Best Fantasy Books: Gabriel Thorn: A Faery Tale

best fantasy books, upcoming fantasy books, new fantasy novels, Gabriel Thorn: A Faery Tale by Anthony PaolucciTitle: Gabriel Thorn: A Faery Tale
Author: Anthony Paolucci
Release: January 19 2012
Genre: Epic Fantasy

It is the tale of a people, the mystery of a curse and the thrill of a romance that is forbidden, all in one story that will draw you in from the first page. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the title, but the language set the scene for lush settings, beautiful beings and a story that truly belongs to the genre of faery tales but is much more than a simple story.

We begin in the darkened room of a small boy, terrified by monsters in the night and tales of goblins told at bedtime by his mother. We smile to ourselves, secure in our knowledge that goblins and faeries aren’t real, until we see that here they indeed are, and come in all types and with all kinds of intentions.

But the story truly takes off when we move from here to the forest outside, where we see the birth of an elf that will be the salvation of the race. As we learn the tale and watch the child grow up, we taste the fear and trepidation of a race who can only hope that the prophecies are true, and yet regret the pain that truth will cause. This is a story that has many layers, heroes that don’t always feel heroic and dangerous men who fight to keep the life they know.

If you are looking for a tale filled with magic and adventure, romance and valor this is the one for you. I had never heard of Anthony Paolucci, wasn’t sure if this was a book worth reading, but I am glad I pulled the sample into my Kindle to check it out (don’t you love that little trick Amazon does to pull you into a book!). It really is like very few things I have read out there, a true and very moving tale of faeries, elves and everything in between, and their fight for survival. In Gabriel Thorn: A Faery Tale we are treated to the kind of story most of us wish for and seldom find.

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