Revisiting the Timeless Classic

Talk of Fairy Tales, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is amongst the first tales that crop up. This was an epic tale of a Princess who was abandoned and was forced to stay in a desolate castle with just a hideous beast for company. Initially, the naïve and delicate damsel was quite terrified of the ugly and frightening looking beast, but eventually as she stayed on with him, she understood how kind-hearted, gentle and wonderful he was. Slowly and steadily as the two started spending more time together, she realized that she was definitely falling in love with him, despite his hideousness. The beast of course, was always in love with the princess and made use of every opportunity to silently denote how much he cared for her. Towards the end, when the princess inadvertently expresses her love for the beast, the spell that was cast on him goes away and returns back to his original self- a handsome prince, who takes the princess in his arms and they live happily ever after.

Re-telling the Story with several Twists

In this age of perpetual heartbreak, shallow love, materialism and rampant cynicism, it is almost impossible to imagine a perfect fairy tale ending. Coming to think of it, despite the diverse plots, characters and storylines of various fairy tales, the ending has almost always been the same- boy and girl, or king and queen, or prince and princess kissed, held hands and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately the present reader is way to jaded to believe in such sugary endings, which is why ‘Beastly’ which is the modern re-telling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the Romantic Fantasy Genre, was an outstanding success.

As the story unfolds…

Well ‘Beastly’ is a modern-day story wherein a rich, spoilt and selfish young man plays a prank on an outcast girl, but she was a witch in disguise and curses him instead. The essential elements of the story are the same- the curse that can be broken upon finding true love and that only the kiss of true love can break it. The twist in the end however, will leave you delighted for sure!

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