a Doornail in one of the chapters within the book at the end of a sentence. I wondered if anyone else caught on to that as Charlaine seems to use the title of the books within each novel.

    • I realised that aswell 😀 im also only up to book 8 and have orderd books 9 and 10 of amazon if you re-read through the series and keep an eye out for the titles they are all used in the book mainly when sookie comments on something (mentaly or verbaly) 😀

    • Kimberly on said:

      I didn’t notice it until Club Dead (obviously) but it was definitely in ‘Dead To the World’, that’s when I started noticing the pattern.

      I don’t remember it being in ‘Dead Until Dark’ or in ‘Living Dead in Dallas’

      I am tempted to go back and do an entire re-read now!!!

      • lauren on said:

        I think i remember seeing it in Living Dead in Dallas. I could be wrong but i don’t think so. I always catch when they use the title of a book (and movies also) in the actual text. I’m not sure why but i always catch them for some reason. :)

  101. Kathy Nieves on said:

    I really hope that Sookie stays with Eric. She needs to stay with a guy in a relationship. I’m getting tired of her being unsure whether or not it’s love or the blood bond between them. Let them realize they are in love and adopt Hunter. I also wish Sookie would become a vampire herself and stay with Eric forever.

  102. Kathy Nieves on said:

    The last couple of books were making Sookie sound a little trampy. She was always thinking about Sam, Quinn, or Alcide. I was thrilled she finally got together with Eric. Let these two stay together. Sookies great grandfather always wanted to do something for her so let him make Eric human temporarily so they can have children (it should be twins – a boy and a girl) and he can also make it that Sookie and the children live a long life with Eric since they are fairies. Bill and Jason can be their godfathers and Pam and Ameilia can be their godmothers. Eric and Sookie are good for each other. She makes him feel more human and he makes her stronger.

    • I absolutely LOVE your suggestion about the godparents!

      Can’t you see Bill and Jason being the proud godfathers? Since the child would be Sookie’s I can see Bill making sure it was protected. And this would give Jason a sense of responsibility and help further mend his relationship with Sookie.

      And Pam would be VERY touched by Sookie making her a godmother. She, like Bill, would probably do everything possible to ensure the safety of the child.

      Again, I really like that suggestion!

    • Kimberly on said:

      heh – I don’t see Eric and Sookie having a baby. Charlaine was pretty adamant about that fact on her website.

      Q. Will Sookie ever become a vampire/ get pregnant by a vampire/be overjoyed when one of her vampire lovers turns human?

      A. No. And it’s not possible for a vampire to impregnate a human in my world.

      But hey, I am definitely TEAM ERIC. They are the story IMO. If it ever DID happen… maybe Pam would finally get to attend a baby shower. *Snigger …. I just can’t see Pam doing the Godmother thing. Its making me giggle just thinking about it.

  103. I’m reading a lot of comments and a lot of you don’t know what you’re talking about. lol A lot of you do though. I find the books to be AWESOME! And the show is awesome too! I just don’t have cable so I’m always waiting for the next season to be released. I liked the fact that after the show came out and I went back and re-read some of the books and it made for a lot more visual stimulation being able to put faces, places, and voices into mind. I will ALWAYS follow books & TV series based on Sookie and Bon Temp! Keep them coming Charlaine!

  104. I am a little over half way through reading the latest book and just wanted Mrs. Harris to know that a vampire can only have ONE maker not two. I think that the authors and editors should do a quick review of the past books in any series they are writing and reviewing. I makes it seem like they are grasping at straws just throwing something together for the deadline and to keep the series going. The books are so much better than the show. Season 3 is a bit to out there.

    • Natalie on said:

      At what point in the book does anyone mention anybody having two makers??? i think you are very confused. are you reffering to the fact that in the tv series eric’s maker is godric? because if you look back at living dead in dallas, i think you will find that this is not so in the books.


  106. Louise0121 on said:

    i was very intrigued about the books when i started watching TRUEBLOOD on HBO. i honestly felt that they should have stick to the story in the books..but even though they made it VERY different i still liked the TV SERIES:) i actually started with club dead because i liked season 3 soo much i thought it i would already know what happened to DEAD UNTIL DARK and LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS.but i found out it was totally different! after i read CLUB DEAD i got so addicted that i bought all the books the day after i finished! it’s so DAMN ADDICTIVE! I LOVE ERIC NORTHMAN!!!

