A Comparison of True Blood vs. Charlaine Harris’ Books

HBO True Blood vs Charlaine Harris Books

This site has received lots of inquiries about the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mystery series. A lot of people are wondering whether the HBO True Blood series is similar to the popular book series.

Since I’ve read all of the books and I’m also watching the show I thought I’d answer some of the most common questions.

Questions True Blood TV Show Charlaine Harris Books
1. Is Sam a dog? In the series we get several glimpses of a dog standing in the woods. There’s also a scene at the end of True Blood Episode 3 where we see a painting of a dog with a young girl, similar to a “Lassie Meets Goldilocks” setting. You should read the book to determine whether Sam is a dog. It’s FULLY explained in Dead Until Dark, the 1st book in the Charlaine Harris series.
2. Is Jason a ladies man in the books? In the series, Jason Stackhouse is quite the womanizer. Some of the sex scenes between he and his “dates” are pretty explicit. Absolutely. The books make it clear that Jason gets around. The books and the TV show agree on this issue.
3. Is Lafayette in the Charlaine Harris books? In the series Lafayette is the gay, wise-cracking cook at Merlotte’s. He’s one of the most popular characters on the show! Yes, Lafayette is definitely a character in the books. He plays a prominent role in the book Living Dead in Dallas, the 2nd book in the series.
4. Do Bill and Sookie have sex? Oh yes! In the series Sookie and Bill definitely have sex. Very hot and steamy sex. Several times. Yes, this first occurs in the 1st book, Dead Until Dark and continues throughout several books in the series.
5. Is Tara in the Charlaine Harris books? In the series Tara is Sookie’s close friend. In the TV show we learn a lot about Tara’s home life with her alcoholic mother. Yes, in the books Tara Thornton is a friend of Sookie’s. However she’s not African American and doesn’t make an appearance until Book #2. She’s also less abrasive than the onscreen Tara.

Here’s what Book 4 says about Tara’s parents:

“But Tara’s parents had been evil, both alcoholics and abusers. Tara’s older sisters and brothers had left home as fast as they could, leaving Tara, as the youngest, to foot the bill for their freedom.”

6. How did Bill betray Sookie In True Blood Season 3 Eric tells Sookie why Bill got involved with Sookie. He also tells her how Bill “allowed her” to get hurt so she would have to ingest his blood. This is explained in the book Club Dead, the 3rd book in the series. It’s quite shocking but very well explained in the book. It takes Sookie a LONG time to get over the betrayal, which makes Sookie wonder whether Bill’s feelings for her were ever sincere.
7. When does Eric Northman appear? Eric first appears in Episode 4 titled “Escape from the Dragon’s Den.” Eric appears in the very 1st book, Dead Until Dark.
Here’s how he’s described in the book:

“the vampire was handsome, in fact he was radiant. Blond and blue-eyed, tall and broad shouldered.”

In both the TV show and the books, Eric is portrayed as a VERY sexy, strong and shrewd vampire. Eric is my favorite character in the books. He can be scary, incredibly funny, and very sexy at the same time.

8. Are Malcolm, Diane, and Liam (the bad vampires that visit Bill) in the books? In the series these three vampires visit Bill and almost attack Sookie. Yes, what you see in Episode 2 and 3 of the series is VERY close to what happens in the book Dead Until Dark.
9. How tall is Eric Northman? In the series, Alexander Skarsgard, the gorgeous Swedish actor that plays Eric, is 6 foot 4. In Book #4, Dead to the World Charlaine Harris says this about Eric:

“Eric was way over six feet of pure magnificence (if a marble white magnificence), and he well knew it.”

