A Wrinkle In Time Is a Classic YA Fantasy

young adult fantasy, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’EngleI was having dinner with a group of writers the other night and the topic of young adult fantasy novels that influenced us came up. Almost universally I heard one book mentioned I never read as a teen, a young adult fantasy book called A Wrinkle in Time.

Chatter about it intrigued me, so of course I had to investigate further once I got near a computer again. I really begin to see why a smart phone might come in handy! But I digress. It turns out that this is quite an interesting story, a twist on the usual coming of age tale with some fantasy and sci-fi elements. It all begins with a strange visitor to the kitchen of a young Meg, her baby brother Charles and their mother.

A Young Adult Fantasy for All Ages

The story truly takes shape when Meg and Charles, along with Calvin O’Keefe from Meg’s school decide to use new information to try and find Meg and Charles father. He has been missing ever since he completed an experiment that reassembled space and time. They are helped by a trio of witches, discover a dark being whose evil is destroying planets one by one and at the end discover some important truths.

The search takes all of them on a journey of discovery of their own. Meg, the eternal outsider, seems to be the girl so many identified with when discovering this book. There are boys, particularly the geeks who also felt like outsiders, who loved A Wrinkle in Time. But it was the girls who really called this book their own. It is a book that embraces the concepts of family and what love truly means. It is worth reading again, no matter what your age.

A New Interpretation

young adult fantasy, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’EngleOf course, with a book that has become such a classic it was inevitable someone would make a graphic novel of it. Hope Larson, a talented storyteller in her own right, has adapted it for this new format. When I saw who had decided to tackle the story I was encouraged. Hope has plenty of creds.

She was part of the legendary Flight graphic novel, brought into the industry by Scott McCloud and won several awards including the Ignatz and Eisner. The girl is just plain talented. Her soft spot seems to be stories about young teen girls in that awkward stage. This makes her the perfect person to reinterpret a book like A Wrinkle in Time to become a graphic novel

What a perfect time to reread an old classic to visit some favorite characters. Or perhaps you have someone you know who will make this their treasured memory. Either way, A Wrinkle in Time is a book worth getting again. The graphic novel is the perfect gift for someone who has resisted those books you gave; opening up this story to even the most challenged reader.

If you are more of an eBook reader, you can download it to your Kindle right now. The printed versions have a paperback and even a library binding for those who want this book to last. It is the ideal book to hand off to a daughter or son at that perfect age where you know they will enjoy it.

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