  107. Louise0121 on said:

    HAHA! the next book would be “DEAD LETTERS” OMG! i can’t wait!! more power to Charlaine HARRIS! :)

  108. louise0121 on said:

    oh crap! i got the title wrong! 😛 sorry

  109. She hasnt finished series yet so nobody knows who she ends up with yet.

  110. Michelle on said:

    I really don’t mind that the books and the series aren’t identical as I get a double dose of every thing and more of Sookie, Bill and Eric and that’s not a bad thing. Keep it up

  111. Confused on said:

    Please help me – I’m so confused! I have read all books in series up to the one I’m reading now which is “Definitely Dead” In this book, Sookie keeps referring to the [final] murder of her cousin and the offer of the queen to have Sookie seek justice by killing her cousin’s murderer. (She opts not to kill him, but witnesses his demise.)
    What book was all this in?? Somehow I missed all of this. Now Sookie is in her departed cousin’s apartment in NOLA and I don’t get this story line at all. Can someone help me find the part I missed??
    By the way, I lovve both the books and the series and don’t mind at all that they;re different. I find both equally intriquing! My only complaint is that the show has too much jason!!

    • Natalie on said:

      i was VERY confused when i read this and thought i must have missed a book, but it is actually explained in the short stories collection. i think it could have been explained better in the novels, because at the time that i was reading them, i had no idea that there were any short stories at all. i hope this helps. :)

      • Natalie on said:

        you should look for book 4.5 “one word answer” it explains about sookie’s cousin hadley, who she was, how she died, and all that.

      • Kimberly on said:

        These are all the Sookie books and short stories in
        a timeline.

        1) Dead Until Dark
        2) Living Dead in Dallas
        3) Club Dead
        4) Dead To The World
        *** “Fairy Dust” (Powers of Detection/A Touch of Dead)
        *** “Dracula Night” (Many Bloody Returns/A Touch of Dead
        5) Dead As A Doornail
        *** “One Word Answer” (Bite/A Touch of Dead)
        6) Definitely Dead
        7) Altogether Dead
        *** “Lucky” (Unusual Suspects/A Touch of Dead/REPRINT in Between Dark and Daylight)
        8) From Dead To Worse
        *** “Gift Wrap” (Wolfsbane and Mistletoe/A Touch of Dead)
        9) Dead And Gone
        10) Dead in the Family
        *** Two Blondes (Death’s Excellent Vacation)

        The next book to be released is the Sookie Stackhouse Companion which is due out in Feb 2011.

        There are a few shorts that are Sookie Verse, but don’t have Sookie in the stories as well.

        “Tacky” (My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding)
        “Bacon” (Strange Brew)
        “Dancers in the Dark” (Nights Edge)
        “The Britlingers Go To Hell” (Must Love Hellhounds)
        “Dahlia Underground” (Crimes By Moonlight)

  112. kerrington on said:

    ok i started watching the show and all but at the moment i have no money for the books *tear* and i just have to know what happened after the most recesnt season ended like :

    where did sookie go?
    what will and eric do now ?
    is russel coming back?
    does the vampire queen kill bill?
    do lala and his boyfriend stay together?
    did sam really shoot his brother?
    WHERE DID TARA GO and will she be back?

    • Kimberly on said:

      Sookie Books and Trueblood shows are like a ‘choose your own ending’ of a fantastic story.

      At first I was soooo disappointed about everything in the television series. The actors/actresses weren’t anything like I had pictured them in my head, and the the show didn’t follow the books in so many ways.

      Once I sorted out that I ‘could’ appreciate the differences, I found there were things I liked in the series and things I liked in the Books.

      I like how Lafayette is still about, and how much we get to see more of vulnerable Terry in the show… and Jessica is a wonderous boon. And OMG … where in the heck is Bubba?!!!

      DELETE DELETE DELETE (deleted my entire rant of the differences) too many spoilers in it — *raspberry

      Now I think the actors/actresses are SUPER and they all do such a great job of bringing the story to life.