10. Do Eric and Sookie have sex? If so, in which book does this occur? In Season 2, Episode 10 titled “New World in My View”, Sookie has a dream about she and Eric naked together. By the end of Season 3, Eric clearly has feelings for Sookie, but they’ve not been intimate yet. YES! This happens in Dead to the World. It’s my most favorite book in the entire series. The scenes between Sookie and Eric are really sweet. They’re also absolutely hilarious.
11. Is Sam a werewolf? No, but he does have special powers, which are revealed in True Blood Season 1, Episode 10 titled “I Don’t Wanna Know.” In that episode he tells Sookie about his powers. No, but Sam’s “special condition” is fully explained in Book #1, Dead Until Dark. Both the series and the books agree on this subject.
12. Does Sookie’s grandmother die in the books like she does in Episode 5? At the end of True Blood Episode 5, titled “Sparks Fly Out”, Sookie returns home to find that her grandmother has been killed. This occurs in Dead Until Dark, the 1st book in the Charlaine Harris series. Both the True Blood series and the book agree on this issue.
13. Do they find the killer in the books? Yes, the killer is revealed at the end of True Blood Season 1, Episode 11 titled “To Love Is To Bury.” In the books the murderer is discovered at the end of Dead Until Dark. You’ll be shocked to learn the identity!
14. Do Tara and Sam have sex in the books? In the True Blood series Sam and Tara have a few “no strings attached” intimate sex scenes. Tara and Sam do NOT get together in the books.
15. Is Maryann Forrester’s role the same in the show and in the books? In True Blood Season 2, Maryann is a maenad that takes over much of the town of Bon Temps. She particularly focuses on Tara and Tara’s new boyfriend, Eggs. In the books, there’s a maenad introduced in Book #2, Living Dead in Dallas. She attacks Sookie in order to get Eric’s attention, and is described as a creature that feeds off the violence associated with people that consume alcohol. See more in my post titled What The Heck Is A Maenad?

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If you have other questions about the True Blood series vs. the books, ask them in the comments and I’ll add your questions to the list above!

73 comments on “A Comparison of True Blood vs. Charlaine Harris’ Books

  1. Do Eric and Sookie have sex? If so what book?

  2. christy morris on said:

    true blood turned me on to these books and I’ve been reading them as fast as I can get my hands on them. I think I’ve found them all and a new one will be out may 2009 dead and gone but i keep hearing about one tittled cruel and un uasal I cant find much and what I do find makes it sound like one of the first or midddle story lines in the series of sookie books HELP its driving me nuts if I’m missing one do you know anything about it any info would be great thank you

    • Christy:

      Your comment got me to thinking about all of the books that contain Sookie Stackhouse. I’m putting together a complete list for the site. In the meantime, I think the book you’re referring to is called “Unusual Suspects” and it’s a collection of stories by fantasy writers. It’s slated for an early December publication. The book will contain a story about Sookie Stackhouse but Charlaine Harris hasn’t released the story title yet. It will be a brand new story about Sookie.

      Stop by later for the complete list. I’ll post it on Tuesday.

      • christy morris on said:

        thank u I feel like a dork about my miss spell also can you clear up the rules on how a human becomes a shifter and how true werewolfs in the books get there lineage?I’m a little confused on the infant mortality thing on the true weres do both parents need to be true weres to make a were child and can a shifter and human have a shifter baby thanks again and I’ll check back for the book list :)

        • Give me a bit of time to research this for you.

          • christy morris on said:

            thanks for the book list.I’ve just started from dead to worse and I”m a little sad since the next full book won’t be out until next spring.I’m suprised by how many tara questions there are since her roles in the books is pretty small.I do like what HBO has done with her role thou I love laffette also he”s great!!.so do you think that the’ll bring bubba from the books character into the series? I have a soft spot for the cat eating vamp you can’t help but laugh when he’s around in the books :)

          • I really like the onscreen Lafeyette character as well.

            As for Bubba, they’ve GOT to write a role for him! He’s an important character in some of the books and someone that helps Sookie on more than one occasion.

            Since he appears in Book 1 I assume we’ll see him this season.

            • fanorama on said:

              A little upset that Bubba has not, and probably will NOT, be written into the series. Alan Ball said on numerous occasions that he thought having Bubba would be too “cheesy”. But them re-arranging the storyline to an immense degree in order to keep Bubba out was not what I was expecting.

