Nothing can beat the sheer allure of the Romance Fantasy Genre, and ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ is an ode to this beautiful culmination. Despite being a very long depiction of 546 pages, you never seem to want to get out of the beautiful fantasy world that Audrey Niffenegger has created; given the fact that this is actually her debut novel, you cannot help but express awe at the mesmerizing fusion of romantic fantasies and science fiction fantasies, wittily combined into a classic tale of everlasting romance.

Summarizing the Plot

Since most of us who have not read the novel yet, have definitely watched the movie, we take it for granted that you are already aware about the lead protagonists, Clare and Henry. So now Henry has this extremely rare genetic disorder which makes him involuntarily drift away and travel back and forth in time. The biggest issue with his arrival and departure from a particular place is that only his body travels and not his clothes. So it is a constant struggle to find clothes, food and shelter at the strange or hitherto unknown places where he involuntarily lands up. But the biggest challenge is managing the relationship with his wife, and subsequently his daughter who also inherits the strange disorder. The undying and unconditional love that the husband and wife share for each other despite all odds, will shirk out a couple of unsuspecting tears from even the most cynical and unromantic of people!

Film and Audio Book Adaptation

While most readers as well as non-readers are well aware of the feature film adaptation of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ into a 2009 romantic movie of the same name, not many are aware of the fact that this is amongst the few so-called ‘popular fiction’ and ‘romantic fantasy’ novels that have been converted into an audio book by BBC. Not only the movie, but even the feisty-voiced and verbally well-enacted audio book opened up to sweeping commercial success and rave reviews. Especially in the last scene when Claire is in her 80s and Henry is in his 40s, their last ever meeting according to Claire’s lifeline (in her first person account) is so utterly touching, it really ends up choking you to the core. And how can we forget the time when Henry dies in Clare’s arms, having travelled in time after being accidentally shot by Clare’s younger brother.

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