      The Books are still my favs… but, I look forward to the shows and hope there are as many seasons as books. Thats 12 or 13 years worth at least.

      • Kimberly on said:

        whoops, replied to the wrong post. SORRY!!! Sure sign I need to call it a night.

        Sookie went to Fairy Land to spend time with Claudine.

        Russell is taking a concrete nap for at least the next 100 years. (Lets all hope and pray)

        Sophie Ann is a terrible queen, go Bill go Bill.

        Lala is going all witchy now.

        Sam should be above shooting his brother IMO – but everyone has a dark side.

        But the BEST thing about the upcoming season is that naughty Alan Ball can’t cheat us on Eric and Sookie this next season. Muhahahaha. I am SO looking forward to it.

  113. Sally Lee on said:

    I absolutely love the books – I read the books before I saw the series, the series does nothing for me and dosent do the books justice. I love Sookie – well done Charlaine

  114. Anyone expecting a TV or film based on a book would be sadly mistaken to expect the film to bear more than a passing resemblance to the book(s). The only one that came close was ‘The Dambusters’ based on a book by Paul Brickhill (which most of you won’t have heard of or remember), and even that film was only concerned with the first operation carried out by 617 Squadron of the RAF in WWII.

  115. i have the first 5 books in just 2 books called dead in dixie which has the first 3 novel in it and dead by dead which has the 4 and 5 novel in it …so what books come next ..CANADA

    • Lora:

      I’ve seen the Dead In Dixie and Dead By Day books at Amazon but it looks like you can’t get them anymore.

      To get the remaining books (6-10), you’ll need to purchase them individually. There’s a box set of Books 1-8 but that wouldn’t make sense for you since you already have Books 1-5. Here are links to the remaining books:

      Book 6: Definitely Dead
      Book 7: All Together Dead
      Book 8: From Dead to Worse
      Book 9: Dead And Gone
      Book 10: Dead In The Family

      Thanks for reminding me about the other books. I’m writing a post about them right now!

  116. Ultimate Truebie on said:

    tbqh, i absolutely LOVE all of them..
    just started reading the book series for the third time:L
    and i have to wait until JUNE to see season 4 :/
    just need to buy the mini-book series now..
    but i keep rewatching season 1 & 2 episodes..
    hurry up alan ball;)

  117. Sunsette15 on said:

    Hey Everyone,

    I recently started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, finished book 1: Dead Until Dark. Loved it and found myself hooked.
    So recently started reading Book 2: Living Dead in Dalla, still hooked lol.

    I have been watching the tv series, True Blood, but finidng I’m enjoying the novels more than the show. I find the characters are more real in the books than in the show, like for instance, Jason. He is so different in the books.

    Jason comes across as a much nicer person on True Blood, played be fellow australian Ryan Kwanten. As in the books he is a little more played as a jerk or a guy who doesn’t really care about things. Whereas, Jason in the tv series does share a bond with his sister, but he doesn’t as much in the book series so I’m finding.

    But all the same will continue the path to reading the books and watch the tv series. Charlaine Harris is vastly becoming my favourite author =)

    • Hi Sunsette:

      I agree with your comments about Jason – he’s more personable on the TV show. I also STRONGLY agree with your comments about Charlaine Harris as an author – she rocks!

  118. Brandy on said:

    I have to say to everyone when it comes to “hollywood” doing movies/tv shows based off of books they usually are differant. The Movies and Shows try to keep the basics of the books in the story of the show or movie but they usually have to cut things out and/or slightly change the characters because there is only some much time they can d the movies and shows in. Think about it who would want to spend good money to go watch a 5 hour movie. Most poeple wouldn’t do it. and most people don’t have the time either. So that brings me to why they don’t make tv shows more than an hour long.

  119. I’m trying to associate the books with the TV episodes, or at least get a grouping of books for each TV season. I know we are expecting Season 4 in June 2011. Which book will it start with ? Season 3 ended with Sookie off to fairyland with Claudine. Where do I start reading ? I can’t wait until June.
    And … I love all the sex and porn, it’s done tastfully, beautiful bodies … hot. It’s the blood amd gore that is disgusting, but exciting too. Sex is natural, when is tearing arms off a living human or eating human brains natural. You can get mad-cow disease from the later. Another series of books to consider reading, Ann Rice … now that’s vampire porn. I don’t think Charlaine Harris writes like that, but HBO and Alan Ball try to color their scenes and actions with an Ann Rice flare. I’m enjoying it. It made me purchase HBO.