          • christy morris on said:

            I really hope they do your right.He is a important part of the story at times in almost all of the books.The reason I asked if you thought they’d bring bubba into the show was after reading the books.You know the’ve tweaked some of the characters completly differnt than what they are in the book.Some I like some I don’t lafeyette I luv.Tara not so sure and her and sam not at all in the books he pines for sookie and no one eles and jason doing vamp blood is way off the mark with his persona in the books.So I’m hoping they won’t omit or change bubba to attract more of or a differnt group of viewers. I also wonder if they might have to pay roalties to his estate to use his name or image on t.v.What do you thimk of the character changes and story tweaks that the’ve done? what are your likes and dislikes?

            • Exodus Dominus on said:

              Bubba will unfortunately never appear in the series. The director stated that he doesn’t want to get an Elvis impersonator to play him, and if it wasn’t an impersonator, it would still come off as cheesy so he won’t be making an appearance.

              On a side note, something you may want to add is the fact that Appius Livius Ocella is Eric’s creator in the books, whereas Godric is in True Blood. Which is too bad because I would have loved seeing Nicholas Romanov tearing through people…Another thing that should be pointed out is that Lafayette is killed in the second book. I’m glad they kept him alive in the series, though. Such a good character and the actor is great. The manead in the books isn’t name Mary Ann and does not play a very big role in it at all. If I remember correctly, in season 2, Bill doesn’t date Portia like he did in the books. There are more I could think of, but that’s enough for now…

  3. How do humans become vampires in True Blood and in the Harris books? how do they “bring them over” so to speak?

    • Dan:

      If I remember correctly this is how the Charlaine Harris vampires make other vampires:

      -a vampire bites a person and drains them until they’re almost dead
      -the vampire then cuts himself and gives the person a huge amount of their blood

      The key is that the person has to be near death and then has to receive quite a bit of vampire blood. It also works if a vampire comes upon someone near death and gives the person lots of blood.

      In the books Sookie occasionally consumes vampire blood (not for the same reason as Jason’s character on True Blood mind you) but isn’t turned because of the above stipulations.

  4. Ok, thank you so much! That is very helpful. I was a little confused after yesterdays episode as well because of the time Sookie consumed a lot of Bill’s blood after she was beaten by the drainers in one of the earlier episodes, and she did not turn. I know she has “supernatural” attributes and all and Bill told her she wouldn’t turn if she drank it, but I was just still a little confused how she didn’t turn too, after seeing what happend to Bill in his past. Thank you again very much for your insight…..

  5. jackie on said:

    I was wondering if Sookie’s Grandma died in the book too. Also, do they ever find out who the killer is? Do you know how long the series is going to go on for. I heard Alan Ball only signed on for 2 years.

    Thanks for your time!

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  7. keri-ann on said:

    Will sookie and bill ever be together again?

  8. What a great list. I have to correct you on number 5, though. There is a brief mention in book 4 that Tara’s parents were alcoholics and abusive.

    • Jesse:

      Thanks! I didn’t catch that in Book #4! Do you remember where in the book it was mentioned? I’d like to update the list.

      • While you are correct that True Blood’s Tara differs from the books, you kinda missed the larger differences.

        Unlike the show, Tara doesn’t make her first appearance until Book 2 at the HS football game Sookie attends. She also is the owner/proprieter of a women’s clothing store, is described as a tall brunette and never is described as being African-American unlike Lafayette (BTW who is also not related to Tara in the books).

        Her traumatic childhood is definitely mentioned though I believe the books imply her parents are dead. The books show how she seems to suffer from self-esteem issues attributable to her rough childhood as she experiences men and vampire relationship issues.

        She also owns a house and drives a much nicer and newer car than in the show! :O

        • Pete:

          I actually struggled with whether I should include more about Tara in my answer. I decided not to because I’d covered the issue of her ethnicity (and the fact that she doesn’t show up in the Charlaine Harris series until Book 2) in an earlier article titled: Review of HBO’s True Blood Series: Where’s Charlaine Harris’ Plot?” Also, the question was simply: “Was Tara in the books?” However, you make some good points. As such I’ve modified Question #4 to add additional information.

          Thanks for the input and please continue visiting!

