Why is this stories collection a cult classic?

It is almost impossible to speak of the paranormal or horror genre, and not mention Stephen King’s classic collection of spine-tingling stories, titled as ‘Night Shift. Despite having been released and published way back in 1978, it continues to remain a cult horror classic till date. And it would definitely amuse you to note that out of the collection of 20 paranormal fantasy stories, all 20 of them have been adapted in Movies, Television or Theatre at various points of time. In general, there have been a whole lot of adaptations that are noteworthy, but we’d like to think of it in exact numerical figures here. So we’ve witnessed 6 Feature Film Adaptations, 4 Television Adaptations as well as a record 10 Short Film Adaptations. The reason for this popularity is actually multi-fold, ranging from the staunch originality and nail-biting plots, to relatable characterization and the fact that Stephen King was the undoubted genius and master of this spine-tingling genre of fantasy stories.

Gray Matter

This terrifying story set in the backdrop of a dreary snowstorm in Maine, has literally caused nightmares to many readers. What’s even more interesting to note is the fact that this story by Stephen King was first published in the Cavalier Magazine all the way back in 1973, and then was compiled in his book of paranormal fantasy stories. The plot is centered on a group of friends seated at a convenience store, when the son of a regular customer Richard came there and started narrating a terrifying tale of how his alcoholic and recluse father had started looking as well as behaving strangely and frighteningly after consuming a crate of spoilt beer.

The Nail-Biting Climax

What happened in the climax of ‘Grey Matter’ will literally blow your mind. After listening to the scary revelations by the kid, the group of friends led by the store owner, decide to go ahead and confront the crazy father Richard. As they enter the home, they are horrified to see that Richard has transformed into a fungus-like creature, who leashes out to attack them. Everyone except the store owner run away, and thereon sit at the store contemplating the tiff and who would emerge victorious.

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