  120. Jennie on said:

    I started reading the books, instantly got hooked! When I got to the last book that I had I was just going crazy and had to run to the store and get the next one, which was the last at the time. I have now read them all and finally decided to watch the show on HBO, well needless to say I love it!! I don’t have HBO so I have just been getting the trailers of the 3rd and 4th season, I can’t wait!! I am so hooked on Bill!! I watched season 1 and 2 right behind each other and can’t wait til 3 and 4!! I love that the books and show are not exactly the same, that was I don’t know exactly what is gonna happen next!

    • Same here Jennie! We can’t wait for the next season of True Blood!

    • Jennie:

      Agreed! The beauty in the True Blood TV show and the Sookie Stackhouse books is that you can read the books and not worry about later ruining your experience by watching the TV show. Or, you can watch True Blood and then later read the books without feeling as if you already know too much. True Blood is “based on” the Sookie Stackhouse books and therefore the storylines differ enough to keep both readers and TV viewers interested. And wanting more!

    • Me too I love bill he is my favorite and hope him and sookie get back together. He’s her true love!!!!!

  121. shieplay on said:

    well just wow I have read books 1 threw 10 and I have not watch the show but I love sookie with bill and she just all blood tide to Eric wow where is he I hang out just to meet him An what with Alicd he could bite me if it wasnt to hard.

  122. Ali J. on said:

    Wow, Charlaine harris knows what gets a tennage fantasies set into high gear. I cnnot even put the True Blood Series Down after my RAPP class is over. I cannot wait to finish this series and start on her other books they’re just so descriptive, they’re better than the Twilight series. No offence that series was good but this is even better. I would recomedend this series to all Vampire, Werewolfe, Witch and Supernatral Creature lovers who allso love to read to try Charlaine Harris’s Multiple Series’s. Thank you Charlaine harris for these wonderful imagination creator books you have wrote. Thank you so much for getting addicted to reading once again. Reading is my past-time.

  123. Sailoryue on said:

    your missing a novella from the sookie series. I don’t remember what it’s called but it was about this dancing duo that appeared in all together dead. It was a great story, one of my fab non sookie sookiverse stories

  124. court on said:

    Okay is it just me or does it feel like I missed a ton from dead as a doornail to definitely dead.? Like meeting the queen and stuff or is it supposed to be that way? I feel like I missed a book. Email me please. Courtney[at]theroarks.org

  125. Shawnna on said:

    The only problem I have with the books is that how many times do you have to tell us that Sookie works at Merlotte’s and that Sam is her boss and any other reference you can think of that is mentioned over and over and over. A am disappointed with the show only because it is so different from the books, but I will keep reading and watching. I’m reading Dead and Gone right now and I will catch myself talking to someone that has only watched the shows and well it gets confusing to them and me.

  126. Teresa L on said:

    I just finished all the books about 2 weeks ago and just finished Season 1 of TrueBlood and I have to say that I am disappointed in the tv series. I hate how they have Jason all strung out on V and now he’s in with the church. Also, I don’t like how they changed the characters so much. Like Tara not owning her own shop or her and Eggs not being together. I also thought that “Mary-Anne”(the maenad) came in in later books? So why is hse already in season 1 and why is Sam so pissy that she’s there when he was sleeping with her in the book? I just don’t like that it’s not like the books except for the love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric. Great books though Charlaine.

  127. Ski Nakamura on said:

    I will have to say this in devence to the books. they are alot better then the show. True Blood has nothing on the books. i would rather read the books instead of watching the show. i don’t like how they made the charaters int he show. i really don’t. i just thought i would get my voice out there when it comes to that.

  128. Tracy on said:

    Read the books when dead after dark hit the shelves that was a while ago now number 11 (Dead Reckoning) will be out in 6 days and i can’t wait. I dont count A Touch of Dead as conected to the series but it was good to read between the lines of the other books. I know the TV Series are not suppose to be the same as the books but i found them disapointing and have spent my time explaining to my friends that when they make a series or movie after a book it will never be as good and that the books are way better by far :-)

  129. Tammy on said:

    OMG!!!! i have read these books once and i forgot what happens in them i will probably re-read them…..