  9. “I’d adored my father, and I’d always known (and my mother herself definitely believed) that no matter
    what Mother put me through, she was acting out of love. But Tara’s parents had been evil, both
    alcoholics and abusers. Tara’s older sisters and brothers had left home as fast as they could, leaving Tara,
    as the youngest, to foot the bill for their freedom.”

    pg. 44 (I believe…I pulled this off of an online copy, so it might not be the right page).


  10. Hi

    I’m a newcomer so please bare with me. I’ve been watching the show and I absolutely love it but was wondering about some of the relationships that go on in the show. Are they true to book such as Tara and Sam having a sexual relationship and if they did how long did it go on? Did Tara and Jason ever get together?

  11. Ooh…found something in book 5, too. Here it is:

    Some people should never breed; if their children have the misfortune to be born, those children should
    be taken away immediately. That’s not allowed in our country, or any country that I know of, and I’m
    sure in my brainier moments that’s a good thing. But the Thorntons, both alcoholics, had been vicious
    people who should have died years earlier than they did. (I forget my religion when I think of them.)
    Iremember Myrna Thornton tearing my grandmother’s house up looking for Tara, ignoring my
    grandmother’s protests, until Gran had to call the sheriff’s department to come drag Myrna out. Tara had
    run out our back door to hide in the woods behind our house when she had seen the set of her mother’s
    shoulders as Mrs. Thornton staggered to our door, thank God. Tara and I had been thirteen at the time.
    I can still see the look on my grandmother’s face while she talked to the deputy who’d just put Myrna
    Thornton in the back of the patrol car, handcuffed and screaming.
    “Too bad I can’t drop her off in the bayou on the way back to town,” the deputy had said. I couldn’t
    recall his name, but his words had impressed me. It had taken me a minute to be sure what he meant, but
    once I was, I realized that other people knew what Tara and her siblings were going through. These other
    people were all-powerful adults. If they knew, why didn’t they solve the problem?

    pg. 41 (in the electronic copy)

  12. I actually just started reading them this weekend! I just finished the 5th book (clearly I’m an addict). It’s your site that inspired me after I started watching the show. Thank you!

  13. christy morris on said:

    I was wondering what you and others who have read the books think about the changes HBO has made to the story line and some of the character roles that have been added or changed :)

    • Yes, they’ve definitely strayed from the books but I sort of expected that. As for my opinion of the changes, I’m glad we’re getting to learn more about Tara and I absolutely love the fact that Lafeyette is a central character, which differs from the books. I also like the new story lines that focus on Tara’s mother and the relationship between Tara and Sam.

      As for Jason . . . . I’m not sure. I think I like his book character better.

      The story line with Amy Burley is new. Although she’s mentioned several times in Dead Until Dark I think it’s interesting that Alan Ball decided to give her an actual “face”. I think her role will become more important as the series progresses.

      Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the creative license they’ve taken.

      • Jennifer on said:

        I like Eric’s book character a lot better and I am really unhappy with the significant amount of changes they have made in season 3 & 4. They left out and changed so much that I am not sure i even want to watch it anymore after reading the books.

  14. I hope you don’t mind me asking, I don’t want to spoil anything but what is Jason’s special power, if he has one? thanks again so much!

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  16. christy morris on said:

    I’ve got to ask are any of you who have read the books even a little bit unhappy with the story line after the last few episodes?wheres bubba and some of the other important aspects of the books.I’ve been waitng a long time for a line of books that made me think and my imagination happy. The last was anne rice I read everything shes done her uncoventinal thinking blew me away she made it so you could almost belive mabey magic and others creatures were out there.since her books I’ve found others along those lines copycats and mundane.I watched the first episode of true blood and fell in love. I grabbed all of the true blood books llke a addict mrs.harris is original and makes you think and adds color to your dreams I’m just sad that theve felt the need to go way over the top on jasons sex escapades and sookie is kinda in the background of the t.v. story line the tara demon thing and now its she who’s meeting the maenade. who’s not around until book two and who attacks well you know who if you’ve read the books.I wonder if anyone else is a little sad or upset that there going way off the mark and in my opinon screwing up a great story for what the think gets better ratings.This is not comming from a prude I’ve had many peircings and tattoo’s way before they became cool.with what my familiy calls a very morbid sense of humor and a free spirt or the black sheep is what they call me.I just don’t get why you have to over sex or over gore a t.v. show or movie instead of sticking to what was a great story in its self.

