5 SciFi and Fantasy Books with Time Travel

The idea of time travel has kept mankind spellbound for as long as the concept has existed. We long to see what life was like in the past or visit the future. Of course, one of the most famous time travel stories is Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle. But stories of traveling through time have been in folk tales and ancient stories for centuries.

In fantasy and science fiction the idea of a time travel machine was presented by H.G. Wells in his 1895 book The Time Traveller. For many this was the book that made the concept of time travel accepted in literature. Is it any wonder that fantasy and science fiction continue to be fascinated with the concept?

I found a few new stories that use time travel, some within the concept of the story and some as the central theme. I love that these each have a flavor of their own, with no two books being alike in how they treat or even create time travel.

So check out these five fun science fiction/fantasy time travel adventures! I wonder, just where and when would I go if I could travel through time? Where would you?

Moonlight Wishes in Time by Bess McBrideMoonlight Wishes in Time by Bess McBride

Mattie is in love. Unfortunately, the man she is in love with lives inside the pages of a book. But she can’t stop reading the book, dreaming of the man and wishing that somewhere in this modern world was a man like Lord Ashton of Sinclair House.

Then one night she wishes on the full moon. She asks it to show her where she can find a man like Lord Ashton. Little does she know that in another time and place, Lord Ashton makes the same wish on a full moon.  That’s when the magic happens.

Lord Ashton doesn’t know what to make of this strange woman, found in his garden that night. All he knows is she seems to be the answer to his quest. The only problem is – who is she and why is she here? Can Mattie adjust to a world without indoor plumbing and iTunes? If she leaves, will her handsome Lord be able to live without her?

This is a fun romantic romp. It uses some fantasy elements to escape to the dream of all lovers of Regency Romances. Mattie wanders back (sideways?) in time to find her one true love, a character out of her favorite romance book. Haven’t we all wished for that some time? The story is written with just enough tongue-in-cheek to make it fun. It also lets us know that Bess McBride is simply having fun and not taking it all too seriously. Something definitely needed for this kind of time travel story!

Get lost in our romantic time travel tale Moonlight Wishes in Time by downloading it to your Kindle today.




The Show by John A. HeldtThe Show by John A. Heldt

This is the third book in a series. But trust me you can jump in here, Heldt brings you up to speed without cramming it or leaving you lost. Grace is finding out that her lover Joel is a time traveller, from the future. Her world of 1941 has seen a lot of tragedy. Now, on the day of Pearl Harbor, he has left for his life in the year 2000. She is determined to follow him, and she does. Together they begin to build a life, until the unthinkable happens. By accident she is shuttled into another time warp and finds herself stranded in her own past, in the year 1918.

She must start a new life on her own. She witnesses the birth of silent film, the tragedy of the Spanish Flu and the startling presidency of Woodrow Wilson. She also meets her parents as two young lovers and in time finds love again.

Heldt is an amazing writer and this time travel story will give you a grand view of another time and place. It is hard to believe this series is his first published work, his writing is so strong. You may just want to go back and read the other two in the Northwest Passages series: The Mine and The Journey.

In the meantime, go ahead and download The Show for your Kindle and be prepared to be lost in time.



Time and Again by Deborah HealTime and Again by Deborah Heal

This one is almost a ghostly time travel story. Abby is a college student heading soon for teaching school. She takes a summer job as a tutor for “an economically disadvantaged adolescent” and soon finds herself tackling a kid who just doesn’t seem to care. The mom Pat is nice enough, just busy with her new job and getting adjusted to being single again. Merrideth is smart, sullen and very interested in the new computer her Dad gave her. The computer seems to turn on to a website about old homes on its own.

When they discover that the “take a virtual tour” site includes a tour of the old house they are living in, they decide to investigate. Soon they are engrossed in watching the life of Charlotte Miles. She lived in the old house when it was new, and they get to see her struggles and triumphs during the time of the Civil War. It is time travel through the computer, with a bit of magical fantasy thrown in.

This is definitely a YA story and yet is has a tale I think anyone would enjoy. Yes, the writer brings some Christian attitude into the story, but it isn’t too heavy handed. Through the computer program they witness the past and learn to appreciate their own lives. A sweet story with a time travel twist.

Time and Again is actually the first of a series. You can download the Kindle version or order the paperback here through us.



1636 The Kremlin Games by Eric Flint1636: The Kremlin Games by Eric Flint

A rather different kind of time travel series, this is part of a long on-going story by Eric Flint and several other guest writers. It is more of an alternative world series, than time travel. But, the town of Grantville, West Virginia does itself time travel. It is somehow transposed to Germany in the year 1631. It is the time of the 30 Years War and a seminal time for change in Europe. Flint co-writes most and co-ordinates all of the so far 14 books in the series.

The date in the title is obviously a reference to what date we are in the story. The Kremlin Games involves one of the secondary characters from the on-going story winding up in Moscow. Bernie Zeppi is a car mechanic in a time without cars. Feeling lost, he heads out with a Russian emissary to help move Russia into a more modern world. Along the way he gets involved with a revolution, an epidemic of smallpox and a woman he can’t forget.

The concept is simple; a town is moved through time and space and must find a way to co-exist where it is. Other little details like how the library continues to run and the cars find gas are probably explained in the first couple of books. Author Eric Flint recommends reading them on his site about the order of the books here.

If you have never experienced this well conceived series, I would suggest considering it. It is vastly different from anything else out there, envisioned by a man with a Ph.D. in history and eccentric viewpoints that make the series a fascinating study.

We can deliver The Kremlin Games as either a Kindle download, a paperback or even as an audio version for listening on the go.



Exiles in Time by Sarah WoodburyExiles in Time by Sarah Woodbury

Although technically the fifth book in the After Cilmeri Series set in ancient Wales, this one can stand alone. It begins when a seasoned veteran of the Afghanistan wars is sent by the military to deal with a strange couple. In a file, long buried, is a case. He is handed the task of questioning a women who is pregnant. He needs to find out who she and her ailing husband are. More to the point, he is to try to prevent them from returning to the past. To a Wales that still exists in medieval times. Callum may have never believed in time travel before. Now, it looks he will need to more than just believe.

This is actually the back story to how Callum came to be in medieval Wales along with time travelers Meg and Llewellyn. We watch him find his role in this strange land and in time create a place for himself. Like all the books in this amazing series, the characters and of course the land is what makes this a treat to read.

We have this book available for you in either the traditional paperback or as a downloadable Kindle version.

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