  130. Rochelle on said:

    I’ve read the Sookie Series books 1-11 and am only interested in Eric and Sookie’s relationship. If they break up or the books stop focusing on Eric i will probably stop reading them. I wish his character and their relationship was focused on more in book 11 and i fear that Charlaine Harris maybe hinting towards and break up or cutting his character out in book 12 which will be really sad.

  131. Great deal if you’re looking for one!! so far only $27!!!!!

  132. Cindy on said:

    I love Sookie with Eric but I also like her with Quinn. Now that Eric has this dilemma maybe Quinn will come into the picture again. :-)

  133. I haven’t read the latest book but dieing to. The tv program is a big dissapointment!!!!!! The books are FANTASTIC! Charlaine can’t you write a little faster???!!!!!

  134. Vicki on said:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE the books please hurry up and bring more out its became addictive!!!!!! I NEEEED more Eric :)

  135. Diana on said:

    i have read all these books twice now. I am still reading the latest and love it so far. I Love these books and hop that they keep going. These book are very addicting and I know that I will read them all again. I just started watching the show and am having a hard time getting into them. The books are way better!!!! Cant wait to finish this book and read the next!!!

    • Samantha on said:

      Can anyone tell me when the next book comes out?

      • Well, she just released Dead Reckoning. Since she tends to release one book a year and they tend to be released in the May time frame, I assume the next book in the series will hit the shelves in May 2012.

        Until then, she has a book called The Sookie Companion coming out on August 30th. This books provides LOTS of fun background facts on Bon Temps, Merlotte’s, Tara’s dress shop and also includes trivia questions and answers to fan questions!

  136. Amanda on said:

    Dead Reckoning was a bit disappointing. It feels like Sookie is gravitating towards Sam. This is disappointing beacause I am an Eric diehard. The series has been a build up of the Sookie/Eric romance and then when it got to this book, it fell flat. There was no passion or sizzle. I realize there was a lot of drama going on but the presence of Eric wasn’t really felt. If she is going to end up with Sam it would have been nice to at least have enjoyed the Sookie/Eric romance before it fizzled.

    On a side not if you are reading this Charlaine Harris, Sookie should be with Eric. Sam is and has been in the friend zone for a reason. Just sayin. And I love your writing!

  137. megan on said:

    I’m glad that we finally got to understand more of Sookie’s family and life in general and the reason behind he telepathy. I was really disappointed with the way Eric and Sookie’s relationship is heading and that the last half of the book was very passionless. The whole series has slowly built up the love and relationship between Eric and Sookie and if they aren’t together in the next book I will no longer read it. People seem to think there are other potential men for Sookie but i can’t imagine her with anyone else. Sam has been Sookies best friend and though they have a great friendship, i think they would be boring as a couple. Alcide would have been a good choice but i think he ruined any chance he had in the last book. Even though she still loves Bill and he loves her, i don’t think she will ever be in love with him again. I really hope that Eric decides to give up everything for Sookie like he said he would do while he was under a spell with no memory and maybe the queen would have no interest in him after he did and he and sookie can finally be happy together. Or she can use the gift her grandfather gave her gran to be with him. I’m just saying, if they aren’t together i will no longer be a fan of this series.

    • michelle on said:

      if the gift from sookies grandfather can take life, maybe it can give life too. would Eric still love sookie if he could be human again?

  138. rhonda on said:

    So, I have a stupid question… Is the last book in the series Dead reckoning? Anyone know, please tell me. thanks.

  139. Misty James on said:

    I am wanting to know if there is a store i can get the books at or do i have to order them offline? i love the show and just want to read the books as well

    • Teppi on said:

      Hi Misty,
      She is supposed to have 2 other books after the Dead Reckoning. So we’ll be hearing more from her! :)

      I got my books @ Borders. More expensive than probably most, but they have all the books there…in paperback and hardcover

  140. Danajane on said:

    Dead reckoning is the 11th &most current book….i bought my books from walmart 5bucks each.. I bought the latest from barnes &noble @30% off. I actually just finished reading it and I was interested in the new companion book which includes the novella small town wedding. Also just realized Charlaine contributes to short story books, which I now intend to get thanks to the person who has them all listed, its greatly appreciated!!!!