    • Christy:

      I have to agree with you about the sex scenes: some of them were over the top and when you think about it, didn’t really add too much to the storyline. Yeah, we get it – it’s HBO.

      In reference to the “creative license” the directors are taking with the show, for the most part I like the fact that Alan Ball has built entire storylines around some of the minor characters from the books like Amy Burley, Tara, Tara’s mother, and Lafayette. I was initially shocked to see Bill ask Sam to watch over Sookie because in the books, it’s Bubba that acts as a bodyguard. However, I now see that this event gave the director a convenient way to let Sam reveal his secret to Sookie.

      But they’ve got to include Bubba, even if they introduce him in the second season.

      I’m also okay with some of the new characters and plots, for example, the relationship that’s developed between Tara and Sam, the vampire Eddie, and Lafayette’s relationship with a Louisiana state senator.

      However, I’m not happy with Eric’s character. In the books he’s got a wicked sense of humor which makes him endearing to the reader. In the series he’s cold and detached. I was really surprised at his behavior at Bill’s trial and equally shocked to discover that he was responsible for bringing charges against Bill.

      Showing the maenad is their way of leading up the season two. My gut tells me that the last show of this season will reveal the identity of the killer and that the cliffhanger will center around the murder that occurs at the start of Book 2.

      Just my $0.02!

      • christy morris on said:

        yeah your right some of the changes are good lafayett is great. I was just so shocked this episode was so off the book and I hopped they would stick closer to its plot.I totally agree on the eric thing. I fell in love with the character in the book and find his role a big dispointment.Plus the off and on love hate with him an sookie is part of what makes the books so fun to read.I hope your right and bubba shows up and also they bring the story a little bit closer to the book again.Thanks for helping me think it out with your perspective and thoughts.Thanks also for thinking the same on the jason sex thing I thought mabey I was becomming my parents as I get in my late 20’s thats scary(lol) heres to hoping it all ties together:)

      • what’s interesting, and i wonder what will come of it, is jason has called hoyt “bubba” on several occasions throughout the current season. i wonder if this is in any way going to be how bubba is brought in to the book, even if just as traits from the book character and applied to hoyt’s character?

  17. One difference I noticed in the series versus the books is that in the book Eric kills the bartender from Fangtasia. In the series it is Bill. He then has to go to a tribunal and for punishment he must turn a young girl into a vampire. Did not happen in Dead Until Dark.

    • You’re correct. I wonder why the series director decided to set up the whole tribunal scene with Bill. I can only assume they’re trying to illustrate the ruthlessness of vampires and also show us how vampires are made. I assume we’ll learn more about this in the next episode.

    • Yes, I can understand your frustraction, Bill character in True Blood has such a charisma not talking of his lusty stare and the chemistry with Sookie seems have arouse lot people attention to the screen and lot followers who which to see more of him. But in the book his different to get rid off him, the director must find a way to show less him. Get few story lines like they did with Eric in first season. we did not see much Eric in first season, perhaps in season2 and3 will turn more in favor of Eric.
      What I would love to see is Charlaine to have a little input on the follows series, she has such an amazing imagination.

  18. Where does season 1 of true blood end in the series?

  19. I’m sorry I meant the book series…

    • The cliffhanger in the last episode of Season 1 is actually where Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas, begins.

      I’ve read that Season 2 may include elements from some of the other books as well.

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  21. Kitty on said:

    HBO is going to ruin this series. I can already tell. They are going to nix the Eric Sookie love story. Bill needs to be the sulking lover in the background. That’s his character. They already made it seem Bill saved Sookie from LongShadow…when in the book, it was Eric. I am just going to read & let this show die it’s probably fast death, and enjoy Charlain’s books the way it was intended.