  141. Beth on said:

    OMG!!! I am so in love with the idea of Sookie and Eric being together forever!!!! I just ordered all three seasons of the show and I hope that I am not dissappointed!!!! So does anyone know what her next 2 books will called and when they may come out????

    • Not sure what they’ll be called but she usually releases new books in the Sookie Stackhouse series in the May timeframe.

      Charlaine Harris has agreed to write 2 more books. Just two more books of Sookie, Eric, Bill and Sam! Goodness!

  142. Lynn on said:

    Hi guys,
    I just order the sookie stackhouse books 1-8. I cant wait to read them. but i am little confused about the short stories, if we dont read them will it mess up the books or do i need to read them. I really want to read all the books,
    please if anyone could help me please tell me.

    and i love true blood i just wished i knew that it was based on a book first before i watched the series. i just founded out this year it was base on book and had to get them.

    • You don’t need to read the short stories in order to read the regular Sookie Stackhouse books in the series. In my opinion the short stories SUPPLEMENT the regular novels but they’re not required!

      • Thank you for your help, I just can’t wait to read all the books. it’s is really hard for me ti find something i really like to read but i love true blood series and i love how it so different and you not sure what is going to happen next. Also love series books I’ve read twilight series that was good, but i have a big feeling this is so much better. If anyone has any other good series that that they know of please tell.

  143. Whats the difference between the sookie stackhouse series and the sookie stackhouse omnibus series? Which gets read first?

    • Cyn:

      The Sookie Stackhouse Omnibus contains several books within one printed bound book. For example, here are the books that each omnibus contains:

      Sookie Stackhouse Omnibus 1: Dead In Dixie
      Dead Until Dark (Book 1)
      Living Dead in Dallas (Book 2)
      Club Dead (Book 3)

      Sookie Stackhouse Omnibus 2: Dead by Day
      Dead to the World (Book 4)
      Dead as a Doornail (Book 5)

      The content is exactly the same between the individual books and the omnibus. So, you can either purchase the books individually or purchase the omnibus. Or even better, consider purchasing the Sookie Stackhouse Box Set (Books 1-8). It’s the best deal for your money!

  144. Tiffany on said:

    I’m now on book 8 From Dead to Worse, can’t wait!!! I have never watched True Blood, came across the serious and fell in love with the books about 2 months ago, can’t wait to read em all!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. I just borrowed the series of books from my cousin. I have yet to read them, but I am a HUGE True Blood fan when it comes to the Tv show. I can’t wait to find out how different and how similar the books and Tv show are! Usuaully the books are better than the show, but I didn’t even know they had a series of True Blood books until my cousin told me she had them! So we shall see!

    • The TV series is really different and so are the characters, make sure that you forget everything that you have watched, otherwise you will get very confused.

  146. Thank you for telling me! I heard they are very different. I think what I am going to do is only read up until what’s going on in the TV show, because I don’t want to read the entire series of books and then find out how it ends, and then be disappointed or upset if the TV show doesn’t end the same way, or if I know how it’s going to end, that would bother me too much. Maybe I will watch the entire TV series first, and that way I won’t know how it ends.

  147. i have a theroy 4 what the next book could be about, its very unlikly but imagen if sook uses that wish thing she inherited 2 go bak in time 2 the day she meet bill. if she did that then everything would have been different, exspeshaly if she out right told him that she knew y he had come. but if she had never gotten into a relationship with bill, so many things would be different. eric, 4 one thing. then there would be saving her gran from renia, thoug she would probably be warned not to do that. and of course, all the near death exsperences that made her so hard core

  148. and talking 2 kimi, u will never make it. i watched season 1 and 2 online be4 i got the first 8 books in a set. i told myself that i was only going 2 read book 1 and 2 and then wait 4 the series 2 end. 1 year later and iv read everything CH has ever written about Sookie AND ICANT WAIT 4 THE NEXT BOOK. trust me, there 2 addicttive to just stop reading, u wont have the patence

  149. hahaha! I bet I won’t! I just hope I have the will power to stop reading until the season is over. I LOVE the TV series! It’s addicting. I just hope the books are as good. If they are, I won’t stop reading them, you’re right. LOL

  150. So will we see any more True Blood books, I just finished book 11 and I want more !!!

  151. Christina on said:

    I just now am wanting to read the books! i will be getting them this week sometime and going to start reading them. I am in love with the t.v show and am not wanting next sunday to be the last episode of the season.