    • I wonder. For fans like us that have read the books we know that the series differs a bit from the Sookie Stackhouse southern vampire books.

      But I wonder what percentage of fans watching the HBO series have actually read the books? Do they even know that the show is based on a series of fantasy books?

  22. eric lova on said:

    omg i on book 3 i cant wait to read about eric and sookie i like bill but eric is sooooo much cooler i love true blood i sent 4 days watching it nonstop my friends are geting soooo sick of me talkin about it but i geting them into it ;]

  23. Bla bla bla! True Blood either is a bloody treat or it sucks. Do you have another show on TV at the moment to sink your teeth into? Well NO

    The show offers a new twist on the old vampire legends base Charlaine Books. The show works because its completely different. The show tells a story with its own language, in fact there are several different levels how a show tells a story: Filmlook, Acting, Staging, Camera Work, Editing, Sound & Music and that is not a easy thing to do, not forgetting the hot sex between Bill and sookie, what a chemistry!.You can develop your own imagination of how the characters would look like, how they move, react and in which world they live in, you imagine the general look of the story, them try to put it on screen.
    All these are different layers can be seen as good or bad in others people eyes, however it work together and can affect the show as the whole.

    Comparing books and Shows
    True Blood characters are so fascinating and intriguing that it’s easy to get very caught up emotionally in the events that unfold before one’s eyes compare to when we happen to read a book to fit our imagination.
    So if you watch the show and you also read the book you could judge each media by itself, “it is a good / bad book” and “it is a good / bad show”, but it´s nonsense to say “the book is better than the show”, the show is just a small part of the story adapted for a movie.
    If you watch a movie with the intention that it perfectly imitates your own imagination you had from the book, the movie won´t work for you. Of course it depends on how detailed the descriptions in the book have been, but in most cases don´t expect the movie to bring your phantasy on the screen, in almost every case you´ll be disappointed.
    Instead try to give both media a chance, if you like the book don´t expect the movie to contain every detail of the book, try to put aside everything from the book and let the movie work. Even if just a quintessence from the story from the book has made it into the screen, and it works for you and me, then it´s should be a good movie, which is the case for True Blood.

    To me TrueBlood is fantastic! and guess what it has taken the all world by storm.

    • BestFantasyStoriesAdmin on said:


      We’re all True Blood fans here and we love the books as well. You’re right, if the TV show was exactly like the books it wouldn’t be so interesting to those of us that have read the books. The fact that the TV show at times differs DRASTICALLY from the books makes the show entertaining and suspenseful to everyone – regardless of whether you’ve read the books!

  24. Hello everyone,

    No one has posted anything for a while…
    Another book v True blood show the latest where Hugo wass forgiven by Godric quite different from the book and also the time Bomb, Wow!. Back to season1 Rene was killed by Sookie but in the book he…

  25. Hi by pure chance i found your website i live in the uk and the show hasn’t been on air long. thanks for all your answers it makes me want to read the books so dont have to wait to see the next episode which is a week away hope the books are as good as you say thanks

    • fanorama on said:

      I would definately recommend reading the books! The TV show is great for a dramatic effect and keeping the audience interested. But I started reading the books and realized that even though a lot of the characters backgrounds are not explained, I like the characters more and have a better appreciation for Sookie.There are definately times in the TV series that I do NOT like the direction Ball is taking these characters.

  26. The best is really Justin Bieber, he’s so attractive!

  27. Hi! I was surfing the net and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Melissa. G.

  28. hi! I’ve been given the chance to make an essay for a class about true blood’s first season and it’s cultural references and I decided to included a section with the differences between the books and the show since my teacher let me know he never read the books. the problem is I’ve only read the first one but now I realize I don’t know a lot of things like in which book does Bill says how he was changed… The essay is due Tuesday, please help!


  29. Hazelnutpassion on said:

    Hi -stumbled across your site when looking for updates around True Blood. I have not read the books so can’t compare to HBO show. I love the episodes and go into withdrawal when the season ends. This year looks like it is heading into a great ending. Too bad can’t run year long!
    However after reading this going to go out this weekend and buy the first book in the series to tide me over.
    Great blog!