  152. Sharon on said:

    I watch True Blood but never read the books. My daughter brought over all the books and told me I would enjoy the books. I started them on Thursday and finished all of them on Sunday, I couldn’t stop reading. The next big question is when it the next one coming out? I like the books better than the show but the show brings the characters to life.

    • Sharon:

      Charlaine Harris usually releases her new Sookie Stackhouse books in May. So I’d predict that the next book in the series will be released in May 2012. Here’s a list of books (similar to the Sookie Stackhouse books) to satisfy your fantasy romance “fix” until then –> If You Like Sookie Stackhouse Books You’ll Love These. Enjoy!

  153. In one book Merlotte s is closed on sundays and in”from dead to worse” its open on Sundays.. just saying!!!

  154. I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books but not watching the series although my daughter has been watching the series and not reading the books!
    We have been comparing the show to the books and although they are similar they are very different including the characters. Events may be similar but they are always different. I decided to just read the books as to not get confused because of the differences.

    • Laura:

      I highly recommend that fans of the show also read the books because the books contain characters not shown in the show. Additionally, the books provide a lot of backstory about the main characters that you won’t find in a TV show that has to keep the drama (and viewer’s interests) high.

      So good job with doing both. Before Season 5 starts I plan to re-read Book 5 since each season of the TV show “loosely” based on the corresponding book with the same number. Therefore I plan to re-read Dead as a Doornail.

      Can’t wait for True Blood Season 5 which starts in June, 2012!

    • Laura:

      I started reading the books first since I began reading the Sookie Stackhouse books years ago when they first came out in 2001. True Blood aired in 2008. So I was quite familiar with the characters before the show aired. When True Blood aired in September 2008, Book 8 “From Dead to Worse” had just been released in May, 2008. Although I initially had to adjust to seeing Anna Paquin as Sookie, it didn’t take long because she did a great job with owning the character.

      So now, I continue to read the books while also watching the show. For me it’s interesting to see how Alan Ball (the producer and occasionally the director) takes the central plots from the books and changes them. He’s introduced new characters as well which in my opinion, makes it great for the readers. It would be boring if he simply followed everything in the book.

      I guess I’m saying there’s room for both. You might want to consider watching the first episode at the Amazon Instant Video site (check out “Watch True Blood Episodes Online“). If you do this, PLEASE drop by and let me know what you think!

  155. I was pleasantly surprised that this series pre-dates Twilight, wasn’t quite as well-known as Twilight, BUT had the original plot that made Twilight famous. What gives? Currently on Living Dead in Dallas, relishing every page!

    • Yes, there are quite a few great vampire books that pre-date Twilight. If you’re interested in other books like the “Sookie books” check out my article titled If You like Sookie Stackhouse Books You’ll LOVE These Books for other recommendations.

      Enjoy and you’re in for a few treats with the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse books!

  156. My twin sister started reading the TrueBlood Book and she was telling me there realy good .So i said let me see and now i cant put them down…I think i like TrueBlood better then Twilight .

    • webwriter02 on said:

      I agree that True Blood is the kind of series it is hard to stop once you start! So now that you have read both – which would you reccommend to a young reader Nelly? And thanks for the comment.

  157. When will book 12 come out?!?

  158. Natasha on said:

    I have heard read somewhere that the next book may be coming out in May 2012?? Not sure if that is true though, it may have been on the Facebook page for Charlaine Harris.

  159. Maria P. on said:

    Do you think I should read all the book series before I start reading the short stories?

  160. I love bill and he is sookies true love I hope that they end up together in the last book. They belong together I will be upset if she ends up with someone else. The whole reason I keeping reading on Is that I am hoping sookie and bill reunite!!!!

    • Heather on said:

      I am VERY MUCH the same I am a HUGE Bill and Sookie fan where as ALOT are Eric fans or were Bill fans until they found out that he got with her on command of the queen to begin with and then turned Eric fans.But I believe that Bill and Sookie are meant to be <3 !!!!

  161. I have just finished the 11th book, Dead Reckoning, and I am so hoping that there will be a 12th book. There are too many un-answered questioned and I need to know what happens!

  162. I am reading Definitely Dead and I keep feeling like I have missed a book. Sookie keeps telling us about the events surrounding her cousin, Hadley’s, death and the meetings she (Sookie) had with the Queen of Louisianna. Every time it feels like it is a backstory comment, just like the ones she made in previous books, to support the story line for those odd folks who did not read the prior books. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at the list of books, just to make sure I have not missed one. Has anybody else had this experience with Definitely Dead?

    • C. L. Hinton on said:

      Laura, I know exactly what you mean. But it’s actually one of the short stories that you’ve missed. I believe it’s titled “One-Word Answer.” Harris referred back to it a lot because it concerned the immediate news of Hadley’s death (which then had consequences reverberating through _Definitely Dead_).

      By the time you finish the book, you will have all the pertinent information from the short story. It’s skippable.

      C. L.

      • Thanks C.L. I love it when one reader lets another know the answer. For the completist fans you might want to track down that short story. Does anyone know where it appeared? I am thinking it is probably in one of the short story collections by Charlaine I have seen on Amazon, but maybe someone out there knows.

  163. Hi! I am looking for books in Spanish of “True Blood” from season 6- 10, and 11 if you are willing to sell them.Thank you!!!

  164. meagan on said:

    I started watching the series before ever thinking about reading it. I love true blood, and i actually found that reading the books after has left me more excited to watch than before. Charlaine is an AMAZING writer, and im so looking forward to reading some of her other books. Yes, there are alot of differences between the stories and the show, but arent there always?? Not to mention, i dont think it would be all that much fun if they were exactly the same!! Thank You Charlaine Harris for the best reading i have had in a very long time, maybe ever. I actually finished reading all 12 books in 3 weeks, I just couldnt put them down!

    • Heather on said:

      I agree with you, I watched the first 4 seasons before even considering buying the books. After watching it i bought all 12 together and couldn’t put them down . I am ALSO more excited to watch the next season. I look forward to see how things unfold and the similarities and the differences to to the book!!!!

  165. Rallo on said:

    is there going to be a 13th book after deadlocked?

    • Yes, there will be a 13th book that will be titled “Dead Ever After.” It’s supposed to be released May 7, 2013. It will be the LAST Sookie Stackhouse book released in the extremely popular Southern Vampire Mystery series. It will be sad to say farewell to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the gang but all things must come to an end . . . however they’ll always be with us on the printed page!

  166. Nicole Simpson on said:

    I would LOVE to see Sookie back with Bill!!!! Absolutely awesome series and I eagerly await the next.

  167. PHYLLIS DICKERSON on said:


  168. Allison on said:

    Oh my god I just finished reading Deadlocked and what a cliff hanger! That 13th book needs to come out soon, I don’t think I can wait that long. I really want her to end up with Sam and think that they would be perfect for each other. They are so in love and they could have babies and live happily ever after (and stay out of the vamp politics and the were politics!!!)

  169. anna michelle on said:

    im so depressed that your ENDING the Sookie Stackhouse novels! what am i going to read now? please reconsider! I beg you! I wait for these to come out, and im so excited when they do i read them in almost one night and i save the last chapter untill the next one comes out and then i re-read it before i read the new one!

    saddly and sincerely,
    one of your biggest fans,
    Anna Michelle.

    • Well while we may all be a bit sad, and I would love to believe that Charlaine Harris reads our site (who knows! maybe she does!) you just might want to let her know how much you love the stories at her own site: http://www.charlaineharris.com. But please don’t berate her for stopping – she has given quite a few years of her life to these books and I am sure we will all love where she takes us next!

  170. Crystal on said:

    I just started reading this series& I love that the show&books are different although there is a sameness, if that makes sence…..take for instance calisto&Marianne..different but the same…I get to watch the show for Eric&read the books for more a more detailed story.

    • I hear you Crystal – I have come to just enjoy both the books and the show for what they are. And yes- Eric is soooo the reason I watch the show!

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