  30. i do’t really watch true blood but i’ve seen it a couple times and i wondered who jessica is. it seems like they changed the book a lot.

  31. I think the plot on the books is better. Alan insist on get away from the books as much as he can. But the book’s fans know the original story is better.
    In books: Sookie is a gal who wear size 10. She has a strong personality. And her bigger characteristic is being telepathic. And she is NOT a fairy. She has some traces of fairy genes, but don’t have extra powers… Alan just added too much fantasy to an already fantasy story. Too much is too much.

  32. Thank you so much for all information.It’s funny but while reading all these comments it urge me to watch or to looked for this book and start reading it.

  33. Pamela Jarrell on said:

    I guess I’m a romantic at heart when I read the first book I just fell in love with Sookie and Bill, at the present time I have just finished book 5 “Dead as a Doornail” I enjoy both the books and HBO True Blood. I have bought season 1&2 and prepaid season 3 DVDs..I’m hooked on the Charlaine Harris original concept but it is a toss up which I like better…I don’t know how Sookie and Bill will ever get back together but I’m pulling for them. In the book Sookie was the main character and her explanation of her feelings towards Bill and their sexual exploitations kept my blood pressure up I do want to say the marriage of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer congratulations. I lived in a nursing home for almost 11 years now assisted living so I do believe in overcoming diversity.

    • Danni on said:

      im the same exept i dont rlly like the tv show and i dont rlly think sookie and bill should get back together hes to much of a workaholic plus when they were together they were allways arguing i think it would be best if she got with sam because hes so nice and protective and there rlly close plus she can she him during the day and hes supanatural so she can probs be more relaxed around him with thte whole brain reading thing and for me its ether him or alcide because they also got on well but hes a bit… i donno just a bit something :/

  34. Is there such thing as a maenad in the books?

  35. Janna on said:

    Does Bill rape Sookie in one of the books? If so, does Eric find out?

  36. Danni on said:

    The books are so different to the tv show do you agree? also do you actually like the tv show and why when youv read the books?

  37. greenmanTN on said:

    The books are actually mysteries of a very particular sort, really at heart “cozy” mysteries despite all the vampire trappings. Originally there were two main mystery genres, the police-procedural or “hard-boiled” stories and the gentler “cozy” mysteries of which Agatha Christie is the prototype. Cozies are fairly bloodless, no details of autopsies and grody detail, it’s more about the central puzzle. That was the genre Charlaine Harris worked in before and the Sookie Stackhouse novels are true to form. Despite the whole vampire thing Harris mainly glosses over the blood-and-guts aspect of it all and doesn’t dwell much on the details of gore or sex. Those that I’ve read have been positively demure in comparison to other “dark-fantasy” novels and to the profiler and/or CSI-style mysteries or thrillers. The “naughty bits” are there but they’re skimmed over. Harris is not a descriptive writer. Stephen King (just for example) could write 2 pages about the particular pattern of a puddle of blood. Charlaine Harris covers the same ground in a sentence or two. Which you prefer is a matter of taste, I guess.

    The interesting thing (to me anyway) is that the True Blood series is considered “sexy” or “gruesome” when the novels aren’t like that at all, yet most of the events and situations in the series are in the books. The “naughty bits” were mentioned or alluded to but really not dwelt upon.

    In a away I’d think Harris’ style is ideal for TV or movie adaptation. You got the basics but there are a LOT of details a producer, director, or actor can invent for themselves; they’re not bound by long, descriptive passages. That way the dramatization is still surprising and new even if you’ve read the books.

  38. Jessica on said:

    Dead To The World is my favorite book as well. I love the relationship between Eric and Sookie.

  39. Rhiannon on said:

    You’ve also made a mistake with Q3. Lafayette was killed in book 1 so he couldn’t have been in Living Dead in Dallas.
    Also Q6, Sookie only found out how Bill betrayed in her Definitely Dead (Book 6) when at the hospital.

  40. Does Jason die in the books? Why are they making it seem like he is going to die or be turned into a vampire in the newest season of True Blood?

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